The Star Not Seen.

The Star Not Seen.

A Story by Clare Martin

This story is about a girl named Alexis who's mother committed suicide when Alexis was just eleven. Alexis decides to be with her, but wants to show the world her talents before she does.

She threw herself down on her bed and stared out the window. The stars were shining and the moon was bright and beige. Her eyes waded from one star to another, and she made a wish each time she passed one. 
Alexis was a fifteen year old girl with a seemingly hopeless future. When she was five, her father died from cancer. Her mother brought her up, but as she was so depressed, she never did anything for Alexis, and Alexis brought herself up. She walked the four miles to school everyday, she did the family shopping by herself, she cooked for herself...everything that her mother couldn't do. 
'Why don't you take care of me like Anna's mummy does?' she said to her mother.
'Because Anna's mummy has Anna's daddy, but I don't have your daddy, and that's why I can't take care of you,' her mother would reply.
Her mother had been in depression for six years, when Alexis found her dead in her bedroom, a tear-stained note nailed to her chest.
Dear Alexis.
I'm so sorry, but I am with Daddy now, because I missed Daddy too much. You cannot visit us because you are too young, and you have to live your life fully first before you can come to visit us. It is going to be a long wait, but I want you to know that I love you and that Daddy loves you too. Auntie Tessa will take care of you the way you wanted me to now, so you will have a better life without me. Auntie Tessa will cook for you and clean for you and you won't have to bother about walking down to the shop or school any longer, because Auntie Tessa will take you in her car. I wish I was able to give you the childhood you wanted, but I couldn't, and for that, I'm sorry. I love you so much, Alexis, and until next time, goodbye.
Lots of love,
Mummy xxx
Now, looking at the stars, she tried to find the one most like her Mum. She found the brightest one and stared at it. 
'Hi, Mummy,' she said.
Her school life wasn't easy. Every class seemed to last all day and every day seemed to last forever. She felt unsupported and unloved, like if she was gone, nobody would even notice. 
Yet she had something...a gift...lost of gifts that people never knew about.
Alexis had the most beautiful singing voice, perfect music that danced carelessly in her pianist's fingers, intelligent words circling her mind, kindness and love beating in her heart. She was a true soldier and she knew it, but didn't show it.
She was constantly bullied at school and even at home by her Aunt Tessa's two children, Davie and Sara. It came to the point where she could no longer cope with the way people were treating her.
She grabbed Tessa's video camera and popped it onto the piano in her large bedroom. Then she started filming. 
'Hello, everybody. My name is Alexis Munoz. I'm fifteen years old and I live in London. Ten years ago, my father died. My Mum was very sad that he was dead and she didn't take very good care of me. She was depressed, and four years ago, she took her own life. I've been in depression ever since. I live with my Aunt Tessa and my cousins, Davie, six, and Sara, five. I have no friends at school and I'm in a deep, dark and lonely depression. So, while I still can, I thought I'd sing you a song,'
Then she started to play her piano and sing, and, goodness, what a beautiful sound it was. She sounded so elegant, so sophisticated, so gorgeous...
When she had finished her song, tears streamed down her face.
'I'm sorry I am doing this, but I want to be with Mum. I love you, Mummy, and I'll be with you soon,'
She turned the camera off, then, clutching the knife, she thrust it into her chest.
The life Alexis lived was a hard one, and she's where she deserves to be, with the angels...and with her Mum.

© 2012 Clare Martin

Author's Note

Clare Martin
This story is based on a girl who took her life recently, but I did not use her name...she wouldn't like that. It is a sad story, but it is what happens, and I apologize if it makes you sad or reminds you of someone close. I will miss my friend, R.I.P xx

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Added on September 23, 2012
Last Updated on September 23, 2012
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Clare Martin
Clare Martin

Cork, Mallow, Ireland

Hey, I'm Clare and I'm 13. I love reading and writing and I'm lucky because there are lost of teens my age that can't read or write. I love writing essays and reading in English. Don't worry about the.. more..