Fear, the invisible companion whose instinctual malevolence knows no bounds!

Fear, the invisible companion whose instinctual malevolence knows no bounds!





By Stanley Collymore


I have no fear at all of anyone or anything; not even death. And

until I draw my last breath this position, which I have  always

resolutely maintained, will unalterably for me remain the

same. For really what is fear? As I see it, it’s a rather

improvident supposition of what might perchance

happen. Something that to all intents and purposes the

frightened person for a variety of reasons, and not

invariably entirely unconvincing ones, doesn’t

want to happen. And should the catastrophe

the supposed victim is so rather petrified

of does honestly happen, then having

wished themselves sick concerning

it, was realistically a total waste

of both time and energy which

finally amounted to nothing.


So sensibly save your energy and time for something truly

positive to do, and which I’m confident will markedly

assist you in successfully eradicating from your

mind all those very negative and unpleasant

thoughts that you usually carry there, and

in the process of doing so make a much better as well

as a far more fascinating person, I’m sure, out of

you. And as for fearing death, it’s completely

risible really getting yourself all needlessly

worked up about what’s unambiguously

an inescapable outcome that no one,

including you, can reversibly alter

or do anything at all about either

significantly while you’re still

physically here, and equally

less so after you’re gone.


© Stanley V. Collymore

7 September 2019.



Author’s Comments:

Fear as we Homo sapiens are conditioned as well as consistently led to believe is a crucial mechanism that effectively enables us, as well as other species that share this earth with us, to protect ourselves from danger, impending or otherwise, as well as assisting us in providing a viable framework for ourselves in order to safeguard our respective continuance as a specie.


That may well be true in some specific circumstances. But concertedly using fear or the tactic of fearmongering either as useful or convenient devices to literally scare the hell out of other people for one’s own ends or to selfishly in the process of doing so secure rather unwarranted advantages for one’s self, family members or friends at the expense of others, is categorically nothing more, I’m absolutely convinced, than the quintessence of sheer evil and malevolent narcissism.


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