Broken Little Ballerina

Broken Little Ballerina

A Poem by CoconutSprinkles08

A poem about a true friend who has been through so much pain...

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Her name is Kristina.

I remember seeing her for the first time.

I remember this feeling, 
A burning inside,
That told me to meet her,
To be by her side.
That told me her heart
Was more broken than mine.
That her story wasn't over
Unless I don't try.

Soon she opened up,
Told me her dark past
Of screams and broken glass,
The scrape of her grandmother's ring
Against her face,
Of her hopes and dreams,
Riped apart,
By hateful fate.

Before I met her
I never knew 
What it truly meant
To step into another's shoe.
To walk in their skin
A million miles,
To know others hide pain
Behind precious smiles.

It seems almost a movie;
She's insecure
But hides angelic talent.
She never ignores me too;
She listens to me more
Than my family,
Than my "friends" do.

I know she deserves better than this:
Expectations that can never be met.
She makes me wonder
If my tears have been wasted,
If I've surrendered, 
To obsolete woes,
To childish worries. 

It seems like we're all in a hurry
To cry our own pains away
While others are dying 
In a bloodier, grayer fate.

I know she's stronger than me.
How's she never taken to the blade
Really surprised me,

I guess it's safe to say
That there's still hope for the hopeless
Even in our darkest days
All because of that girl,
Hiding away her pain,
Singing to death in the rain,
Trying to find someone
Who will want her...

A broken little ballerina...


© 2011 CoconutSprinkles08

Author's Note

This poem is about a true friend in my life. She's amazingly talented, yet horribly insecure. She's been through so much pain and suffering in her life, but everyday I find smiles on her face. She's the only one in the world who I consider a best/true friend. She's a wonderful person who doesn't deserve to be haunted by her past or mistreated by others. Everyday I think to myself, "She's a person everyone should have in their life."

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I have one of those friends to, I love her so much! Then again I also feel that I myself am like this at times. I really like it because I can relate to it. Beautiful wording and nice pictures to go with the theme of the poem.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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