It doesn’t have to be truthful to be believed!

It doesn’t have to be truthful to be believed!





By Stanley Collymore


What’s repeatedly said and even avidly proselytized and

propagated doesn’t have to be truthful to be readily

believed. And, as such, not unusually the more

nonsensical, far-fetched and lying that the

information being spread is, the more likely it is to

be seriously and unquestionably believed and

therefore accepted as the truth. That’s how

extraordinarily gullible the plethora of

intellectually challenged, obviously

educationally dumbed down and

distinctively, for the most part,

white Caucasian and visibly

thick-skinned westerners

quite transparently are!


Too fixated with either their ridiculous notion of

an inherent, and solely through coincidence

of birth, white privileged entitlement.

Or else as fawning plebeians and likewise too

as biological members of the same white

Caucasian ethnic group of ostensibly

human beings; inevitably on this

basic principle alone, believe

themselves, in their rather

sick minds and perverse

thinking as justifiably

to be automatically

deemed amongst

Nature’s mortal

creations as a

Master Race!


© Stanley V. Collymore

4 March 2020.



Author’s Remarks:

Tell a lie, and even a barefaced and implausible one often enough, the argument runs, and there will always be enough unthinking idiots who’ll eventually and rapturously believe it.


If in doubt of this assertion on my part, then I suggest you have a serious and quiet word with the moderators, so-called, of readers’ comments sent in to purportedly mainstream newspaper rags like, for example, the Express, Daily Mail, Sunday Mail, Observer, Metro, the Spectator, Daily Mirror; the Sun and certainly all of the other Rupert Murdoch’s owned rags in response to the multiplicity of continuous and intentionally fabricated and published fake news, as well as the premeditatedly lying stories which they all of them maliciously but, rather cunningly as well, industriously publish in their money making endeavours at your expense.


Knowing full well that they have, and will continue to do so, an overabundance of dim-witted morons like you, too daft to even know what an umbrella is for, to keep on bankrolling them.


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Added on March 4, 2020
Last Updated on March 4, 2020
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