Ode to Kayce Dec'd.

Ode to Kayce Dec'd.

A Poem by ColinKarr

This poem mirrors Emmeline Grangerford’s poem from Huckleberry Finn, “Ode to Stephen Dowling Bots”. It’s a school assignment where we had to take a student and make a parody of Emmeline’s poem. Enjoy!

It was on a tragic night
As fateful as can be.
It was cuz' of foolish spite
And one small bumblebee.

Young Colin he did trip and fall
While Kayce stood by taunting.
She laughed at him while he did bawl.
Unaware that Karma's knocking.

One bumblebee buzzed 'round Kayce
And landed on her shoulder.
Oh, Kayce, why'd you laugh at he?
Cuz' now you won't get older.

The little bee flew up her nose
And crawled right down her throat.
She gasped for air, and cried, "Oh, no's!"
And tragically, she croaked.

Why, foolish little Kayce.
You could've passed this death.
The moral of this story?
It's better not to laugh.

© 2010 ColinKarr

Author's Note

Reviews appreciated, but be nice! This is my first submission after all!

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this is so true! it was a lil sad and i do know wht it feels like to be made fun of, i think we all have, this is so great and very well written!:) and the moral of the story was soo true!
keep on,
-Anna Kay Patton

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 12, 2010
Last Updated on March 22, 2010
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Well, I'm a Junior in high school. I write for my school newspaper which just so happens to be my favorite class (shocker right?) Anyways, I hope to do something in writing when I grow up, and ya that.. more..