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An Unfolding of Love


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     Very few knew the prophecies about The Child of the Rainbow. The only people were a hidden sect of priests that would send emissaries out to the different kingdoms and counsel their respective kings. The knowledge of The Child was to remain unspoken until foretold events began happening.

     Yet, many of the villagers in far off lands would quietly talk in low murmurs of the coming child, but were quick to stop if the priest from the local church walked by. He was the protector of the prophecies, and it was said that to speak of it openly would let the evil spirits, the Nazellas, know how to prepare for the battle that would eventually come. So the town folk, farmers, villagers and even all the nobility of the realm would try and do as the priest commanded.

     That is, everyone but a little girl who was orphaned at birth. She never knew her parents and was brought up by an old couple. They tended the grounds of a small, unassuming church. The young girl was high-spirited and a bit mischievous, but the old couple loved her very much. All the town folk liked her as well.

     A time came after becoming a sixth, when a powerful priest came to the village from a far off land. He had duties as an emissary to a distant kingdom, the Land of Tears. The journey brought him to this small village for one reason and one reason alone, the young girl who was now a sixth. All of the people of the village and surrounding countryside wanted to throw a party for her, because this was something special. The powerful Priest would not allow it. He reminded them of the Nazellas, and never to speak of this to anyone.

     He and the lively sixth quietly left the village on an old, creaky wagon. The horses that pulled it seemed magical, for their eyes sparkled with emerald light. Within the mist of a new morning dawn, the odd couple started out. Standing in front of the small church, the local priest comforted the old couple as they wept.

     The upcoming travels would be long, but were needed, because with him was this special little girl. She was going to live with a Duke and Duchess who were without child. But why would nobility take an orphaned peasant girl?

     Why indeed?

     This powerful Priest knew, because he was the High Priest, Benigmas. With him was Reaceau, the young and playful sixth. She was full of life, sometimes too much life. And she was different, with qualities that Benigmas took notice since the first time he held her as an infant. A time that was just six years ago, she had grown so much from that last time he saw her radiant aura.

     This was the beginning of the prophecies of The Child of the Rainbow.

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Author's Note

This is an initial frame work for the novel. The authors would appreciate any feedback. Thank you in advance. We truely hope that you will join us as the adventure "unfolds."

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Added on January 2, 2011
Last Updated on January 4, 2011
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A Chapter by SharedRealities