A Story by Cleavlnd Groves

A depressing little story about a gal named Lana.

Lana Murasaki stared down at her morning tea, a cold, murky, mud-brown liquid. She hated what they made her do. She could physically feel it, burning deep inside of her. The tea tasted like s**t, and it certainly wasn't relaxing... All she knew was she hurt.
Lana sighed. Those b******s... Why were they doing this? Her black hair fell around her pale face. She couldn't keep living like this. They mistreated her, starved her, kept her from her family, did unspeakable things to her body and mind... She was done.
She stood up shakily. She hadn't eaten in days, and was desperately hungry.... She crawled to the cupboard under the sink. Her legs collapsed, her slim nose breaking when it came into contact with the floor. She got onto her knees, reaching for the cupboard, for the rope. She got it, and managed to stand up. Barely... Her hands did the noose on their own. She had been in the military, once, they had taught her how to do this.
She carefully climbed up onto the chair. The hook on the ceiling for her grandmother's birdcage was still there... She always did believe in fate. Tying the knot, she made the final preparation; Tying it to the hook, putting it around her neck...
She looked out her window one final time. The window she couldn't break. The window that led to freedom, moonlight streaming through it.
"Forgive me..." Lana sobbed, tears at her eyes.
She stepped off the chair.

© 2016 Cleavlnd Groves

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Added on February 25, 2014
Last Updated on May 9, 2016
Tags: Lana, noose, suicide


Cleavlnd Groves
Cleavlnd Groves

Sacramento, CA

My name is Cleavlnd, and I am an aspiring writer. I am writing on this site so as I can hone my skills(Yes, that means you can tear apart my writing. Yes, I am asking nicely for you to do that.) and b.. more..

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