Racism's singular pedigree is undeniably its immoral and malevolent arrogance!

Racism's singular pedigree is undeniably its immoral and malevolent arrogance!





By Stanley Collymore


Racism does exist although a lot of people don’t really

know that, and most ironically the vast majority of

those who fall into that category are evidently

racists themselves! And one of the primary

reasons for that is that their racism is so completely

ingrained, that to all of them it would be taken

as absolutely insane to question, far less so

distrust something that is such a crucial

part of who and what they essentially

are. And, furthermore, impeccably

amalgamates the manifestation

of their symbiotic, conjoined

and interrelated existences.


Which involves nothing more than a collective

ritualized and a self-absorbed obsession

that with the vile, distinctly spurious

and a very concertedly envious

vilification thrown at everyone whose private

and professional lifestyles, in true contrast

to their own are outstanding successes

patently, conscionably and morally

based, and moreover is in every

way effectively, impressively

admiringly and financially

sound, are to be sordidly

slain on racist grounds.


© Stanley V. Collymore

19 February 2020.



Author’s Remarks:

Normally it’s neither my concern nor general interest what Dykes do with themselves or their time but when an abhorrent, irrelevant and a clapped out one like Germaine Greer rather self-servingly takes to the airwaves to “enhance” her financial situation as well as scrape the bottom of the barrel for some scrap of “relevance” to her squalid, repugnant and Dyke infested lifestyle, and in doing so gratuitously takes to attacking Meghan Markle who is light years ahead of her in every moral aspect that one can conceivably imagine, then without hesitation I will, as I’m now doing, respond with all guns figuratively blazing! As Germaine Greer’s actions were overt racism in overdrive!


Germaine Greer: viciously, implausibly and unsurprisingly, bearing in mind that her venomous tirade against Meghan Markle came from someone who is a clear product of convict-infested, imperialistic-minded, colonialist, genocidal aficionado, profoundly embedded and instinctively misogynistic in the most loathsome manner Australia - where even their booze advertisements laud their misogyny, is herself likewise a female variant of that revolting philosophy!


And to claim without a shred of evidence proffered to substantiate her crass and racist assertion that Meghan’s marriage to Harry is an unconcealed fraud, that all those “celebrities - take that to mean N*****s - being at her wedding was a disgrace, and then goes on to postulate on how many “fake orgasms” Meghan is having with Harry until she attains what’s she after and will then dump him, are nothing more than the fantasies of a demented, washed up, so-called writer and a loathsome cold-blooded Dyke who did marry, grotesquely exploiting the charlatan cover of marriage to conceal her rampant and entrenched Dykeism.


Barbara Ellen in response to Germaine’s acerbic, lying and demented comments pertaining to Meghan Markle wrote a brilliant opinion piece in the Guardian Newspaper entitled: “Germaine Greer’s attack on Meghan Markle - so predictable, so old hat, so wrong!" -I recommend that you read it - echoing my views entirely; with one major exception. Turning Germaine Greer’s fake orgasms in relation to Meghan Markle on their head Barbara Ellen emphatically questions how many orgasms the totally irrelevant and self-serving Germaine Greer got from having her views, only because they were about Meghan Markle who is at the moment the media’s beloved person to bash, globally aired!


If you want my honest opinion, this discernibly clapped out octogenarian and hard-core Dyke may have tried, but like the dried up river bed that she clearly is I don’t think she could even manage one; and with a demented and fast deteriorating mind like hers, Germane Greer’s only option is to fake hers. Disgustingly contemptible Dyke that she is and has always been!


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Added on February 21, 2020
Last Updated on February 21, 2020
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