Bottled Emotions

Bottled Emotions

A Poem by Elizabeth Fiske

Beautiful, Innocent, Unique...
Is that a good critique? 
Charming, Irreplaceable, Soul Mate...
Is that a proper rate?
Still No?!
I just can't describe you....
Is that the right word?
No, of course not....

You're beyond perfection...
Does that mean
I love you?
That can't be it,
It doesn't exist...
Life is a dark abyss
Of disappointment 
And rare happiness
That disappears,
Never spent.
But you....
You're REALLY aren't the same
As anyone else...
Don't you see?
The only way to 
Prove what you mean
To me
Is to write in uppercase 
To disprove any distaste
I can't possibly have for you.
Oh My God....
I wish I was a poet;
Golden tongue,
Twinkling words,
Glittering images,
I could win a home
In your 
Never-Scarred Heart.
Or at least,
That's what it seems to be
To Me.
I know these words 
Are amateur,
But they prove 
That just thinking about you 
Makes me a rambling idiot,
That I feel indescribable passion
When I think about you....
Corrupted Innocence.... 
Are you innocent?
Or are you just
Perfection in a human body?
You're from another world,
Aren't you?
I've know a lot of people 
In my life...
But you!
You must be made of 
Pixie Dust, 
Twinkling Stars, 
Crystal Dreams!
I suck at this...
Do you love me or not?
Just tell me so I can save my heart.
You've shown me all the signs
But your still aren't mine.
You're a diamond in a mine
Waiting for lonely heart to discover you,
You broken, beauty!
You're worth it all though.
I don't really know...
You're smile,
I can't really ever forget,
Your eyes,
I can't ever unsee.
You beaten, pure beauty.
You're in my heart forever.
Can I really take on this love endeavor?

Everything I think I've ever wanted.
My dreams,
Your face is haunting;
A ghost of what can be
If I was just a little more pretty?
Are you only on my side out of pity?
Let's get down to the nitty-gritty.
Too straightforward?
At least I'm no coward...
Am I just scared of love's might?
Deep Breath...
I have nothing wrong with me,
If you don't love me...
It's really your loss...
But I'm not trying to be egotistical!
Please believe me!
I love you!
Is all of this really true?

© 2011 Elizabeth Fiske

Author's Note

Elizabeth Fiske
Ehhh...I didn't really write this to be taken seriously about it;it's just a way to get these bottled up emotions out, so, obviously, it's all over the place. But if you want to critique it, be my guest.

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I found myself asking the same questions about my current relationship. I don't know it this supposed to be taken seriously but it touched me as if it should be.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on May 20, 2011
Last Updated on May 20, 2011


Elizabeth Fiske
Elizabeth Fiske

Monroe, NH

First things first: I don't care if your male, female, black, white, Asian, gay, lesbian, trans-gender, straight, overweight, skinny, tall, short, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, etc. I respec.. more..