A Poem by Clyde Elmwood

All of these things i write here, i write in hopes of reaching someone that might feel the same way. Because we're out there...walking amongst the normal everyday people, our hearts are just damaged.

If i had one word that i had to describe myself with, i'd have to choose the word 'Unloveable'. Incapable of being loved. Unloveable. It hurts just to type that, i can’t even explain how this feels. Our purpose in this life as humans, decedents of animals with instincts to mate…is to go about our life, learning lessons, loving and respecting each other, ultimately bettering ourselves to become someone that another person would want to spend the rest of their life with. Well, there seems to be a complication in my plan..whatever was written for me and my path. I’ve searched for someone to be that person for me for some time now, and it all ends in wreckage. Mostly for me, my poor heart. i don’t even feel the beat it once pounded. now it feels more so like heavy sighs.It isn’t red like you see on t.v., books, and internet, its blue with marble swirls of deep purples and threads of black, like the worst bruise you’ve ever seen. Thats what is keeping me alive, the worst, ugliest thing you can imagine. 

i'm so lonely. i hope this ends soon. There isn’t much more that i can take. Because if i can’t be loved by another person, then why am i wasting my time here when i could be sleeping forever, making up the countless hours I’ve lost in bed, awake, thinking about what is wrong with me…i hope this ends soon. 

© 2015 Clyde Elmwood

Author's Note

Clyde Elmwood
This isn't a poem as much as it is venting my thoughts. I'm sorry for misscatagorizing

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I really like this piece! I love how you described a bruised heart, it really stood out for me. It holds such great emotion and power that any reader can sympathise with- well done!

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Added on January 4, 2015
Last Updated on January 4, 2015
Tags: heartache, heartbreak, sorrow, pain, sad, alone, wanderer, love


Clyde Elmwood
Clyde Elmwood

Chicago, IL

I'm just a man passing through, desperately trying not to. more..

Her. Her.

A Story by Clyde Elmwood