Let’s blame Meghan Markle for everything wrong!

Let’s blame Meghan Markle for everything wrong!





By Stanley Collymore


Isn’t it the most horrifying thing for Prince Harry to

do; turning his back on his royal family for a

half-breed N****r woman like Meghan?

How could he so barefacedly and appallingly

treat his universally loved and respected,

Queen granny with such purposeful,

mocking and cynical arrogance?

And what truly for? A woman

minus class, social breeding,

verified pedigree and also

of disputed intelligence?


Utter shame on you Harry for intentionally

wreaking such malicious calumny and

hard-hearted denigration, not only

on the total British nation that

once wholeheartedly loved

and fulsomely supported you as our manly,

dynamic and white-oriented, sensible

Prince, but most significantly so

as well our treasured Queen

Mum and the full British

royal family. And as I

asked earlier: what

distinctively for?


A transatlantic, nobody, American,

Uppity N****r whom no one of

any actual consequence had

hitherto and prior to you

dating her Harry had

never heard of, and

burdened with the

non upper-class

name Meghan?


© Stanley V. Collymore

29 February 2020.



Author’s Remarks:

The aforementioned sentiments in this poem are self-evidently not mine or will there ever be, as I’m a staunch supporter and admirer of Harry and Meghan and an enthusiastic advocate of what Harry and Meghan are very courageously doing, and will always be so. However, these rather barbed and malicious denigrations that I’ve purposely and appropriate used in this poem/ article are the distinctly sick, twisted, deeply-entrenched and racist positions of significant numbers of the white British population, and attendantly as well their non-white Useful Idiots quite noticeably, and for now while their usefulness is relevant, ensconced in the British Home Office!


Tropes now quite routinely trotted out to allegedly support their racist stances but essentially on the part of the MSM barons and the obsequious minions that work for them to make money out of their known, distinctly class-infested and inured lowlife plebeians by these right wing rags like the Daily Mail, the Express and Aussie prat, Rupert Murdoch’s personally owned but British located and likeminded racist rags. And for them any idiotic pillock will do!


Hence the British washed-up, ex-Tory and irrelevant former MP Ann Widdecombe, who with marked irony though this is transparently and totally lost on this 72 year old, white and hard-core Dyke, most hypocritically and self-servingly, in her malicious attack on Harry, an attack that to all intents and purposes was really directed at Meghan Markle, castigates Harry for the alleged disrespectful treatment of his purportedly “venerable” granny - give me a bloody break on that particular one Ann Widdecombe, doubtlessly for you and your ilk but not for me - Britain’s hereditary and in situ monarch - Ann Widdecombe’s rather emotive words not mine - and additionally the entire British nation and its discernibly mafia-style and run royal family; the last bit most definitely, fearlessly and quite unapologetically my words!


I caustically direct the word hypocritical at Ann Widdecombe, since we have a woman who is as hard-core a Dyke as Jimmy Savile was a paedophile, yet ostensibly avidly lauding a fantasy but supposedly perfect family life that she and her ilk neither care for nor know anything about! But, that rather expediently aside, it’s a most convenient platform, the pages of the Daily Mail, for this inured racist to viciously spew out her venomous and all-inclusive, deeply entrenched, white supremacist views that she’s always lived by and wholeheartedly cherish, at what she undoubtedly perceives in the case of Meghan Markle, and specifically on her race, as an Uppity N****r unpardonably daring to enter the distinctively precious and, furthermore, by divine commission, British royal family!


Actions on Meghan and Harry’s joint part it’s perceived in Ann Widdecombe’s sick, twisted and Dyke infested mind, that she asserts will most certainly shorten the life of this transparently pathetic, 93 year old, and privileged all her life, nonagenarian. To which I categorically say: “Completely up yours Ann Widdecombe! And that too of this 93 year old female narcissistic, nonagenarian, hereditary family mafia-don that you instinctively and obsequiously worship!”


However, in distinctly marked contrast I rather do like this appealing and sensible comment from a correspondent in Manchester who wrote and I quote: “Meghan Markle has made Harry a real man who courageously stands up for his own family from a dictatorial monarchy. Well done Harry! And thank you substantially Meghan for the beneficial and inspirational role that you lovingly played in this!”


Thank you Jorico, from Manchester. I couldn’t have put it better myself!


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Added on February 29, 2020
Last Updated on March 2, 2020
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