Just piss off, you bloody useless, foreign interlopers!

Just piss off, you bloody useless, foreign interlopers!



By Stanley Collymore

How ignorant can on get? Idiots
claiming to be indigenously and
exclusively white Angle-Saxon
descendants of this island
called Britain, when
irrefutably they're
nothing of the

And, furthermore, with irony
completely lost on these
morons that the real
Angles and Saxons were
Germans; the very people
these lowlife cretins have an
intrinsic distaste for and a deeply
embedded, vile hatred against.
But who ever said that white
Britons weren't, or aren't
especially in the 21st
Century, presently
and recurrently
rather dumb?

The uncompromising truth
is that most of these very
braindead pillocks who
are either the class entrenched
supporters of verminous
nepotism and toxic
cronyism or else
the fawning, sycophantic
plebeians of a 21st Century,
vastly outdated, a hugely
over privileged, Dark
Ages and utterly
quite useless
system -

Are, in essence, persons that
in bastardy-driven Britain,
who haven't a clue of
their real biological
origins; in tandem
with those who
for generations have fled the
pogroms meted out against
their kind within mainland
Europe, Russia and most
especially the Ukraine;
and literally saved their
pathetic asses by fleeing to
Britain and more especially
England, which they now
asininely want to claim
as their indigenous
homeland! Totally
daft and insane!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
7 July 2020.

Author's Remarks:
White Britons have a lot of demons they need to battle with - but utterly sick to death of these people as I have been for several years I shan't be wishing them any luck or good wishes in tackling them, as it'd be a complete waste of time, intellect and energy on my part doing so. For these people are too bloody stupid to recognize far less so deal with their intrinsically mentally sick and a discernibly entrenched delusional state of denial in relation to what they're actually doing and the monstrous and invidious harm that their actions are causing to others.

Activities that will inevitably destroy them I'm sure; and frankly from my personal perspective the sooner that occasion arises - and by any means applicable - the better for all concerned I say!

Regrettably there is a preponderance of white Brits, across every segment of this increasingly cesspit entity called Britain - from the manifestly over privileged pinnacle of this verminously contaminated structure to the very bowels of its dimwitted, hugely educationally challenged and sickeningly, obsequiously fawning plebeian serfs to the aforementioned toffs and their associated useless monarchical layabouts - who self-evidently think and also firmly believe that their obnoxious behaviour is to be admired, lauded and under no circumstances be either criticized or morally challenged!

While literally going out of their way to unwarrantedly, with impunity and immunity, unwarrantedly hurl abuse at and deliberately make life as vitriolically uncomfortable and malevolently toxic for others who don't think or act as they do; don't belong to the same race as their own, or share the same skin colour!


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Added on July 9, 2020
Last Updated on July 9, 2020
Tags: Stupidity, delusions, hate, racism



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