Daily Life of a Skillfull Noble

Daily Life of a Skillfull Noble

A Chapter by Ciel

What the title says. This is just a chapter to tell you what her life is like.


Someone approached the door of a mansion surrounded by trees. The hood on the girls' cloak fell back revealing her long dark red hair and brilliant green eyes. Instantly the guard at the door nodded his head in respect and oppened the door.


"Wleome home, miss."


She stepped past him and the door closed behind her, leaving her standing in dim candlelight. A maid bowed as she approached.


"Good evening, miss, welcome home. Master Aelavel is in the dinning room."


"Thank you, Lamae."


Lamae bowed again after taking the girls cloak and dissapearing down a hallway.


"Clasel?" the girl said, looking around. A different maid approached her.




"Take these to my chambers. Could you please have some tea ready in my study after dinner?" she asked, taking her belt and sword from her waist and handing them to her maid.


"Of course. I'll put some fresh lavender in your room as well." her maid gave a slight nod beofre heading up the stairs. The girl made her way to the dining room. Inside the room was a long dark wood table. Only three people were seated at one end, when the table could seat twenty or more, which made it look even bigger.


At the head of the table was her father, Aelavel. He was a little tall, had white hair by nature, and blue eyes. On his right was Nafera, who had white hair as well, but Nafera's hair was white because of his job. For years, he had been in charge of the army, leading countless men into battle with a shourt and the charge of his horse. But he had retired from that job for one that required 'less killing and more learning'. He was the weapon master now, and he taught battle moves instead of used them.

On Aelavels left was Tahllon, who had dark hair and dark eyes. He had taken over for Nafera and became head of the army.


Nafera noticed her first, his green eyes going to the door as it oppened.


"Welcome home, Sorna, its great to see you back." he said.


"Master Nafera." She sunk into a deep bow. Her father rose from his chair and hugged her.

"Sorna, my daughter, welcome home. How was your trip?"


"It was good, father. I made good time getting home. I wan't to arrive before the snow started to fall. I ended up returning earlier then I thought."


"Well its good to see you back. Eat up, im sure your hungry."

Sorna took her seat and a servant placed a plate of food infront of her. Dinner was fresh fish with lemon and salad. She hated to admit how much she had missed the food the mansions chef made. Finally all the dishes were taken away and the four of them were sitting around the table, the three older men talking about random things. Her mind kept wandering, yet in no particular direction.


"Aelavel, I think Sorna would like to retire for the night. Shes had a long day." Nafera said, after noticing her space off a couple times. She looked up at the coment and let out a small laugh.


"Your right, maybe I should." she said, stretching her slightly sore limbs.


"I'll see you tomorrow, Sorna. Hopefully Nafera wont make you work to hard tomorrow so you can rest."


"Thank you, father. Goodnight." She gave a slight bow to each of the men in the room then left.

She climbed a flight of stairs up two levels, then walked down a corridor with dark hardwood floors to a door at the end. Closing the door behind her, she sighed and leaned back, looking around her study. This was her favorite room in the whole mansion. It had bookcases lining one wall, an emeral coloured rug in the middle, with a small glass table in front of a dark green chaise lounge. In front of the fire place were two overstuffed arm chairs, the same shade of green, each with a small table next to them for tea or to place a book. Finally behind the chaise lounge there were two french doors that oppened out to a balcony that over looked her personal garden.


She made her way over to the couch and collapsed onto it. Finally, she was home. Clasel knocked then entered a moment later. Sorna knew who it was without even opening her eyes.

"Would you like your tea now, miss?"

"Please." she said, the back of her hand resting across her forehead.

"Do you have a headache again, miss?" Clasel asked, placing a hand to Sorna's head to check for a fever. "I hope they didn't trouble you too much during your journey."

"A slight one, but I'll be fine."


Clsel set a cup of lavender and chamomile tea on the table.

"I'll go put sometihng for you to sleep in out on your bed." Clasel exited through a door at the far end of the study, which joined Sorna's bedroom and study. After laying there for a few moments she sat up and took thewhite tea cup with green vines and purple flower accents from the table.

The warmth and aroma from the tea helped her relax, and suprisingly her head almost stopped hurting completely. She leaned back into the couch and sighed.

Clasel entered through the far door.


"A note came for you, miss."


Clasel took the cup and set it on the table as she handed the note to Sorna. It was a piece of paper simply folded in half with her name writen on it. She unfolded it and read it.


You don't have to come to training tomorrow. I wan't you to relax.
Don't make me force you to, or I will not be happy.

Day after tomorrow, dawn at the training area as usual. The others will be happy to see
you back. They say its been boring without you. They wont admit it, but you know they have fun getting beat by a girl during weapon training.


Rest well my laith. Keep your sword sharp and your mind even sharper.


Sorna laughed at Master Nafera's humor. Setting the note aside she stood and stretched before going to sit infront of the fireplace.


"No training tomorrow?"


"None. Even so, don't let me sleep in."


Clasel game her an amused smile.


"You'll never change will you, Miss Sorna."


She laughed.

"Never. Not in ten hundred million years."


"Your wrong." The maid said. "You'll look older then dirt by then."


Sorna laughed again.

"And you, my dear Clasel, will look even more older then dirt."


They both laughed. Clasel was only four years older then her.


"Go to bed. If you plan on living that long, you'll atleast need some beauty sleep."


"Alright, I will. But I mean it. Don't let me sleep in."


"Yes, miss. Goodnight.


"Night." Sorna entered her room and found a pair of black silk pants and button up shirt laying out on her bed. She changed then slid under her green and silver sheets with matching blanket. She didn't realize how tired she was untill she was laying in bed. Laying in bed, she stared out her window and watched the bright moon in the sky. She was asleep within moments.

© 2011 Ciel

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Beautiful imagery. Needs a bit of spelling and punctuation editing.

Posted 1 Year Ago

Can't wait to see where this goes :3

Posted 9 Years Ago

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