Grocery list and a Love letter

Grocery list and a Love letter

A Poem by Cole Hayley

Hey guys, I'm back with a new 12 poem series im gonna upload over the next 2 weeks. Here is the first poem. It's been almost 3 years since I've been on this site and I really miss it. So heres to 2020


Grocery List and a Love letter

A heart that opens like a toolbox.

A crate of avocados.

Twist ties.

Bedding fresh out of a French woman’s basement.

Platinum-blonde box dye.

Bicycle handles.

A yellow pepper.

Twenty grains of peppercorn.

Pineapple juice.

Sewing pins.

Something that reminds you of someone you made jealous.

Something that reminds you of someone you hurt.

Nasal spray.

Hand cream.

A pamphlet about glaucoma prevention.

A pair of sunglasses.

An old sonar system from a cold-era submarine.

Wilted flowers.

Teaspoons too big for a teacup.

Butter knives too sharp for butter.

Every Leonard Cohen record ever.

A dog collar.

Hair gel.

A piece of memorabilia from 1994.

A parking ticket you found on the floor.

Someone’s old coffee cup.

A hamster wheel you can fit inside of.

Thirteen cowboy hats -- all rhinestone.

Every stone and mineral ever -- except rhinestone.

A black opal.

A picture frame of a generic family.

Pink construction paper.

Acne cream.

A cellphone card.



Letterhead that confuses you. 

Something to remember and old lover by.



Felt pads to put under a chair.

Something bought during an awkward interaction.

A grocery store novel.

Fake blood.

Vampire fangs left over from Halloween.

Something that smells like someone you, at one time, wanted to kiss.

Something sharp enough to stab into someone with a collapsed lung.

A set of tongs.



A disposable camera.

A tape recorder to record the buzz of an electrical socket.

A smile you can’t buy, but can shoplift.

And, finally, a time you will never be able to go back to.


© 2020 Cole Hayley

Author's Note

Cole Hayley
I'm back guys. It's a new decade but I'm looking to my past, I missed this site a lot... I don't know if anyone remembers me but here's to hoping? Anyways... this is the first poem of my new series: "Name one thing in this photo."

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Great job! It's the little things, enjoyed :) x

Posted 1 Year Ago

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Added on January 2, 2020
Last Updated on January 2, 2020
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Cole Hayley
Cole Hayley

Montreal, Canada

25 / Canada I'm back ;) New series: "Name one thing in this photo" 1. Grocery list and a Love letter 2. Went Wrong 3. 24 4. The Pacific Theater 5. A SATA cable frayed 6. One Thing 7. .. more..