The Eton indoctrinated Queer Nicky Haslam who says Meghan Markle is frightfully common!

The Eton indoctrinated Queer Nicky Haslam who says Meghan Markle is frightfully common!





By Stanley Collymore


The only truly committed acts and with any real

purpose that this all of his sick, twisted and

loathsomely perverted life and still rather

effusively embarked on by him with

élan in his recurrently pathetic and demented

octogenarian years by inured and serially

compulsive and odious Queer Nicky

Haslam, is the exuberant and keen

ramming of his urgent penis up

the clasped bums of hapless

paedophile preys or other

deviants as himself and

relatedly having the

same done to him!


Buggery in Britain that was previously outlawed for

centuries until it was eventually decriminalized

in 1963 and not until 2003 was legitimized

in the United States; yet on numerous

occasions and preceding to these dates in both

countries this absolutely nauseating Queer,

Nicky Haslam wasn’t just excessively

but was also sneeringly breaking

the law over here in Britain

and also doing the same

over there in the USA.


And the depraved and economically self-serving,

sexual pimp that unquestionably he always

was, and still is, Nicky Haslam, who

has never done an honest day’s work in his sordidly

pathetic existence, fervently made sure that the

spurious endeavours he laughably engaged

in as occupations were always financed

by others, until these extraordinarily

wealthy Queer dilettante friends

of his initially awe-struck by

his infamous, class-based,

Eton College background, got utterly

sick and tired of Nicky Haslam’s

sponging off of them and both

hurriedly and determinedly

immediately got rid of

and cut their former

dealings with him.


All of them except Charles, Prince of Wales,

with whom Nicky Haslam has had this

enduring and unchanged personal

relationship, even after Nicky

Haslam’s idiotic, intemperate and venomous

remarks about Charles’ own daughter-in-

law Meghan Markle. And stimulates

the obvious and pertinent question

with all solicitous, independent

and astutely thinking persons,

would Prince Charles have

been so likewise taciturn

if comparable remarks

by obnoxious Queer

Nicky Haslam were similarly, or

instead of Meghan, focussed

specifically at his other

markedly white and

UK, daughter-in-

law Catherine



© Stanley V. Collymore

16 March 2020.



Author’s Remarks:

It’s a known and seemingly to some an accepted fact of life that those whose personal lives are notoriously, even if clandestinely so, not worthy of any sort of commendable scrutiny are nevertheless invariably the very ones who are most apt to be scathingly critical of others whose lives: professional as well as private, are completely above any kind of reproach.


And this is no more so apparent than in the case of the odiously inured Queer and loathsome paedophile Nicky Haslam, who with appalling and breath-taking impunity granted to him on both sides of the Atlantic, namely in Britain and the United States, was allowed to routinely and illegally contravene the buggery laws of the United Kingdom as well as the USA, and quite ludicrously as a so-called socialite even applauded, by his upper-crust, class-infested and social climbing Queers and the newspaper rags and magazines that cater for them, for boasting about what he was doing.


And all this because of his perceived upper-crust and Eton College background, where apart from buying your supposed education, which in essence is basically non-existent, pupils there can be assured of a good grounding in Queerism!


Revelations by Nicky Haslam - omitting of course his deeply-ingrained paedophilia as there’s no statutory limitation on acts of paedophilia either in Britain or the USA and self-evidently this rather odious Queer wasn’t going to deliberately incriminate himself and risk spending time in jail, where he should have been anyway - that included his intense Queer-relationship with Anthony Armstrong Jones who would subsequently go on to marry Princess Margaret.


Sickening that! And there is no indication from Nicky Haslam whether Margaret knew of her perspective husband’s Queerism. But probably did as Nicky Haslam was and still is a close friend of the so-called British royal family. I use the adjective sickening since it was really Group Captain Peter Townsend that Margaret was passionately in love with but all efforts by her to marry him were blocked by the senior gang members of this mafia-type royal family because Peter Townsend was a divorced man. Nothing doing there love she was effectively told but, of course, you are quite at liberty to marry this Welsh Queer Tony Armstrong Jones.


And this has been the abominable state of affairs throughout this sick, twisted and depraved family that rather delusionally thinks it’s in situ because of some divine acclamation. But why I’m even writing about Nicky Haslam is that he’s a particularly close friend of Charles, Prince of Wales, and what’s more has had the sheer audacity to describe Meghan Markle as “typically common” and even went as far as to loathsomely berate the wedding dress that she wore at her wedding. And did Charles intervene in any of this. Not one f*****g bit. Andy more than his mum and William or any of the others in this sick and utterly dysfunctional family come out in support of Meghan in the wake of all the racist, sexist and bullying castigation she has been subjected to. And what for? Being African-American and having the audacity to reciprocally fall in love with Prince Harry.


Contrast all that with the measures put in place to safeguard Andrew and William whose particular sexual predilections are now widely known. And from my perspective prompts the obvious and pertinent question. Why isn’t Charles likewise under close and objective scrutiny about his Queer and paedophile friends? Jimmy Savile had the full run of Buckingham Palace and the other palace; visited Charles there on numerous occasions and Charles even wanted him to be HARRY’S godfather; but Diana, Harry’s mum, and who was the only one among this royal lot from the queen downwards who fulsomely enthused about Jimmy Savile, and that included the palace courtiers (most of whom are perverts themselves) and staffers, though Jimmy Savile was “creepy” and wasn’t under any circumstance having him as Harry’s godparent. Thank God for your perspicacity Diana! Even so Jimmy Savile’s perverted sexual exploits were not only know in palace and establishment circles but also widely welcomed.


Then there was Charles similar queer (as in odd) relationship with Peter Ball the paedophile C of E Bishop of Lewes and Gloucester that Charles has a relationship with for in excess of 21 years. And this ongoing relationship with Nicky Haslam. And my response to this, and the cowardice that Charles, his mum, William and the rest of them have shown as regards Harry and Meghan, and even during Meghan’s pregnancy says a lot about their perversions and in the minds of all intelligent people the commendable nature of both Meghan and Harry.


If any Black man or woman was cavorting with and over a number of decades with known drug pushers and traffickers that individual would be labelled as one of them. So how the hell can Charles, his mum, Andrew, William and the rest of them cavort with people of questionable integrity and are still regarded by a bunch of white lowlifes masquerading as human beings as the best thing since slice bread.


My honest opinion to all this is that Harry and Meghan you’re well out of it. And directly to Meghan I say this: If Harry wants to maintain contact with some or all of his family let him. But distance yourself from this toxic entity, and any invitations you get, which won’t be genuine but are acts of self-aggrandizing to falsely portray to a dim-witted UK public how magnanimous they are - for what I’d like to know - tell the senders of these invitations from the 93 year old nonagenarian mafia boss to anyone else to stick their invitations up where the sun doesn’t shine. And distinctly keep Archie away from them. Life’s too short to waste valuable time on people who can’t render any genuine help when it’s necessary. So why bother with them.


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