In Britain’s allegedly royal family hypocrisy is very much alive and flourishingly well!

In Britain’s allegedly royal family hypocrisy is very much alive and flourishingly well!




By Stanley Collymore


The 93 years old nonagenarian who officially but in practical

terms theoretically controls this assiduously mafia-styled,

distinctly hereditarily run and, at heart, an inherently,

yet ironically, commercially operated outfit as she’s avidly

grown quite accustomed to doing since 1953,

 and despite whatever numerous, wilfully

constructed, acutely proselytized and

rampantly promulgated lies out

there that are connivingly and

fervently circulated by

unctuous so-called palace courtiers, equally

absurdly termed and risibly self-important

prats ranging from purportedly

royal toiler cleaners

to their likeminded ilk

of nepotistic

pillocks and

moronic cronies employed

by and robotically

working for the ultra-right-wing, fascist,

neo-Nazi and principally the

British MSM and

their inveterate,

racist dailies.


All of them diligently striving in order to effectively

counteract the otherwise well-perceived and

sensibly deduced conclusion, which

these reprobates and immunity

free felons either must know or should do,

that their supposedly indomitable

queen, and for whom typically

in their deeply ingrained

and consistently


class-conscious fawning, whether of

upper-crust cuckolding origin,

unwashed and ruthlessly

manipulated plebeian

standing, or simply barefacedly,

sycophantic and self-serving

social climbing, and to

whom most idiotically

these assorted and

obnoxious toadies

accord her all sorts

of superhuman

and even




Is in actuality a mere mortal woman; and not a particularly

judicious one it would seem! Who routinely

for her, in her hereditary capacity, is

brought decisions to approve

that customarily she has neither

participated in the conclusions contained therein and

arrived at by others; nor which themselves

preceded the moulding of the opinions

that are then presented to her for her patently

ill-informed signature by a collection

of incompetent, untrustworthy,

 treacherous and absolutely

unaccountable to anyone

other than

themselves for


duplicitous actions, palace courtiers!

And if you: who are

rather evidently obsequiously

British and fellow nasty,

fellow traveller clowns, didn’t

know this before, is

not at all the standard

conduct of any


royal or




Charles, moreover, doesn’t help matters either!

Essentially, all things considered with him,

an average decent man

of sorts, he nevertheless emphatically

gives the impression

of being on a perennial gap year while

patiently and stoically

waiting to become British

monarch after his mum has gone.

Thus fulfilling for him an unhealthy and

fixated lifetime desire to finally be able to wear,

metaphorically, that noticeably

tainted but, all the same for him,

much coveted




But old habits run deep! And in the manifest

and glaringly obvious absence of all

genuinely loving or a truly


interpersonal relationship with him and

its attendant upbringing, or more aptly the lack

of it, on the part of both of his parents

other than the stage-managed,

controlled etiquette and

accompanying matters

of lacklustre

protocol to do


either the all-precious, hereditary family

firm Charles was essentially

and rather inescapably

turned into a






One whose overall adult behaviour in conjunction with a discernible lack

of proper empathy with and the requisite appropriate understanding

of the real needs of his two sons as a parent are themselves, when

closely examined, clear failures. And unsurprisingly, therefore,

totally indistinguishable both in substance and character

from the miserable ordeal that he himself has all his

life suffered, in one way or the other, at the

hands of his mother and father!


Charles as a personal favour to Harry did graciously step

in and partially walk Meghan down the aisle on

her wedding day when her own father, crying

wolf over a fake heart attack after his

surreptitious shenanigans

with the paparazzi were discovered

and rather predictably

like the cowardly



b*****d that

Thomas Markle Snr is,

he naturally did

a runner. But even so Charles

is a man utterly devoid of

personal courage and genuine resolve.

And no more so, as is unambiguously exemplified

in his mortifying cowardice towards

his son Harry and daughter-in-law Meghan!

Though not amongst the cleverest

Of persons around Charles,

nevertheless, is not a

stupid man and, as

such, knows perfectly well the real reasons behind the

concertedly venomous and wholly unwarranted

vilification of Harry and Meghan by the

British MSM, but aimed

specifically at



And is best summed up, despite the boringly repetitive,

utterly unconvincing and rather far-fetched

delusional denials by those involved

in this utmost unforgivable

escapism of theirs, which is rampantly characterized

in the thoughtless behaviour generally that

primarily stems from the UK’s

population of mindless, middle-aged,

empire loyalists, the senile elderly and conjointly in all

of this their grotesquely fixated preoccupation

with all things obsequiously royal and

pathetically class-based. And

conclusions amply


up in the words, as

they strictly pertain to Meghan,

of loathsome misogyny,

thuggish bullying

and noxious



Yet Charles, his mother and elder son: the three key figures

in this antiquated hereditary firm, intentionally do

absolutely nothing in terms of rendering

any moral or public support to Harry and Meghan;

obsessively hidebound, as that appalling

self-serving trio are, by their

conceited egos; neurotic, single-minded and fixated

pecking order in this rather 21st Century

outmoded hereditary entity that

they’re still compulsively

obsessed with; and their

collectively and

quite twisted determination not to be

naturally outshone under

any circumstance whatsoever, in the minds,

affection and overall estimation

of the British population

and by hook or crook

the global one as

well, by Harry

and Meghan.


The British royal family is an anachronistic relic of

the past but not to Charles, his mother or

his son William, who were they not

in the white and extremely privileged positions they are

in, would in a truly meritocratic society or

country and on the basis of their

obvious lack of outstanding

abilities alone, find it

exceedingly hard to land a truly

meaningful job let alone one

which carried such great

influence and, for

them, the usual



© Stanley V. Collymore

10 March 2020.



Author’s Remarks:

Meghan Markle in marked contrast and in addition to being Black is an accomplished, smart and a capable woman who has productively worked and supported herself. And her husband Harry is characteristically a dynamic individual with tremendous potential; and far removed from his brother William who to me is personally as dull, useless and ineffective as entirely dispensed with dishwater and far less entertaining than watching paint drying. And what this William, the anecdotal and purported bed hopper doesn’t understand is that there are types of women who are compulsively attracted to men not because of their looks, charisma or their intellect but because of the influence they have whether it is earned or comes hereditarily. If in doubt William have a quiet word with those in Westminster who although their jobs don’t come with hereditary strings, substitute for the latter cronyism and nepotism! If you get what I mean William!


And while the right-wing rags always refer in their articles concerning Meghan and Harry to their palace and other sources, it’s not rocket science to work out who exactly are peddling these salacious, untruthful and venomously lying stories about Harry and Meghan especially. And it’s a fair bet I would say that the primary sources are those most connected to wearing that hereditary, British crown. The Terrified Trio as I describe them. Petrified of Harry and Meghan who by sheer charisma, indefatigable magnetism, intelligence and the unadulterated awareness that it’s the 21st Century we’re living in, not some antiquated one where absolutely risibly, the current reigning monarch has the potatoes on her dinner plate all scrupulously measured to ensure they’re the identical and to her skewed and very obsessively characteristic thinking, the correct and same size. As a trained psychiatric nurse, that is undoubtedly to me a classic case of neurotic compulsive behaviour.


So Harry and Meghan had to be put in their place or else be forced out. And what better way to ensure that this Terrified Trio got their petulant way than to anonymously brief the MSM, either themselves or through their obsequious and crony courtiers. Harry and Meghan though thoroughly cognizant of what was and still is going on chose, as all intelligent persons would, to leave. A decision that I wholeheartedly endorse!


For why would they want to stay in a family of poor leadership; denies them all vestiges of support; have their staffs collaborate with Harry and Meghan’s abusers; and consistently set out to dim Harry and Meghan’s lights. And as I see it, when you work in a firm that is toxic because of poor leadership, leaving is always the best action!


For apart from William’s puerile, odious and envious of his younger brother Harry’s charisma, charm and dynamic inspiration coupled with the natural effervescence, spontaneous warmth, outstanding confidence and conspicuous intelligence that Meghan spontaneously oozes and in marked contrast to the effete and vapid nature of Kate so keen on becoming his consort that she will put up with his purported bed-hopping treatment of her, while he carries on using her as his broodmare doormat to ensure that the hereditary line - for what it’s actually worth and for how much longer I wonder, remains his biologically - William in any comparison vis-à-vis Harry, as far as I’m concerned, would be just as asininely in comparison vis-a-vis athletic terms or any other positive role for that matter, an unctuous and downright repulsive Nigel Farage, Piers Morgan, Eamon Holmes, Useful Idiot Sajid Javid or the similarly odious and treacherous House N****r Trevor Phillips, when it comes to Usain Bolt!


But even more sickening than them, and that does take some doing, is the behaviour of Charles. Who for more than 20 years had a very close and personal relationship with the former Bishop of Lewes Peter Ball, who in 2015 was legally convicted of sexual abuses against some 18 boys as well as associated acts of paedophilia! A loathsome state of affairs that throughout Charles both strongly and publicly defended his exceptionally close friend, absurdly and unbelievably claiming rather dishonestly, barefacedly and most lyingly, none of which I don’t think was or would have been believed by anyone with a functioning brain in their head and who knew how to objectively use it, that he was unaware of what his pal Peter Ball was up to and doing. Yes Charles! And there are massive snowfalls annually for six months of the year in Barbados! And while on this topic let’s also not forget that you likewise had a close friendship with Jimmy Savile, who you are known to have invited socially to Buckingham Palace.


But some unctuous prats did believe your twaddle regarding Peter Ball for this supposed bishop only got 32 months in jail, which would have been more like 32 years if this paedophile was a regular plebeian one. Similarly no ragingly outrageous or vile comments either to the Daily Mail in relation to what this man has done, and in that regard all quiet on this paedophile front.


Yet while happy to publicly defend repulsive paedophiles Charles there was unmistakeably no such forthcoming solid support for Harry and Meghan in the face of all the unwarranted and distinctly vicious, malicious and racist bullying they were consistently subjected to. Could it be that Meghan and Harry were feared, and still are, by you, your mother and elder son William as the charismatic figures that they are who would, without even trying to, but instinctively all the same publicly and massively steal your much vaunted but utterly tarnished and ludicrously divine, hereditary positions; and you couldn’t let that happen.


Harry and Meghan don’t want to be King and Queen of Britain and aren’t that stupid to assume that they would assume those roles; they just wanted to be the natural 21st Century individuals that they are and realistically behave accordingly, not have themselves stuck in not even one but several bygone centuries, which you Charles, your mother and William are certainly and seemingly inescapably ensconced! Hence William’s concentrated breeding programme with Kate to ensure that this effete and vapid broodmare of his provide all these children. Victoria did the same, then married off her brood to all the royal houses of Europe and it was the infernal jealousies between them, and most notably Germany and Britain that led to Europe’s two major internecine wars vaingloriously referred to by your lot as World Wars I and II; and that white Britons love nothing better than asininely and nostalgically celebrating as they recurrently fantasize about their delusional achievements in these utterly barbaric escapades, when in over-all realistic analysis and effect, and totally distanced from the sick and twisted fantasies in most white British minds, these loathsome European, internecine wars honestly had bugger all to do with the rest of the world! Which, nevertheless and altruistically for the most part, saved yours and Britain’s rather sorry and pathetic assess on both occasions from certain defeat at the hands of the Germans! And was essentially nothing more than: A family (Victoria’s hereditary brood) at war!


So what does that say about you Charles? Most happy to defend paedophiles, even convicted ones, but not your daughter-in-law Meghan from some of the vilest racism, misogyny and toxic bullying levelled at her and your son Harry? But I guess with the perverse and sick mind-set of yourself, your mum and William paedophiles, of which I’m sure there are many in the palaces’ employ, don’t steal your thunder as you feared Meghan and Harry were doing but essentially, instead, for your sort rather enhance your own perverted sexual predilections!


So from me personally: “Up Yours The Terrified Trio Of Harry and Meghan!” And on the plus side, well done Meghan and Harry; and do give my unstinting love to your adorable son Archie!


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Added on March 10, 2020
Last Updated on March 11, 2020
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