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Why Is Getting A HEPA Filter Laminar Flow Hood Important For Your Lab?

Why Is Getting A HEPA Filter Laminar Flow Hood Important For Your Lab?

A Story by CleaTech LLC

You can easily get a HEPA Filter For Laminar Flow Hood from both online and offline lab equipment suppliers.


If you are the owner of a lab, then you know the risks that are involved in conducting several experiments. Toxic fumes and particles are often the by-products of such experiments and they can contaminate your lab samples over a period of time. These toxic elements can also cause serious harm to the lab workers. Hence, it is crucial that you should find effective ways to filter them away from your lab. HEPA filters can do this job efficiently and in this article, you will learn more about them.

Why Is HEPA Crucial?

Lab experiments exude microscopic particles into the air. These are not visible but we do breathe them in and they can be potentially problematic for our health. Sometimes, such particles are toxic in nature and can trigger infections. A solution that can address this problem is the HEPA filter that you can install inside the lab. These filters can purify the air from various particulate matter and airborne pollutants.

What Are HEPA Filters?

HEPA filters are made of a mat of fibers. The effectiveness of the filter depends on the density and diameter of the fiber. These filters operate through three processes: interception, impaction and diffusion. The filters can effectively purify the air to up to 99.97%.

What Are The Types Of HEPA Filters Available?

You can get HEPA air cleaners and ionizers for your home and lab. These systems are quite compact in design and will run in a quiet manner. The filter makes the air fresher and cleans it. The ionizer removes bad odors. The ionizer also releases ions which can attach with air particles like dust and pollen and suck out all the impurities. You can install such filters by both laying them down or in a standing position. Ideally, these filters will work best when you have a room that is over 110 square feet in size.

Good HEPA filters are virtually soundless and can reduce any chances of an air leak. These products have visual filter replacement monitors. You may adjust their speed with a remote control. These filters are ideal for small labs. Higher end HEPA filters use digital control systems and power lights. You can change the speed of filtration between 3 stages and can also program a timer to save up on energy. These systems are permanent in nature so you do not have any need to change the filters periodically.

What Is The Best HEPA Filter System For Your Lab?

A laminar flow hood can help purify the air inside your lab’s working environment. These flow hoods provide a constant flow of clean, fresh air that the lab workers can breathe in. These flow hoods have in-built HEPA filters which help in effectively filtering the air. These flow hoods have an advanced airflow system and hence, can maintain the air purity inside larger labs. These flow hoods have special seal technologies which prevent the leakage of unfiltered air inside the lab. These systems have carbon filters which can remove all lab odors and large particulate matter. You will also get indicators and digital controls which can help you assess when you should change your filters. You should definitely install these portable and flexible HEPA filter laminar flow hoods inside your lab to ensure that the health of your workers is not put at risk.

You can easily get a HEPA Filter For Laminar Flow Hood from both online and offline lab equipment suppliers. Although, online suppliers can offer you more discounts and greater variety as compared to offline retailers. However, you need to be careful before choosing any supplier without going through their credentials.


A HEPA filter can purify the air of dust, mites, spores, particulate matter, toxic fumes and elements. These filters are crucial in labs as these will protect the hygiene inside the working environment. A laminar flow hood with HEPA filters can easily purify the air inside large labs and provide fresh, clean air. You can find several types of laminar flow hoods from both offline and online suppliers. You need to choose a filter that can fit your budget and requirements. A clean working environment will help improve the functionality of your lab.

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