Families aren’t always what they publicly proclaim themselves to be!

Families aren’t always what they publicly proclaim themselves to be!





By Stanley Collymore


Families, as general familial expectations go and

typically societal endorsements will concur,

are essential elements in the unfaltering

sustainability of a recognizable and

generally accepted society, as well as a civilized

environment all round. And, in English terms,

pound for pound, aren’t just an appropriate

and fundamentally an assured means  -

all trepidations of cuckolding either

premeditatedly or impulsively so

discriminatingly put aside  - to

be pertinently engrossed in,

vis-à-vis the hereditarily

transmission of  one’s

genuinely proven or

even expressively

assumed genes to forthcoming

generations of a distinctive

familial tree that one is

naturally inclined to

share biological

affinity with.


But also a cause for convincingly ensuring, in

distinctly amiable circumstances, the kind

of edifying camaraderie, bonding and

supportive empathy, which in the

responsive minds of practically everyone

concerned does fully establish what

a perceptible family is and most

unquestionably in the  proper

circumstances ought to be.


But expectations, often for various and similarly

valid reasons, don’t always materialize into

concrete realizations, and consequently

quite naturally can invariably cause

huge disappointments to not only develop and

adversely mature; and should these not be

applicably dealt with and appropriately

mended can subsequently, because

of mindless or haughty incaution

on either side but typically the

dominant and leading family

entity’s part, lead directly

to far more and huger problems. Or in

terms of that familial relationship

a never-ending vexation; and

in a worst case scenario,

even an inevitably,




However, whether that last position materializes

or not it’s equally unquestionably as well as

unchallengeable that the sole decision of

those directly and personally involved

is for them to eventually decide what is the best

resolution for them. And, therefore, since it’s

their personal lives that are expressly and

emotionally embroiled in this domestic

and familial affair, which essentially

and non-debatably to all sentient,

sane and logical persons ought

to other than themselves be

of no interest whatsoever

to anyone else. So why

then the sordidly prurient, malicious,

continuous and a fixated curiosity

commonly in Prince Harry and

his wife, Duchess Meghan;

other than the customary

white superiority and

a similarly instilled

and methodically

vile, racist one?


© Stanley V. Collymore

5 March 2020.



Author’s Remarks:

None of us had any choice in who our parents let alone our family members would or should be. However we each of us, assuming that we’re not as dim-witted as the overwhelming majority of the British white population and their Asian Useful Idiots are, have the inalienable right to make our own decisions regarding who we fall in love with, reciprocally wish to marry in a mutually loving relationship as man and wife, the children we have or choose not to, and basically live our lives as productively, morally and beneficially as we assiduously essay to.


And no one, not the British newpaper rag barons, their manipulative white plebeian scum or anyone one else for that matter has any right to interfere in any of the aforementioned. So my heartiest congratulations to you Harry and Meghan! My best wishes for you both and Archie and, as I’ve previously stated on other occasions, you’ve made the right decision!


Harry, Meghan and Archie forever! British racist, white scum and their assorted fellow travellers never!



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Added on March 6, 2020
Last Updated on March 6, 2020
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