Curing injustice... with a Gun.

Curing injustice... with a Gun.

A Story by Collections

The corporate world had used her, then tossed her out like garbage. This is the story of how one woman hit back.

She looked at her hands, funny how they weren't covered in blood, yet they should be..
She shot him, and she didn't even care that it was wrong. Slowly a sad smiled spread across her face.
He was an ungrateful son of a gun and she is happy he met his end at her hand. 

He was the boss, the big man, claimed he saw all. Yet he didn't see what she put in, all the time, the effort. The staying late and arriving early. The countless events, the money that kept rolling in, the staff that got paid on time every month, the PC Programs up and running without paying large sums to a programmer. Everything she did, just... not even noticed!

He didn't care that she lost friends because she always had to say no. Didn't care that her fiance left because she was apparently already married to her work. He couldn't see the lies of the GM or the Night manager. How they belittled her, made the small things she forgot larger than life, so he wouldn't see how they were not really doing anything. She planned the events, she arranged the stock, she did the marketing, she spend sleepless nights on it, and they got the credit. The incentives. The extra cash. 

And she... she got fired.

She knew it was coming, had for quite some time. But it didn't make the sting of betrayal any less. She gave a bitter laugh, and sort of jumped at the sound. She started pacing like a caged animal. They used and abused her whilst they needed her and now they tossed her out like garbage! But she showed them! She shot him in his heart, shot him right where hers hurt the most everyday. She leaned over him and whispered "Its your fault you know. Why couldn't you see?" A single tear escaped from the corner of her eye, she wiped it away quickly with the hand holding the gun and anger blazed like a forest fire in her head, destroying all reason. "why couldn't you see!" she yelled pressing the barrel against his forehead.

Slowly she became aware of the fact that someone was screaming, she looked up and saw a woman standing n the door. S**t, she thought for a fleeting moment, now I really will loose everything. The woman had bolted and screamed to alert the neighbors, If she was going down, she was going down good and proper. She ran out the door after Madam Voice. 

Madam Voice's screams had turned to sobbing, I was crouched in a corner with my gun to her temple. I knew her, worked with her. I wouldn't hurt her, we were then same. I wished I could tell her this, but knew that I wouldn't. I needed her fear, as long as the police saw me as a threat, they would not act yet. 
"Get Gordon" I yelled. 
"Mam.." the officer began, but I pressed the cold barrel harder into Madam Voices temple, she suddenly lit up with a wail. The officer took a step back, one hand raised, palm facing me in a hold-on-now gesture, the other reaching for his gun. 
"I want Gordon" I repeated evenly
The officer radioed something over his walky talkie, I couldn't hear him, but that didn't mean I didn't know what he said. I was born with a mild hearing loss, which is why the boss and his cronies thought they could have their covert lets-fire-her-we-can-do-better meetings right under my nose. They assumed I couldn't hear them. They assumed wrong, lip reading is a fine skill. 
"That's right officer, send him in, dress him in as many bullet proof vest as you want, I only want to talk."
Slowly a cat like grin spread across my face, I could tell the sadness of before has gone out of it. 

He walked in slowly and blanched at his boss sprawled across the floor. I grinned. They wanted to cover him, but I threatened to kill the one who did. I wanted the b*****d to see what I have done, what I will do to him. 
Again the smile, it was becoming a demented grin, I realized that, but I couldn't stop myself. His eyes were drawn to me.
"Why are you doing this?" he asked
My eyes grew wide in shock and anger flared in my chest, hot and volatile. 
"''Why?!" I screamed "You know why!"
He frowned for the briefest of seconds and I felt like a tiger ready to rip him apart. 
"You fired me! After all I had done, I have been here longer than all of you, put in more than any of you and you fired me!"
"The business.." he began but I cut him short
"Don't you dare insult my intelligence by lying to me! You saw me as a threat, that's right! A goddamn threat! You lied your way into your position, and quickly realized you fell short. To hide your own short comings, you have to get rid of the one that can trip you up without even trying!"
He shook his head, but the truth was in his eyes. He knew that I knew. But there was something else. He was scared. scared to death! Not of me, no, he was scared to death of death itself. B*****d. 
"Amy, I'm sorry, we just thought it would be..." I saw his eyes jump past my head for a moment and then noticed the squaring of his shoulders. I knew the squat team had zeroed in, he was always a better bully in a crowd. 
"Better?"' I asked mockingly, it was now or never. "yeah, its better all right" and I pulled the trigger and watched through a horde of arms trying to subdue me as the third eye sprouted in his head. Good shot, was my last thought as I felt the paralyzing pain of the Taser in my side. 

"All rise, the honorable judge Arnie McMillan presiding. State VS.." blah blah blah, the words drowned out as she remembered their lifeless bodies, all she felt was the glee at getting back at them. She didn't get the last one, but no worries, no worries, his time would come. She felt her lawyer pump her in the ribs and she shifted her gaze to the judge who had his steely glare on her.
"You are brought before this court on charges of 2 counts of first degree murder, several more of attempted murder, possession of a firearm, use of a firearm on a person or persons and reckless endangerment. How do you plea?"
Her lawyer opened his mouth to start the practiced mantra of not guilty etc.
"Guilty, your honor" she said with a smile.
The judges glare intensified, "Does your client know that this statement could cost her her freedom?" he asked my deflated lawyer
"Yes, your honor" I said and laughed "But they'd still be dead now, wont they?"

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Wow, this person is heartless, but what she said at the end is still funny. I like those kinds of characters, the funny ones that you're supposed to hate but you can't. I doubt she got away but I have a feeling she did.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Straight from the gut. Straightforward brutal style, I like it.

You can feel the injustice driving her to take revenge, no matter at what cost. You can sense the local context which might require some further elaboration. Where does this story play out ?

Could you review me ?

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you.

This was actually a very personal story, so I never even thought of setti.. read more

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