Call me Moon Shine

Call me Moon Shine

A Poem by Colette

Altered word challenge for the Almost Dead Poets Society




call me misfit     or call me Miss Fit

call me crazy

never heard anyone call me



i’m the Little Engine that could

i’m CG with a double e

i’m Coco     with soft marshmallows

touch me     you’ll see


got ‘em linin’ up at the kitchen counter

waitin’ on me


i’m Cinnamon Toast     ala mode

in an otherwise humble abode


i don’t boast, but

i am confident     others feel malevolent

i am Calico

i am independently sufficient


i’m a Leo     a solitary lion

i’m not perfect     but, i do purr


with me, the lines blurrrr



i don’t see in black & white

i have technicolor vision

i can disinhibit you, and afterward

i will disinstallation you


unremember you


when i get hungry again

i’ll set out for a new kill

a new thrill, cuz

i’ve got that androgyny of spirit


i’m a black man in a white girl’s body

you don’t understand

you don’t need to

i misintend     and you disintend


i am The Artist CG

i’m a product of the Prince generation

i spit words     like     Controversy

i throw paint     like     I Wanna Be Your Lover


if you drink me

you might feel faint


i am Moon Shine

they don’t make it like mines no mo’


i am part of Quantum physics

i tell a story     only the brave will listen

i am Poet CG

get to know my history


i got good energy     up in here

in my tree house room     with the birds eye view

but, their negative energy     out over there

leaves me unslumbered


leavin' me feeling like i wanna disencumber     myself

from him

and her

and their hell


so i can disburden myself

disentangle this mess

disembarrass your a*s

from the ugly face you put forward


i am the Photographer Colette

i see beauty in all

it’s not my fault if you fall     short

on your aromatic unibalm



 i will reside in my undisturbed calm

© 2011 Colette

Author's Note

Can u detect the real and disinvented words?

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I always enjoy reading you Colette, just you being bold, is your metaphors, as always. :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

thanks! i deserve a place in this world poetically--right?
¥ay $wagger

8 Years Ago

Of course. :)
I will still call you Colette , enjoy your calm ~

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on February 19, 2011
Last Updated on December 6, 2011
Tags: altered words, aka, names, persona, confidence



Phoenix, AZ

"The not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections." from the book "Uncertainty" by David Lindley I'm in love with metaphors.. more..

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