Callous selfishness, cynically touted as altruism!

Callous selfishness, cynically touted as altruism!



By Stanley Collymore

Hello there all you self-isolating and royal
highnesses - not forgetting, of course, 
the fulcrum of it all: your controlling, 
nonagenarian, Mafioso leader, 
decades long in the job and, 
still clearly, is redoubtably 
of the impregnable notion while likewise 
ensconced in her earnestly perceived, 
and not only by her but equally so 
her multiple legions of fawning 
sycophants and quite risibly, 
credulous and dim-witted 
plebeians, given demi-
goddess repute and 
oafish, Dark Ages 
accreditations, to 
bestride what's 
evident to all 
but them is 
the - 21st 

A genuine but sadly too a despairing 
greeting from us the calamitously 
underpaid but still massively 
overworked care workers, 
who are nevertheless 
hypocritically and 
deceivably too 
both publicly and nationally, and most 
deceitfully by you as well, your royal 
highnesses, and the rest of your 
perniciously likeminded British 
establishment that insolently 
evil-mindedly, calculatedly 
and hatefully surcharges 
the principally overseas 
and crucially essential 
non-white personnel 
serving in the NHS: 
were they or their 
families, health-
wise, to make 
critical use of 
services, for 
which they 
have paid 
in tax for

and comprises the same NHS that 
the evidently sickening lot of you, 
disgusting and as the revolting 
reprobates you transparently
are - notoriously hereditary 
as well as the vehement brownnose 
and toadying kind - ostentatiously,
pretentiously; conspicuously in 
your attention seeking, self-
aggrandizing and grossly 
devoid of variety public 
relations aspirations 
position, are most 
barefacedly and 
quite cynically, 
on Thursday 
evenings at 
8PM duplicitously in your 
self-righteous and very 
tawdry exhibitionism 
favouring on these 
same despised 
care workers; 
of all things,
a standing

But seriously why should any of you
fawning Brits care; living out, as 
you patently are, your pathetic 
lives through the purported 
but, in reality, fantasy and non-existent 
achievements of your perceived and 
divine, social betters? Not least so 
two principally and grossly over- 
privileged parasites taking to 
condescendingly lecturing 
you on everything under 
the sun but which they 
rather unsurprisingly 
have no experience
or put bluntly any
enlightened kind
of involvement
whatever and 
embracing a
so similarly
non working ethic - cowardly
hiding out from the Covid -
19 virus in their affluent 
20, 000 acres and 2nd 
home, Sandringham 
estate; the size of 
Manchester and 
bursting with a 
superfluity, of
servants and 

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
23 May 2020.

Author's Remarks:
So much wealth, so little work (if any at all); so many patronizing and clearly not knowledgeably-based opinions to idiotic, gullible, class-entrenched and fawning, self-debasing and of little self-worth (if any at all) morons like you; and with so much hereditarily-deluded sense of entitlement! 

The most unexciting, non-enthralling and, quite predictably, dangerous place that any mentally liberated, highly intelligent, well-educated and sensible Black person - regardless of whether or not that quite exceptional individual is, in effect, the similarly dauntless Meghan Markle or someone comparably like myself, unhesitatingly we'd everyone of us instantaneously and intentionally embark on doing our very utmost best by every rational means at our disposal, so as to eschew not being or ever consciously becoming any part of the utterly sick, thoroughly twisted, dementedly paranoid, outrageously supremacist and correspondingly delusional fantasies, impressions and warped opinions of white Caucasian minds! 

And Meghan Markle - God eternally bless and protect her - fully cognizant of all this and as the highly intelligent, well-educated, modern, and with a consummate pride in herself, inspirational and both self-empowering as well as the self-empowered African-American lady that she unquestionably is - unequivocally in her actions, telling the lot of you robotically manipulated and controlled by your perceived social betters, utterly dim-witted and educationally challenged, glaringly envious, social-climbing and institutionalized racist lowlifes what you can literally do with yourselves - has quite unsurprisingly to those of us with cogent and fully functioning brains in our heads, unsurprisingly exemplified this procedure remarkably well; and accordingly and highly commendably has acted as she's done to the cheers and approval of all of us her enthusiastic supporters! So from us and her - Up Yours! As it must be pretty galling to be so obsessively pre-occupied with someone and her supporters who don't give a toss what you cretins think of Meghan Markle!

So get used to it! For Meghan Markle is incontestably millions of light years ahead of you jerks - vainly striving to be human beings and massively failing in your pathetic endeavours to be so - in everything that she does; and that you, even in multiple life-times and collectively so, can never attain!


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Added on May 24, 2020
Last Updated on May 24, 2020
Tags: Fawning, stupidity, classism, racism, hatred, ignorance



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