A Poem by C.A Phipps

Okay, so this piece of writing I wrote to accompany my final art exam detailing how frightening it is to live with epilepsy like I do. Just spreading awareness so please don't hate guys!




Patience is the virtue of the damned butterfly, he is a fallen creature he is the dangerous maddened fool. He coasts through the hush, riding upon the flesh of the expectant woman. He crawls for his salvation, the once glorious dust of his wing shed lingering is his poisonous peppering. Upon birth the parasitic creature closes his overcast frame over the yet tabula brain of the infant.

For years the butterfly is alone in his plight, locked within a fortress of bone and flesh. But his master comes and alights in the butterfly his perverse excitement, his tremulous wings.

The monster is come and the apocalypse is raging. He rises in the form of the dark dog, his lidless yolks of blazing hell fire fixes his victims and seeks their denominator. His touch is silence torn asunder, his sawing breath is the wails of those souls he has snared and his voice is too terrible to bear. He reveals himself only to one, his chosen darling to whom he whispers sweet terrors.

The dark dog entwines his fetid talons of barbed bone into the sublime violet webs of complexity and he tugs his marionette. He twitches each strand to his own chaotic inflection and runs a claw across the throat, softly softly as the youth of electric poppies bubbles forth. Roll back iris bloom of grey and give way to the terrible cloud of white, veiled beneath the fluttering of licentious lashes.

Give me the chemicals to keep him at bay, lace me with savage dope. Wire me high and bring on the sensational delirium. Else I’ll find the means on my own, I will swallow and slash or whatever it may take. I will puncture and bruise every swollen lode and I will swallow blind every last sweet. I will wear this like a crown and I will declare my agonising victory for I was the one to keep him away.

For he is the black dog.

He is the pale horse.

He is the serpent with the impossible jaws.  

He is the red faced man.

He is the undestroyed.

He is epilepsy.



- Claire Phipps.


© 2014 C.A Phipps

Author's Note

C.A Phipps
Okay, so this is it. This is my take on living with epilepsy. Epilepsy is little understood by the public, everyone has a general idea but nobody knows enough and I want to change that. It's a hideous condition and I was diagnosed age 9. I don't think it adheres to grammar or anything. If you find it derivative or poor then that's how you feel, but the point of this is to show how I feel living with this unseen condition. It can be detrimental to somebody who suffers with it and because it's not widely understood then people will tend to overlook it. This contains descriptions of: the pattern of an MRI on my brain, a seizure itself, the affect on my friends and family, epilepsy as the monster it is, medication and how it feels. So look, if you don't like it because it's not up to par within realms of true prose then understand that's not the point.

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I didn't know about this disorder, so when i saw your explanations about it, i google about it to get a birds eye view of it.....Hats off to your courage!!! I salute you for that....You did an amazing job writing this, and there is talent in you....I hope you will share more of your skills here, i would love to read them my frnd.....Loved the whole piece, its hard to take how much pain you have been gone through and still going.....Full ratings!!!! God bless you....

Posted 4 Years Ago

Creativity pours from your pen. A great write on this sad human condition. I hope things will be ok...Bravo...................

Posted 6 Years Ago

Well you certainly are a creative writer! Do you write poetry much? This site is mostly a bunch of poets, it's a bit harder to get reviews for longer works.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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C.A Phipps

6 Years Ago

I don't actually, this is the first sort of poetic piece I've ever published, I thought people might.. read more

6 Years Ago

Well if you write another poem, let me know :)

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C.A Phipps
C.A Phipps

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Hello, I'm Claire and I'm 19 and a Special FX student. I never join writing sights because I didn't ever want to show people my writing, but as I'm getting older and want to become an author then I ou.. more..