Introverting the city life

Introverting the city life

A Story by Coffee Sippin Writer

Why being an introvert in a city is a rarity.

My belief is that when living in a city,example Harrisburg, Many rather seek privacy than those who live in the rurals. 
In a psychological sense if you're living in woods,farmland or areas were you are not surrounded by people 75% of your time not asleep you seek more attention from others because you start noticing the isolated environment around you compared to if you're living in a n apartment with very thin walls were you always hear your neighbors,cars driving by or hear people walking down your street. So even if you don't go out unless it's for your bare essentials to live like going down to the grocery store or pharmacy. psychology in the back of your mind you know you're never really alone knowing theirs somebody around you even if you don't ever plan on talking to them compared to living in a log cabin house in the middle of the woods surrounded by squirrels and trees where you know there's not a soul around to express your problems too.
Which brings me to the conclusion that city people are more naturally extroverts for being simulated into a society that always surrounded by others that even if you don't know how to talk about your problems or welfare. You can always bring up a topic that is not relevant to your problems but give you that social nourishment of feeling alright. With that said it may sound kinda queezy but when you live in a small environment with a minimum of 10,000 people, if not more, using that psychological philosophy it kinda turns into a repetitive drag where the moment you know you open you're apartment,condo or half house door you're gonna run into somebody who's going to want to talk to you. On what that depends on how that person is feeling.
So when you finally stomach living in the city you're gonna have to come up with a scheduled plan around your neighbors to go shopping for the things you need while taking the routes and quickest things to find in the store to avoid interaction at all cost. 
Introverting more or less becomes a work schedule where you will always have to be prepared for who ever comes knocking at your door for money,favors,hanging out or whatever and when you slowly close the door in their face polity declining their invitation they will bark at you and find the things that make you tick in order to keep you interacting with them because whatever feedback you give them psychologically gives them the willpower over you to bend you to their conversation generating more stress on your life than needs be. Doesn't matter who you are or what you did the fact that someone will bark at you calling you a flake or hey bruh that ain't cool i'm tryna party when you simply just want to be left alone.
What's worse is media targets these individuals and start coming up with excuses like what's wrong with them how do we gang stalk this person in order to become an extrovert in society to feed our capitalistic ways of living? When in actuality as you grow older or more mature you realize that emotions and "going out" are more of just a luxury than a necessity in life. Because whether you live alone or with roommates you tend to lean to the less interesting things in life and start saying things like "it's the little things in life that make life grand, like eating a twinky and drinking a coke while watching Netflix." is in fact more of a treat than getting dressed, prepping yourself to look good and remind yourself on how you need to interact around others without them making a negative opinion upon you. A lot of people say the government are keeping people shut in in order to control the masses but in fact it's the people around you that are causing you to become more isolated because they can't understand the core value of being alone and doing simple things in life is much more valuable than going out to the bar,trying to make a name for yourself,getting laid, or worse one of those people who can't stop posting memes or selfies on where they are or what they know to feel the need to prove to themselves that they are here and want recognition.
Point being you are fine on who you are don't let anyone bring you down and please don't post on facebook on how fine you are because that's just denial until someone leaves a nice comment for you to make yourself feel better.

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Added on February 2, 2019
Last Updated on February 2, 2019
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Coffee Sippin Writer
Coffee Sippin Writer

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