Safeguard our royal sycophancy – Angela Levin and Annabel Croft: racists and fantasists!

Safeguard our royal sycophancy – Angela Levin and Annabel Croft: racists and fantasists!





By Stanley Collymore


Most of you I’m quite certain, but then you’re not missing out on anything in that regard I assure you, have never heard of the washed-out, menopausal, or near so, former UK tennis player Annabel Croft. Who, as is customary in Britain if your face fits with those that supposedly matter in this entrenched, racist UK cesspit, you’re accordingly amply rewarded for services rendered whether through the conventional method of the proverbial casting couch when your previously limited and vastly overrated capabilities are over with and done, and regardless of your biological status as a woman or a man. Coupled, of course, as all obviously sane and rational persons clearly understand the likewise on offer inherent components of deeply embedded British nepotism and cronyism!


That these fraudulent elements of supposed desirability and quite obviously not ability or even for that matter any genuine academic distinction or other relevant qualifications for the job in hand are in essence the sole requisite preconditions and provisions for these doltish appointments in all but name of the recurrent overabundance of so-called “royal” correspondents, writers, analysts and biographers: like toxic vermin avidly, in fascist-run Britain, crawling out of their fetid woodwork pens-cum homes they’ve long been lodged in, and in absolute disgust, feigned or otherwise, querulously and vilely castigating Harry and Meghan, A Duke and Duchess of Britain, for lawfully including the word royal, to which no one has a monopolistic claim, in their commercial branding name!


While, at the same time, these odiously sycophantic, nonentity embossed, and self-absorbed clowns who, moreover, as the white “British”, dim-witted lowlifes and dementedly insane morons that they evidently are, most hypocritically and with irony completely lost on them happily, would you know, rather exuberantly, inappropriately but predictably quite fatuously, considering who they really are, insatiably carry on utilizing the “royal” moniker in relation to themselves to obviously deflect attention away from the fact that in actuality they are distinctly a bunch of nobodies.


And to dishonestly camouflage this salient reality, cynically essay to hide behind a sickening obsequiousness, on their part, regarding all things social-climbing; and most specifically, and again quite ironically, their deeply embedded sycophancy, in all things, to Britain’s markedly, discernibly and rather longstandingly dysfunctional and unfit for purpose, purported “royal” family!


So racism doesn’t exist in Britain then. And that’s official! And accounts for why odious and social-climbing nonentities like Annabel Croft, conveniently and as highly expectedly married to an international banker who we all know that globally, and not just in Britain, are the essence of rectitude and the pillars of society - and if you truthfully believe that then you quite seriously need to see a reputable psychiatrist as a matter of urgency - “working” now, is Annabel Croft, through the due processes of a deeply ingrained system of British nepotism coupled with the customary and familiar features of the deeply entrenched, proverbial casting couch requirement as a supposed “broadcaster” for both Sky and the BBC, with her own obvious personal baggage having the blasted audacity coupled with the purblind, asinine dim-wittedness to unwarrantedly but all the same spitefully and noxiously verbally lay into Meghan Markle who isn’t, never was and has never sought to be a sportswoman of any kind, and this acrimonious rancour of Annabel  Croft being aired by a supposedly sports broadcaster, prompts the obvious question as to what Annabel’s agenda is if it isn’t racist!


Since she claims that Harry who is a grown adult, is married of his own volition and has a son similarly brought into this world and who previously in Annabel Croft’s sick mind was clearly a “normal” person, has somehow “voodoo” style been ensnared by Meghan Markle and is now transformed into a wholly unrecognizable person who has been remorselessly beguiled by this Black witch Meghan - take note of the customary white racial stereotypes here - into giving up his worthy “royal family” lifestyle with its plethora of splendid titles and other superlative designations like “His Royal Highness!” What f*****g planet are you living on Annabel Croft with you pitiable notions, doubtlessly stirred by your own pathetic social climbing aspirations?


This is the 21st Century in case you haven’t noticed Annabel Croft, and although meritocracy isn’t a characteristic of present day Britain, I don’t think that there are any sane persons around who give a monkey’s a*s about themselves or someone else having useless and meaningless titles unless they’re habituated, feckless and dim-witted lowlifes like yourself, desperately trying in their menopausal years to asininely, and largely unsuccessfully, make themselves relevant! But hey, Annabel Croft, if you’re that keen on meaningless titles and all that royal highness s**t that you’re bemoaning Harry giving up at the “sinister” instigation of Meghan Markle, while at the same time you’re solidly mute about all criticisms, including I’ve noticed none coming from you in relation to Andrew who in the minds of all intelligently sane persons is more of an infernal mortification to your precious and antiquated royal family than Meghan Markle ever could, even if she were to try and so far she’s done nothing at all which can even been remotely classed in the same disgusting category as what Andrew is widely alleged to have been up to.


Since Andrew is legally no longer married, even though Fergie still hangs around; still has his title as Duke of York, the HRH that goes with it, and is evidently the darling little mummy’s boy of a hopelessly out of touch 93 year old nonagenarian mother who has to post a picture of him with her own racist, late mother because she probably couldn’t find one involving herself as she was and still is very much a lousy mother by any true definition of that word that had no quality time for her children as Charles once admitted - and with you, Annabel Croft so clearly enamoured with titles, HRH designations and the rest of it, why not divorce your investment banker sugar daddy and with your rather “admirable” - I’m being facetious here -credentials as a thoroughly well-established social climber and mercenary sycophant, get the HRH Duke of York to appropriately marry you? Frankly, I can’t think of a more fitting match!


Of course as an actual or approaching menopausal woman, Anabel Croft you wouldn’t be able any longer to actually breed biological children of your own to commendably in your sick mind and twisted assumptions meet the royal and hereditary requirements you imagine are requisite in relation to your much coveted role as an apt member of one of the world’s most dysfunctional families, as all sane persons see them, but you as the obsequious social climber that you clearly are significantly don’t.  However, you do have three children of your own already and I’m sure that with your readily approved effete and vapid consent Andrew would be more than willing, on past form it seems, to personally look after them!  Then you will be able to enthusiastically do all that very onerous but highly commendable work of cutting ribbons, smiling gratuitously like a demented Cheshire cat for the necessary photo ops, and shake as many of the dim-witted and mawkish admirers of the British royal family hands as you are permitted to do. While, at the same time, keep up and maintain, as demanded by the Firm, your concertedly counterfeit but fundamentally fabricated public profile! So go for it Annabel Croft! As it will suit you right down to the ground!


Normally it’s neither my concern nor general interest what Dykes do with themselves or their time but when an abhorrent, irrelevant and a clapped out one like Germaine Greer rather self-servingly takes to the airwaves to “enhance” her financial situation as well as scrape the bottom of the barrel for some scrap of “relevance” to her squalid, repugnant and Dyke infested lifestyle, and in doing so gratuitously takes to attacking Meghan Markle who is light years ahead of her in every moral aspect that one can conceivably imagine, then without hesitation I will, as I’m now doing, respond with all guns figuratively blazing! As Germaine Greer’s actions were overt racism in overdrive!


Germaine Greer: viciously, implausibly and unsurprisingly, bearing in mind that her venomous tirade against Meghan Markle came from someone who is a clear product of convict-infested, imperialistic-minded, colonialist, genocidal aficionado, profoundly embedded and instinctively misogynistic in the most loathsome manner Australia - where even their booze advertisements laud their misogyny, is herself likewise a female variant of that revolting philosophy!


And to claim without a shred of evidence proffered to substantiate her crass and racist assertion that Meghan’s marriage to Harry is an unconcealed fraud, that all those “celebrities” - take that to mean N*****s - being at her wedding was a disgrace, and then goes on to postulate on how many “fake orgasms” Meghan is having with Harry until she attains what’s she after and will then dump him, are nothing more than the fantasies of a demented, washed up, so-called writer and a loathsome cold-blooded Dyke who did marry, grotesquely exploiting the charlatan cover of marriage to conceal her rampant and entrenched Dykeism. Then expediently dumped him when it was appropriate to do so. So in asininely, vituperatively and falsely attacking Meghan Markle, Germaine Greer, in standard self-critical fashion used by all such lowlifes, is actually recounting her own personal experiences.


Barbara Ellen in response to Germaine’s acerbic, lying and demented comments pertaining to Meghan Markle wrote a brilliant opinion piece in the Guardian Newspaper entitled: “Germaine Greer’s attack on Meghan Markle - so predictable, so old hat, so wrong!” - I recommend that you read it - echoing my views entirely; with one major exception. Turning Germaine Greer’s fake orgasms in relation to Meghan Markle on their head Barbara Ellen emphatically questions how many orgasms the totally irrelevant and self-serving Germaine Greer got from having her views, only because they were about Meghan Markle who is at the moment the media’s beloved person to bash, globally aired!


If you want my honest opinion, this discernibly clapped out octogenarian and hard-core Dyke may have tried, but like the dried up river bed that she clearly is I don’t think she could even manage one; and with a demented and fast deteriorating mind like hers, Germane Greer’s only option is to fake hers. Disgustingly contemptible Dyke that she is and has always been!


This hypocritical Yid, Angela Levin who typically looks like one - and if I’m allowed under freedom of expression and free speech, which I intend to utilise here, which is the customary mantra that their type and most other whites use to vilely attack us N*****s, as they perceive us to be, as the inferior species they convince themselves that we are and will always be, so it’s perfectly okay therefore for them to employ whatever derogatory and stereotypical tropes they care to employ against us - would do well to remember the self-serving and subjective bullshit that she, Angela Levin, wrote in the past in a blatant attempt to garner people’s sick sympathy for her own fantasist and Electra complex purposes, before she now both cynically, asininely, wilfully and maliciously seeks to traduce the reputations or good names of people whom for racist or other spurious reasons she, in the most twisted terms possible and bearing in mind that she doesn’t know them, and I’m referring specifically to Meghan Markle, but yet selfishly, delusionally and maliciously, wants to destroy.


I’m not going Angela Levin to dissect your article published on the 26 February 2017 in the Daily Mail as I’ve far better things to do with my time than give unnecessary credence to a pathetic narcissist, let alone pander to your rabid fantasies. However, I can’t help but be very bemused that it’s a rather ironic place for a Yid to be writing in the Daily Mail bearing in mind the Daily Mail owner’s and the Daily Mail paper itself avidly conjoined support for Nazi Germany at the time and their detestation of not only Germany’s but actually all of Europe’s “Untermenschen”, principally although not exclusively so Yids! But on reflection perhaps the Daily Mail is an ideal place for fixated racists and Electra complex fantasists like Angela Levin to air their sick and twisted views. And when discernibly conjoined with that is the thorough awareness that prats like you Angela Levin have convenient and self-serving memories, as all sick fantasists do; and besides since money is your god and the only thing that matter to your sort is, in a twisted sense, a naturally fit place, the Daily Mail, for you to be.


Now how do you like that Angela Levin? A typical N****r, as I obviously am to your sort, happily, unconcernedly and without the slightest fear of any criticism from the powers that be or the prosecution authorities come to that; the forces of law and order which routinely and most encouragingly allow your sort to get away with your customary racism and do so with absolute impunity; themselves applying the same racist techniques towards us N*****s as your lot, Angela Levin, and other whites routinely do.


Like I said earlier Angela Levin I’m not going to regurgitate your article of the 26 February 2017 in the Daily Mail, entitled: “My mother was a cruel and horrid woman!” which you do want us all and who, moreover, didn’t know her, so we’ve only your word for it as by your own admission you have no siblings, and since your mother is long dead no one can reliably verify or dependably discount what you said and that’s what you’re banking on. Crucially, what was your relationship with your daddy, if you get where I’m coming from? An Electra complex based one? Something that your braindead and dumbed-down followers reading the Daily Mail or the other right-wing rags won’t have a clue of what I’m referring to? Not even if the phenomenon Electra complex were to land on their white noses! And clearly knowing this Angela Levin and in your sick, narcissistic, pathetic and fantasist quest for empathy and attention you nevertheless gave yourself away Angela Levin. As in classic attention seeking fashion you used the age of THREE to incite your fantasist notions. The very age that the Electra complex virus kicks in. When abnormal girls develop a sexual interest in their dads and conversely a deep, vitriolic and an odiously unwarranted loathing for their mothers. Ring any bells Angela Levin?


Yet you callously and patronizingly come down on Harry whose mother was intentionally killed because she clearly wasn’t an effete and vapid female like Kate Middleton for example is, and who will do everything she’s told to and that is expected of her in the line of a supposed duty in a hereditarily class infested as well as a deeply embedded racist Britain. Very much in marked contrast to who and what Princess Diana was and who wasn’t in the least prepared to or willing for that matter to put up with what Kate, whether she’s actually happy in this mafia style firm or not, will do!  And consequently as the commendably very independent and clearly compos mentis woman that she was Princess Diana had to be got rid of. This against the backdrop of the Daily Mail and other right-wing MSM voices and articles urging in either overt statements or in barely veiled terms speculating that the same as has happened to Princess Diana should or will happen to Meghan Markle. And you C***S call yourselves civilized and actually perceive yourselves as well to be members of some Master Race! What race is that? A bunch of suicidal lemmings?


Yet twats like you Angela Levin who like to proselytize, promulgate and vigorously beat your enthusiastic bogus, weaponized and anti-semitic drums when you’re no more Semites than I a British, Afro-Caribbean of Barbadian ancestry am, and in whose ancestral homeland Barbados, European Yids and specifically so Sephardic Jews initiated a highly profitable for them and several centuries long for their fellow Europeans a very lucrative money-spinning Transatlantic Slave Trade industry. I’m sure that you wouldn’t want to Angela Levin but I would encourage you to travel to Barbados and peruse, since you ludicrously call yourself a writer and a journalist, the well maintained contemporaneous archival records that are there and see for yourself, as many people from the USA, Canada and elsewhere do, quite a few of them academics, how these Sephardic Yids came to be in Barbados in the first place and how they started the Transatlantic Slave Trade.


Incidentally, the oldest synagogue anywhere in the Caribbean or the Americas for that matter is located in Barbados’ capital Bridgetown. A protected national Barbadian monument and as well a UN and UNESCO World Heritage Site. And if we N*****s - Blacks we call ourselves in case you didn’t know Angela Levin -hated you Yids even a fraction as much as you hate us, that f*****g synagogue  would long have been burnt down or blown up. But Barbadians, or Bajans as we affectionately call ourselves, aren’t in the least sick people, as your Yid lot, Angela Levin, and companion whites patently are!


And it accounts too for why the Lord Nelson plinth and accompanying statue, the oldest in the world and predate the London one by around 40 years totally paid for and commissioned by Barbadians is still standing where it was originally erected. The location where it still is, directly opposite the Barbados parliament buildings that date back to June 1639 and consists of the second oldest and continuous parliament in the world after the House of Commons. However, in 1966 when Barbados attained its sovereign independence after a total of 341 years of continuous association with England and subsequently the UK and during which time it independently bankrolled the English Industrial Revolution, it was the will of the people and the Government of Barbados that while the Nelson statue and plinth could stay where they were and had always been, the square they were located in from their outset and named Trafalgar Square would be renamed Independence Square; and that is precisely what happened.


So when someone like you Angela Levin who while detesting your mother who seemingly died naturally I suppose unlike Princess Diana, and you having this Electra abnormal thing with your dad but incredibly wanting people to nevertheless empathize with you while also hating your mum - yet readily empathize with the Markles when Meghan quite rightly has nothing to do with them and there’s substantive proof to support her stance but not in your Electra complex rant about your mother Angela Levin - it prompts in my mind the obvious question. If you can presumably be traumatized by your maternal experiences why shouldn’t Harry be likewise traumatized by his ghastly ones, including his mother’s murder and then afterwards  from such a tender age be forced to exist in one of the world’s most dysfunctional families; the so-called British royal family? Why you fantasist Angela Levin and not realist Prince Harry?


I don’t know of anyone among my average extended Afro-Caribbean relatives, close friends or associates, nor among my German equivalent, who are largely white, who’ve had so many divorces within their familial ranks as the British royal family has. Yet within this purported royal family it’s a common occurrence rather than an exception! And it’s ongoing too, as the chief clanswoman, 93 years old nonagenarian Elizabeth’s nephew as well as her grandson are both getting divorces of their own. Yet a sick Britain, and taking into account Andrew’s own odious problems which Elizabeth and Co as well as the British MSM are purposely ignoring in the hope that they go  away, while there’s no outcry from the manipulated plebeian masses, yet at the same all you demented pillocks, like privileged drug addicts on a high, readily wade into Meghan Markle whose only “crime” is that she’s Black and as the independent woman she is and with self-confidence oozing from every pore, she’s not prepared or is she willing either to put up with your virulently racist, and in a blatant state of denial, racist crap! Which in your twisted, white minds make Meghan Markle an Uppity N****r and an Angry Black Woman too! Well good for her, I say!


Besides from birth and throughout my Afro-Caribbean and specifically my Barbadian raising and upbringing it was instilled in me that respect is a precious virtue and consequently is also something that has to be earned. And it’s an ethical philosophy that I still attach great value to and always will do. So let me put this simple question to you. If Elizabeth and her lot instead of being the evidently privileged and entitled paragons that they explicitly see themselves as rather than the delusional, outmoded and dysfunctional prats that they largely are, were instead in the latter capacity neighbours of yours living on a council estate or even in your average suburban district and were behaving as they currently do and have been for some considerable time now, would you, in all honesty unless you were like them, be protecting their repellent behaviour? And if it’s quite okay for Meghan Markle to be mercilessly and unwarrantedly exposed to the glare of the press why is it one rule for her and another for Andrew? Other than who he actually is and his rather privileged status he would long ago have been questioned by the police either in the UK or be extradited to the USA, because the accusations levelled against him are very serious ones! Yet no such privileged treatment for Julian Assange whose crime was to publicly expose the numerous and monstrous war criminal activities of white western politicians and their corporate minders making vast sums of money off the barbarous slaughter of Global South populations!


Returning to the pertinent issue of respect that I raised earlier, you Angela Levin and the likes of Annabel Croft and these sickening surfeit of royal this and royal that prats ranging from so-called biographers like yourself to commentators and the rest of them and on whom irony in your usage of the word “royal” is completely and unsurprisingly to me lost and especially given your penchant for attacking Meghan Markle for saying what any intelligent person knows that the UK monarch or its government have no monopoly over that word or any jurisdiction over it either in relation to its general usage and particularly so overseas and away from the UK. Yet while so many of you want to have Meghan stripped of her, to me, useless royal title dished out by this pathetic 93 year old nonagenarian oblivious of the fact seemingly that this is the 21st Century and not some distant medieval era that she’s obviously happily ensconced in! And quite frankly who other than similarly outmoded pillocks, odiously sycophantic and absurdly inured  social climbing twerps care a fig about these useless and meaningless gongs in this century?


Now as an English specialist myself that has taught and lectured in English at every conceivable level I unapologetically suggest that you morons go and check out the true meaning of the word royal, and when you’ve objectively done so that your lot both seriously and sensibly ask if this 93 year old woman you slaver over and in the position that she’s in based solely on an outmoded concept and an utterly false premise of divine hereditary status has any right or authorization other than the one she presumes that she has to be doing what she’s embarking on and moreover to not only assert her subjective and stupidly advised monopoly on the word royal, while at the same time rather farcically banning other people she personally disapproves of from properly using it if they choose to. It is utter madness and rank stupidity both on her part and that of her toadying advisers and sycophantic admirers! And to my mind distinctly fostered by an idiotic and pernicious notion of a sense of superior entitlement on Elizabeth’s part and those that she obviously favours!


Principally this royal furore has much to do with the self-righteous and arrogant notion and its attendant belief that disrespect is being shown to Elizabeth by, of all people, a Black woman, Meghan Markle; and how dare this nobody, uppity N****r affront our divinely instituted into office, morally impeccable - quite ridiculous that perception - and naturally unchallengeable monarch? Well here’s my take on that one! No human being is infallible! And since I’ve never bought into this woman’s divine entitlement, invincibility or infallibility and never will unlike most of my fellow Brits who asininely, in my view, unquestionably believe that these and other risible characteristics are the sole preserve of hereditary UK monarchs and at the present time Elizabeth Moutbatten-Windsor. Well think what you want! That’s clearly you prerogative; just don’t try to dictate to me it’s a view I should share let alone one I must endorse!


Besides, it goes against everything I genuinely believe and have always acted in accordance with. Namely that respect MUST be earned and therefore accorded to, and when it is properly earned by the relevant individual or persons involved, not tendered automatically just because someone or their overabundance of toadies think that it should be given to whomsoever they decree that it must! And it’s self-evident to me that Meghan Markle who is no sycophant herself thinks the same way as I do. Not least so because as a Black woman in the white world of hard knocks, pernicious racism and the urgency of daily survival which all conscionable Blacks are familiar with, she instinctively knows what’s real and what’s fake; what needs to be genuinely done; and what needs to be ignored and avoided! And not automatically expect or arrogantly subscribe to the fallacious assumption, as Elizabeth Mountbatten-Windsor and most of her lot conceitedly do, and throughout their pathetic lives have always done, that their privileged birth and subsequent presence in this world automatically, as of right, excusably entitle and likewise guarantee them a sense of entitlement to whatever they crave or demand. A sickening prospect rapturously echoed by their many enamoured social-climbing adulators and weird sycophants like you Angela Levin and Annabel Croft!


The real problem and what accounts for much of the dysfunctionality in Elizabeth’s family is that she and her husband Philip have never been proper parents - and I don’t want to hear all the crap about her duties and the rest of it. This was a woman who had advisers, sycophants and all manner of staff to do her every bidding, including wiping her backside when she went to the loo. Something that still goes on! And what duties? She’s a hereditary and constitutional monarch, for god’s sake; not the Prime Minister or any elected official like an MP who has to at least pretend they’re doing something for their constituents if they want to get re-elected. So her job is and was always secure!


Moreover, cutting ribbons, chatting to the PM once a week about what he’s doing and shaking hands with public figures; heads of state of other countries; but rarely those of her hordes of unwashed plebeian subjects as she perceives them as and they in return appallingly love to accord themselves in relation to her for the relevant photo opportunity shake hands with, making absolutely sure that she wears those ludicrous gloves of hers - so outmoded - at all times to stop her precious hands from coming into flesh on flesh physical contact with those perceived inferior sorts that she’s condescendingly obliged to shake hands with, is hardly work in my estimation. And as for her giving relevant advice, being unbiased and also apolitical and acting sensibly when it actually matters, what a load of hogwash that is! Look at the massive “blunder” -  if you’re stupid enough to believe it was, which I don’t - she allegedly made when as a surreptitious Brexiteer she purposely allowed Boris Keymal/Johnson to quite illegally prorogue parliament. A decision that the High Court resoundingly overturned! Yet she wasn’t sanctioned for that, as any other head of state who was properly accountable to their citizens - but then Britons aren’t actually citizens but subjects - would most certainly have been. Rampant sycophancy therefore and the most odious and deeply entrenched obsequiousness at work by the UK parliament and the British public generally, or what?


The difficulty as any ordinary sane and intelligent person will readily see but the Windsors and other privileged white elites would not, is that they’re basically all the same when it generally comes to them having children and supposedly raising them. Since they actually have children chiefly to keep the “Firm”, in the case of the royals, or the family name as regards the rest of these people going. No different, essentially from each other, where once these brats of theirs are effectively dislodged from the recipient wombs that carried them, they’re then handed over to nannies and at the very speediest opportunity packed off to boarding schools so that their, in essence, fundamentally unknown to them biological parents don’t have the “onerous” task or responsibilities of being proper and genuinely loving parents to them; something that happens of course in normal families. And frankly, if you want my honest opinion, Elizabeth and Phillip were no different! And the best way to have a dysfunctional family is for those at the top of it to be markedly dysfunctional themselves. And you personally should know this Angela Levin if your horror stories about your mother have any credence at all about them and what’s more are to be rationally believed! Which to put it bluntly I don’t; arch-fantasist, in the mode of Carl Beech who is currently serving 18 years in jail for his odious fantasies, that you obviously are Angela Levin!


So why is it then, Angela Levin, perfectly OK for you at age 3 - the age you gave for yourself and is scientifically recognized as the Electra complex kick-in point - and what a load of bogus bullshit and disingenuous crap you were pushing in that utterly self-serving and pathetic Daily Mail article of yours about your now dead mother - to actually want to and also physically as well as psychologically break out of and away from your parental home because of the alleged intolerable situation that you were mentally subjected to and forced to live in and, furthermore, also expect intelligent and sane persons to both effusively empathize and sympathize with you, but when it comes to Prince Harry not so!


Bearing in mind that Harry whose trauma then and which still lingeringly exists as I honestly do believe it does because I’m a qualified psychiatric nurse who regularly dealt with people in those kinds of situations and you aren’t Angela Levin, and this long before I ventured into other worthwhile and voluntarily embarked on constructive professional careers: Royal Air Force, the Inland Revenue, Journalism, Marriage Guidance Counselling and other intensive advisory work; Youth Leadership and Athletic Training, notably at Wolverhampton and Bilston Athletic stadium when the latter was little more than a dilapidated outhouse with a rudimentary track - go and ask Tessa Sanderson if you want to check that one out - and all of them job engagements specifically designed by me and enthusiastically engaged in to better understand people, how their minds worked and therefore be better able to help them.


And all this motivated from my Grammar School days in Barbados where I had an exceptionally brilliant formative education which then and is still completely free throughout my ancestral homeland from kindergarten grade to university postgraduate level, and where all aspects of teaching and their attendant learning experiences for pupils and students alike are massively superior to what is still prevalent in Britain; and particularly for Black British kids in the UK is routinely most appalling subjected to white teachers/lecturers and administrators ingrained stereotypical prejudices and blatantly rampant racism!


Thankfully and forward-thinking it’s well enshrined in Barbados law that every child and adult of Barbadian ancestry regardless of where they were born can be freely educated in Barbados if they choose to do so and at whatever point they enter the educational system there and it will cost them nothing! And numerous British Barbadians have for several years now been sending their offspring off to Barbados to be properly educated in the warmth of a friendly and welcoming educational environment among close relatives and friends, and far away from the perniciously hostile one of the UK. So I’m not unique in that regard! And many American-Barbadians likewise do the same!


So having appropriately garnered these requisitely valuable, highly worthwhile and impressive skills and experiences in Barbados I subsequently became as planned a dedicated Academic who taught and lectured not only in Britain but notably in Germany, Scandinavia and Barbados when I became pissed off with the dumbing down of the British so-called educational system and didn’t want to be any part of it other than in a voluntary capacity, as I’m still doing of my own volition, setting up, organizing and being positively and progressively instrumental in very constructive extracurricular projects in order to assist those who had a bloody awful experience in the UK’s poor educational system and now wanted to improve their life’s chances. And it’s working quite well as I always confidently knew that it would! But in terms of any official sort of official education work in that specific or other regard, Britain is past history as far as I’m concerned. And why not?


Having successfully practised my skills in the regions and countries I’ve mentioned earlier; all of whom have exceptionally outstanding educational systems far superior to the consummately dumbed down one in the UK, and why it was that in utter disgust I quit Britain, as I didn’t want to be any part of something I thoroughly detested and which is exemplified by prats like you Angela Levin, it accounts too for why I’ve no regrets in the least about my actions. And besides, I have a far wider and a much more valuable experience of life generally than you ever will or could realistically hope to acquire Angela Levin; and the personal rewards that I’ve achieved were all by dint of merit!  for I always wanted to be and subsequently became a successful Academic, who not only taught and lectured In Britain but notably Germany, Scandinavia and Barbados; all of whom have exceptionally outstanding educational systems far superior to the consummately dumbed down one of the UK, and why it was that in utter disgust I quit Britain as I didn’t want to be any part of something I thoroughly detested and which is exemplified by prats like you Angela Levin! And besides, I have a far wider and more valuable experience of life generally than you ever will or could possibly realistically hope to acquire Angela Levin; and the rewards that I’ve achieved as a result were all distinctly by dint of merit! And moreover I was never or am I ever likely to be a crony, an advocate or a keen recipient of nepotism, or for that matter an aficionada of whatever personal and financial benefits are derived these days from the use of the proverbial casting couch!


One can’t have anything more dramatically highlighted globally and soul-destroying for a boy of Harry’s age then as when Princes Diana, his beloved mother, was tragically and murderously lost to him, yet you think his experiences must be callously and cavalierly trashed or, at best, sickeningly downplayed by you, of all people Angela Levin, who in your CARL BEECH type fantasist Daily Mail article of the 23 February 2020 you asininely wrote: “What on earth has happened to the old Harry?” Irony completely lost on you Angela Levin as you then pompously go on to subjectively identify yourself with the complete blessing of the Daily Mail as a “royal” biographer. All this amongst your thoroughly senseless, Yid and deeply embedded racist trope fears that “Meghan (Markle) has put a sliver of ice in his (Harry’s) heart. And prompts me to enquire of you Angela Levin, who put that sliver of ice in your own heart against your trashed, by you, mother - DADDY? Just asking!


To any sentient human being it shows what a loathsome, self-serving, twisted and racist b***h you are Angela Levin! Can’t say I’m surprised! For rather than constructively seeing Meghan Markle as having mutually with Harry embarked on a rescuing mission to release him from the very unbearable lifestyle inwardly suffered all those years by him but in marked contrast you, ably assisted and abetted by the Daily Mail, rather dishonestly and maliciously in your self-pitying Electra complex mode pathetically essayed to exploit, you additionally it seems prefer dog-whistle style to whip up and also consolidate your own sick and twisted racism against the Black woman that Harry, of his own free choice, married but in your entrenched racism Angela Levin is solely to blame for whatever twisted assumptions that you now have not only of Harry himself but his marital and loving relationship with his wife Meghan! A positive landmark for once in Harry’s troubled life but something that quite clearly is not good for purblind c***s like you Angela Levin! And to tear you senseless and sycophantic notion apart that Harry primarily encouraged by Meghan has insulted the 93 year old nonagenarian who runs the dysfunctional clan that he was so unhappy in is the most respected woman in the world; who by? Other Yids and sycophants across Britain like yourselves? Racists across the white run western world and their Useful Idiots like Priti Patel and Sajid Javid?


Perhaps you could courteously and also convincingly enlighten us Angela Levin as to whom these overabundance of global persons are, for I would indeed like to know; as well as establish the basis for your dubious assertions without you providing any substantial or irrefutable proof to back up you spurious affirmations! But laughable hyperbole was always a penchant for you Yids who are notably on record for saying: “Tell a lie and repeat it often enough and there are bound to be an overabundance of idiots who will eventually believe you!” Sorry to disappoint you Angela Levin but I’m no idiot! Nor am I that easily taken in by individuals who I know to be prime morons!


And what it really boils down to with your lot repetitively and rather boringly having your dig at Harry is that you couldn’t stand the notion of Harry seriously getting involved romantically with a Black woman and even less so the reality that he was going to marry her which he did! And all your racist tropes about him and Meghan hark back to when you perceived Harry to be the embodiment of the typical privileged white man. And in your particular case Angela Levin the epitome of the classic Stockholm syndrome woman working as you do for an outfit like the Daily Mail with its Nazi credentials, could it really be that the Prince Harry who had previously and long before he ever met Meghan Markle liked dressing up in Nazi uniforms, themselves emblazoned with Swastikas, and who then approvingly appealed to the likes of you Angela Levin, could give all that up for a biracial, African-American woman? Well he did! And it’s called growing up! But what does it say about you Angela Levin? Other than apart from being a repulsive, narcissistic, Electro complex fantasist, you’re decidedly also a f*****g racist sicko Angela Levin!


It's ludicrous to say with unsubstantiated certainty and then categorically and witlessly assert that the entire British royal family isn’t racist, but while arguably some of its members might not be that recognition of itself doesn’t not exonerate all of them; nor should it! A situation not dissimilar from one where family members are routinely brought up in a rather unkempt and a generally unhygienic environment yet it’s ridiculously expected and idiotically stated of them that they’re all of them respectively the epitome of ultra- cleanliness and personal hygiene. An affirmation that doesn’t many any logical sense, does it?


One thing, however, in all of this is and quite irrefutably so is that the British monarchy like its European counterparts is endemically and purposefully racist! For what else can one sensibly call a deeply entrenched hereditary system where exclusively only people from the same race uninterruptedly can and unchallengeablly are expected to be inimitably eligible, even within a multicultural society, for the hereditarily, monarchical  position of head of state as noticeably pertains in the United Kingdom? And where the conscious and premeditatedly planned process of birth, and nothing else really, constitutes and confirms unquestionably that individual’s so-called eligibility to be our monarch!


Realistically a head of state is meant to represent that respective nation and its people as well as symbolize its culture and values. Consequently in a diverse multi-ethnic country like the UK surely it is wrong to automatically deny this honoured and revered role of state to all but whites. And no matter how the defenders of the British monarchy spin, or try to, their narrative there is no escaping the glaring fact that the position of British head of state is open exclusively to the Mountbatten-Windsor family and their descendants. And this for generations to come! Yet incredibly this appalling situation excites no public outrage. Not even from those on the left; and even more sickeningly so professed anti-racists! The general British population then be its constituent members Tory, Labour, Lib-Dems or apolitical that see no cause for concern in the UK having a hereditary whites-only head of state. And quite loathsomely from their perspective think there’s no need for reform!


A state of affairs that throws up blatantly the true situation in the United Kingdom, and how class-ridden and perpetuated tradition; intensely ingrained privilege; and abhorrent obsequious deference still have a stranglehold on the British psyche, coupled distinctly in the 21st Century with a sick harking back to the supposed glories of a now defunct British empire that was itself epitomized by the British monarchy. A situation centred on the assumption that even the most ignorant, stupid, dissolute white Mountbatten-Windsor is infinitely more entitled to be head of state in the UK that the best informed, intellectually brilliant, cleverest and most ethical Black Briton!


Ingrained suppositions deeply held by institutionalized racist public bodies like the UK police forces, and most notably the Met Police, witheringly condemned by the Macpherson Report as such. And which while publicly and in that same vein, for nothing has changed at the Met since Macpherson, to the drum beat of right-wing rags like the Daily Mail, Sun and Express claiming that it, the Metropolitan Police, have neither the money nor the resources to protect the N****r Meghan Markle married to perceived by it rogue Prince Harry Windsor, the same Metropolitan Police can none the less readily come up with millions of Pounds Sterling to keep up its search for Madeleine McCann. This despite the fact that anyone with a modicum of common sense or a functioning brain in their head know full well that Madeline McCann is categorically DEAD, when her death occurred; and who is undeniably accountable for her murder. However, if you are white, your face fits or you have the right connections this kind of loathsome s**t is par for the Metropolitan Police’s course!


And how many other British kids have honestly gone missing and their mother fuckers haven’t been bothered in the least as regards what happened to them? But just like Stephen Lawrence, Meghan Markle is a convenient racist target for the Met! And how ironic too that in multi-ethnic London that the Metropolitan Police has jurisdiction for it unabashedly asserts that for the next foreseeable 200 years or so, the Metropolitan Police will still be the overwhelmingly predominant body it is today; because it’s unable to fill even its legally designated Black quota of police officers. Make what you will of that! The goddam institutionalized racists!


Finally, I’ll close with a pertinent remark by Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu: “It’s not the job of Black people and ethnic minorities to educate white people on racism perpetuated by white people. White folks need to educate themselves on racism.”


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Added on February 28, 2020
Last Updated on February 28, 2020
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