You’re not white Meghan Markle! So how can you be a Duchess or even a Princess?

You’re not white Meghan Markle! So how can you be a Duchess or even a Princess?





By Stanley Collymore


The words of a female, white supremacist working as

a cleaner at Boots the British chemists; but words

believed and echoed ad nauseam by many of

her white kind throughout the length and

breadth of Britain. Namely that Meghan Markle

according to them isn’t a Duchess, can’t be

and, therefore, won’t ever be a Princess

says this British white woman, who

when asked to expound her own

definition of a princess simply

couldn’t give a convincing

one other than to say that Princesses

like Princes and all monarchs are

born with the right pedigree

granted to them prior to

their Holy birth by

God Almighty!


A divine affirmation that also guarantees that they

have the proper skin colour, which is always

and incontestably white Caucasian and

therefore not infected with impure,

debased and verminously contaminated,

adulterated blood whose origin will

most certainly, as in the case

of the likes of Meghan

Markle, be clearly



Could she, herself, as a white woman be

a princess then? “Surely!” was her

rejoinder. Hurriedly adding:

“But I don’t want to be

one as we’ve plenty in our British royal

family who’re already, as is naturally

for them, doing an excellent job!”

So why then would Meghan

Markle, this woman was

asked want to be? She

isn’t British, doesn’t

claim to be and is


an American!


And what’s more from a country whose culture

and national constitution don’t officially

endorse a monarchy or perpetuate,

and certainly not in the 21st

Century, the lunacy of a royal family whether

by popular assent or the delusional one of

divine, hereditary consent! So wasn’t it

just hypocrisy, jealousy and racism

combined to viciously single out

Meghan Markle in this way.

Racism has nothing at all

to do with it this absurd

woman re-joined, as

Blacks aren’t like

us who’re white

and Caucasian. Something that

every white person knows

but, so far, with Blacks

hasn’t sunk in with

the lot of them!


© Stanley V. Collymore

3 March 2020.



Author’s Remarks;

In previous articles that I’ve written I’ve unapologetically and forthrightly with convincing, unchallengeable and confirmable arguments made my views unequivocally clear that in all respects, bar one, I absolutely loathe Winston Churchill, and with very justifiable reasons. My thorough detestation of this most loathsome man stemming exclusively from who and what he actually was..


However, having scrutinized him most meticulously, and even though I am not an eugenicist, have never been or am I ever likely in a million light years to be, Winston Churchill’s deeply and passionately held views in this individual regard particularly towards substantial numbers of the white British subjects, as he saw them, I can’t help but avidly wish that he’d managed to implement his eugenicist programme, and in full, across Britain.


For had he done so, the overabundance of middle aged and elderly white scum that currently infest Britain wouldn’t be alive nor would the predominantly b*****d offspring of nameless fathers that they routinely produced, and who like the vermin that they are simply contaminate everything that they come in contact with.


Germany during the Nazi era was a nightmarish place to be in, just as contemporary and 21st Century racist, Fascist and Nazi Britain likewise is. Loosing World War II was an eye-opener for Germany and enabled its citizens to properly and honestly come to terms with reality, as well as their demons and in the process of doing so become the realistic nation that they are.


A delusional Britain, or a dysfunctional United Kingdom as I see it, having kidded itself that it won Europe’s Second Internecine War labelled vaingloriously as World War II, - when in effect it had bugger all to do with the rest of the world, - and had it not been for in excess of ONE MILLION Indian, subcontinental armed forces, hundreds of thousands of BLACK African and Afro-Caribbean armed forces, millions of Russian who also died in that war against Germany and a belated USA whose own armed forces weren’t all-white as many of you sickeningly believed, Britain would have had its a*s thoroughly kicked in by Germany and Edward VIII would have been replaced on the throne of the UK. That was the plan and the agreement he had with the Third Reich.


But you mother f---kers don’t learn! But then how can you when you’re the epitome of what lowlife is and is actually all about? Before he died Winston Churchill confidently stated that his eugenicist ambitions will ultimately come to fruition in the United Kingdom. And he was spot on with that.


And now that the clown Boris Keymal/Johnson’s Fascist and Nazi regime is in situ and with Dominic Cummings at the helm of it, even though rampant and deeply-ingrained eugenicist Andrew Sabisky may supposedly have gone, he hasn’t actually done so. And is very much in the background coordinating his eugenicist plans. Good luck to him I say, against all you idiotic lowlifes and categorical turkeys who voted for Christmas! Too stupid to realize that there is nothing special or superior about you and that you’re just lemmings being manipulatively used.


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Added on March 3, 2020
Last Updated on March 3, 2020
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