Arachnid's Snare

Arachnid's Snare

A Poem by Mason Rayburn

My, how she dances.
My, how she sways-
The mistress in my head.
Oh, how she tempts me.
Oh, how she plays
On my most animal instincts.
She dances alone-
All on her own,
For it is not I
Who urges her on.
Less of a woman
And more of a virus
This entity has become.
She sways on and on
And begs me to draw near
Thought I dare not.
She continues her dance-
That most wretched dance.
Oh, how I loathe that dance.
Less of a show
And more of a lure
Her dance becomes my trance.
I'm invited in with pretty things
Only to leave with sour feelings.
Oh, how I seethe when
I finally realize the ruse.
A beautiful lie with which to ensnare.
The arachnid's web shows
No mercy for the captive.
My mistress-the Spider Queen-
Has tricked me again and again.
Each time I fall victim
I leave a piece of myself behind.
So I wonder, "If only...
If only, if ever,
If ever I can restore
My dissected soul..."

© 2013 Mason Rayburn

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Added on April 20, 2013
Last Updated on April 20, 2013
Tags: arachnid, spider, snare, trap, love, soul, dissect, trance, dance, mesmerize, entrance, sway, mistress, head, tempt, temptation, animal, instinct, urge, virus, draw, wretch, lure, leave, sour, feeling