may the drink take me

may the drink take me

A Poem by Daniel Atkinson

i speak so loudly now i can't whisper
when i do it's a growl
but to me it's a purr
more now, let's have another, be you now
be you now
be you now and let's


father, partner, addict, fiend
keys under my fingers getting hot against the air outside
words fail me as they always have and i damn them, yes,
i damn them and hate them and fight their beck and call
siren words and their promise
singing a sweet old song i know too well
i'll be safe here, make port,
but not without another
not without your first mate
let him come along, let him see us as we are,
let him see the words you scream to no one
these words that don't come without a nip
just a nip, yes,
and why not, sailor?
why not, to warm against the winds?

these winds blow cold and lonely in the seas
water and water and water everywhere
and there's so much to drink
there's so much thirst to be had
so much to be quenched
and as i write these words i know there are too many
i can't kill them, i can't kill another
so many have died by my hand:
myself and i and who i thought i could be 
when the boat rocked within those summer seas.

maudlin, am i?
yar, yes, maybe so
i'll die soon and may the water take me
may the drink take me,

may the drink take me.

© 2019 Daniel Atkinson

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Added on November 28, 2019
Last Updated on November 28, 2019


Daniel Atkinson
Daniel Atkinson

Atlanta, GA

"it's so easy to be a poet and so hard to be a man." -Bukowski more..