The Kid Who’s Always Right

The Kid Who’s Always Right

A Story by ca.shorty

One power i’d think that would be cool is the power to always be right. You could have anything you wanted.

Slam! went Gabe against his locker. He stared face to face with his bully Zander.

“Where’s my backpack!” Zander said holding Gabe against the locker. Gabe looked around trying to find a way to escape his grasp. Gabe took his foot and kick Zander in the balls. Zander fell to the ground and let go. Gabe saw his chance and sprinted off. Zander, who is on the football team, stands up with all his strength forgetting the pain and chases after Gabe.

“Get back here!” Zander screamed. Gabe was a fast runner and could out run anyone. He put his hood on and hopped a fence. He couldn’t out run Zander even with a fence. Zander jumped the fence like nothing and sprinted towards Gabe. Gabe caught his breath and sprinted away. He ran down the street towards his grandma’s.
Just as he was about to make it he got tackled to the ground by Carl. Carl pinned him down as Zander walked slowly towards him. Zander picked up Gabe and pinned him to a wall again. Gabe lifted his foot up when Carl came and sliced one with a knife. Gabe screamed. Zander laughed at socked Gabe in the face.


“Gabe can you please tell me what the boys did after that?” Ask Gabe’s therapist. Gabe shuffled his feet uncomfortably.
“Uh I don’t know. All I remember was waking up in my bed and an ice pack on my face.” He said rubbing his head. “I think they stole my wallet and phone though.” The therapist clicked his pen and wrote down something. Gabe leaned over to see what he was writing. The therapist cleared his throat. Gabe looked up and smiled uncomfortably. He leaned back in his chair and looked out the window.
“Gabe. How did you get your you know, powers?” Gabe looked back at him and shrugged. The therapist leaned forward, “Gabe. You can tell me anything.” The therapist took a long look at Gabe.
“You can’t tell anyone. It’s a secret and I don’t want anyone to know.” The therapist nodded. “That means no notebook.” The therapist looked at the note book and closed it shut. Gabe nodded and took a deep breath.

It was November 9, 1983. I was on a field trip with my school and we were at the science museum. As always Zander pushes me around and called me names.
“Move your a*s bus boy!” He said shoving me. I looked at him and ran up to the front of the line. I wanted to teach him a lesson one day not to mess with me.
“Um Mr. Jones?” I said tour guide at the museum. He looked at me and smiled. “Yes Mr. Stevens?” I whispered something in his ear and he laughed. “Well we’ll make sure not to hurt him then.” I smiled and walked back towards Zander.
“Tattletaling on me again?!” I smiled and didn’t respond. “Hey what’s going on!” Zander started to rise in the air. Everyone looked at him and started to laugh.
“Guess your not as tough as people say!” I said smiling at him. He frowned and crossed his arms. The tour guide smiled and set Zander down.
“Alright everyone we’ve had our fun now let’s continue with our tour.” Zander gave me a dirty look. He slit his hand across his throat and stomped off with Carl. I smiled and skipped off. While we were on our way to the laboratory lights started going off and we heard loud sirens. The tour guide screamed for us to get out of the building immediately. I was still next to Zander and he smiled and grabbed me.
“Hey Zander let me go!” I screamed and tried to squirm out of his arms. He took me to a room that said keep out. He chuckled and locked me in there. I banged on the door and screamed for help. One guy came over but couldn’t open it and ran off. I screamed loud and tried to break the window. I stopped and saw this blue gas cover the glass. I stepped back and screamed. The blue gas started to come into the room I was in. I screamed for help and held my breath. I couldn’t hold it for long and started panicking. I was breathing fast when I sucked in some of the gas, I froze and looked at my hands. My veins where bright blues and I was starting to feel dizzy.

“Then what happened?” Asked The therapist. I shrugged. “Not sure. I blacked out. When I woke up I was on a stretcher.”

“You’re gonna be ok.” Said a Doctor rushing me to the ambulance. I looked around and saw Zander getting yelled at by the tour guide, my mom, and his mom. I smiled as laughed. ‘He’s so stupid’ I thought. The doctors stopped.
“What the hell is wrong with that kid?” One said rushing to Zander. I sat up and looked at him. He was jumping on cars screaming gibberish. The only word we understood was him saying, “I so stupid!” I opened my eyes wide. ‘Wait no he’s the smartest guy ever!’ He then stood up and brushed off his pants.
“Sorry for my unusual behavior. Now today I am going to tell you all the digits of pi.” Everyone looked at each other confused. ‘Ok maybe not that smart.’ Zander shook his head and got off the car.
“What the heck just happened?” He said as I smiled. ‘Did I just control Zander?’ His mom shook her head. “I don’t know but your grounded for a month.” He walked to the car with his mom and the drove away. The doctors walked over to me and one raised their eyebrow.
“Uh your ok?” I nodded and the doctor smiled. “Well then hope off kiddo.” I got off the stretcher and walked to my mom. My mom rubbed my head and walked to our car. On our way home I asked my mom a very strange question.
“Mom what if I told you I had a super power?” She looked at me funny. “Well i’d say your imagination is to much.” I raised my eyebrow. ‘It didn’t work?’ “Well mom. I think I have a super power.” She chuckled.
“Your too much Gabe. We’ll talk later.” I turned towards her and raised my voice. “I do have a super power!” She stopped the car. “Gabe. Why that’s amazing!” I sat up in my chair.
“Wait you believe me?” I asked.
“Yes. I mean your my son.” She said pulling over. “Do you have any other powers?” I thought for a second and smiled. ‘Wait a second.’
“Yes I have the power to fly.” I said smiling. My mom clapped and asked me to show her. I looked nervous. “Now?” She nodded. I stepped outside of the car and took a deep breath. Sometimes it takes courage to do what I was about to do. I jumped and I was floating. I looked down at the car where my mom was clapping and jumped. ‘Oh my gosh this is amazing!’

“So what happened was a bully trapped you inside of a room with a glass door and you breathed in a blue gas that gave you powers to control minds and fly?” Asked the therapist. Gabe shoot his head.
“No. That blue gas gave me a different power.” He said hesitating. “The power to always be right.” The therapist who was controlled by the power nodded his head.
“I see continue.” Said the therapist. Gabe took deep breath and continued.

After I landed safely on the ground my mom came and hugged me. “You can fly!” She sounded really excited. I nodded and made her let go of me. “Gabe your a superhero!?” She said finally back to herself.
“I guess so.” I got back into the car. “Wait mom are you able to make me a costume?” My mom nodded.
“You need a superhero name first.” I thought hard as well as my mom. “Oh how about Wonder Boy!” I looked at my mom and raised my eyebrow.
“You’re kidding? No that’s stupid.” I said laughing. My mom thought again.
“Well your power is always being right so,” She thought really hard I could see it by the way her veins where popping out. “Commander Right!” I looked at her.
“Wait. That’s not bad actually.” I said thinking. “Captain Right maybe?” My mom nodded.
“Oh why not Captain Obvious!” She said laughing. “I’m kidding Gabe that’s stupid.” I nodded and laughed too.
“I think I like Captain Right.” I said making a decision. My mom agreed. “Well your hero has arrived, Captain Right!”

© 2018 ca.shorty

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That was amazing! Can't wait to read the rest :D

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

What’s the title I can’t find it
Lilly Chapman

5 Years Ago

My mistake I though it was super hero based off of image. It's called Canda Ah it's not it my mistak.. read more

5 Years Ago

Ah ok. Lol it’s fine
Hey guys. The reason I put this as a book, chapter, and short story is because I want it to be a book so it’s a chapter in my book and I’m entering in a contest so I can only enter story. Sorry for the confusion everyone!

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Just a great guy who loves writing and who want's to be a YouTuber. more..

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