Egg's Memory

Egg's Memory

A Story by ColdSpiral

Ever wondered where your tears go?


 Slipping between moments, dodging spaces; they come to gather the tears that are shed – forever flowing, somewhere – and save them from the void, to remember them. They catch the tears in tubes and bottles, seal them, catalogue them; labelled and shelved forever in their archives. For every tear there is a story, and it is the stories on which they feed, reading the tales of sadness and joy, reading of lives far truer than their own, and it sustains them. They breeze through our world like a draft, visible only in their passage; a rustle of leaves, a flutter of pages; and then are gone, back to their own place.
They can be tricked – tired of stories about onions, they appear nonetheless – the tears are irresistible. We have a story about a man named Egg, who caught one in a bucket of paint. It fawned and cowered pathetically until Egg was overcome with remorse; he let it go out of guilt. It had fled, returning only to leave a gift for his mercy – a memory, tiny and hardly significant; but one he had missed.
The memory – he never told anybody what it was of – inspired Egg, and he began to paint; beautiful flowing visions of another world flourished from his brushes. Soon, Egg’s pictures were earning enough for him to build a magnificent house, to buy all the things he had ever wanted; but Egg still cried, sometimes, still managed to shed his tears – because he never forgot where it had all come from.

© 2008 ColdSpiral

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Interesting story. Great write.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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This made me laugh.

False tears because of the onions - Makes me think of an old Mitch Hedberg line.

"Onions make me cry, because I find the plight of the onion to be so tragic. But people think I'm just 'reacting'"

As for interpretation, I'd almost think of mother earth absorbing the tears of her children. I like the fact that it's open for interpretation.

Great job - '100'.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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It's very interesting, the way you mingle humility and self-expression. Also, sadness and creativity. Those come out as themes in your writing.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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I write... sometimes. Occasionally, I'll finish something. You may even get to read it. That's about all I need to say, so... more..

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