A Poem by Colette

another self portrait



I eat alone          Sleep alone

Go to movies alone

Dance alone          Work alone


Go to cancer treatments alone


I spend my birthdays alone          Holidays alone

I cry alone          Mourn alone

Play alone          Celebrate alone


I lick ice cream alone


No matter how often I throw that word          ALONE          out there

People are in disbelief


People talk          as though I’m a celebrity

They gossip


“She likes black guys”

“She like Hispanic guys”

“She’s a lipstick lesbian”

“I wonder who takes those naked pictures of her?”

“I bet she’s slept with all those people she’s photographed”

“She sure parties a lot”

“She likes to use the ‘F’ word a lot”


F**k people.  The word is F**k, and it’s a good one, try it sometime!


“She’s too strong”

“She’s not strong enough”

“She’s too nice”

“She’s different”


To me they say:


“You should...” mouth flapping

“You shouldn’t...” head shaking

“You can’t...” finger pointing


They should          just shut up


I’ll take some compassion          I’ll require some respect

I’ll take a hug


The advice          coming from those who haven’t limped a mile on a similar journey

I can do without



I’ve got double vision          but it’s not the kind you get from partying


I study myself

I’m both behind and in front of the camera

I think about how I can save others          while trying to improve my own fragile existence


I make wishes



I get out          occasionally

Get lost in crowds          so that I’m not lost too long          in my own thoughts

Because that can be intense


I’m alone          with my pain          with my joy


Alone with nature



I’ve experienced more than most elderly people


My life is interesting          it’s unconventional

And it exists          on the conservative side of this mitten state

No wonder people talk

I’m an anomaly          I’m an enigma


I’m an artist          I’m a brick house          I’m cotton candy


I am tears


I am smiles


I’m a ghost          I’m a mountain lion



I’m alone




I AM...Frankenstein’s creature


© 2011 Colette

Author's Note

Does the spacing bother you or is it effective?

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I always get lost in your art of words, Coco...I had to re-read your poem...the energy and emotions you bring to the table...and your poem still amazes me...cutting edge and love the photo. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

thanks Ev! man, not much changes over time. My bday is coming up - that pic was my bday suit in 20.. read more
¥ay $wagger

7 Years Ago

Your welcome, Coco...You'll always be beautiful...I can't wait to see your new photo shoot...hey, yo.. read more
¥ay $wagger

7 Years Ago

I'll text you soon...I can't wait to read your new poem and check your new art and photo shoot after.. read more
I Love the spacing...of course, heart you...Alone...I know the loneliness you feel and poetically talk about. Wonderful Poetry...Tremendous my friend.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I have a lot I could say about this. I think I will leave it at: we should talk some time.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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guess that's my Bio

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Phoenix, AZ

"The poet...is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections." from the book "Uncertainty" by David Lindley I'm in love with metaphors.. more..

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