Kate makes us proud? No!  I suggest you aim higher Arna of Toronto, Canada!

Kate makes us proud? No! I suggest you aim higher Arna of Toronto, Canada!



By Stanley Collymore

The principal questions that
you fawning intellectually
challenged and crucially
dim-witted serfs like Arna should be
asking themselves and significantly
too endeavour to supply intelligent
answers to, literally assuming, that
they're simply capable, of doing so,
which is highly unlikely; are these.
Why did Kate Middleton, blatantly
intentionally alter, her specifically
confirmed university choice, from
Edinburgh University unilaterally
to St. Andrews University to aptly
tally with Bill's acceptance there?

Then distinctly took a gap year
from university to precisely
and effectively, coincide
with William's own chosen gap year;
on top of which Kate then embarked
coincidentally sceptics would risibly
say on the precise course as William
then rather characteristically, spent
her entire university years and also
continuously afterwards, following
William everywhere really causing
even that host of right-wing rags to
quite laughably, and appropriately
as well class her as Waity Katie for
her outrageous, wilfully virulently
tenacious and incessantly stalking
capabilities while most essentially
specifically doing fittingly nothing
with her intellectually challenged
History of Art, Degree - I ask you?

Hardly in the real realms of
genuine academic studies
is it? That also distinctly
coupled, with Kate's innate laziness
and her rabid unwillingness to find
work and generally get a job, spoke
eloquently about her lazy, basically
useless and self-entitled, character.
But ultimately stalking and tireless
waiting really paid off with witless
Bill, though it took him an extra 10
years really, on top of those earlier
ones, that he was usually shagging
Kate to somehow, quite effectively
realise that he'd so spontaneously
fallen, rather hopelessly deeply in
love, with this blissfully, unaware
to him of the several years, of her
stalking him and, undestandably,
desperately wanted to marry her.

The avid social climbing diva,
very widely known as Kate
Middleton, later openly
dubbed by the same rightwing
media as the Duchess Doolittle
through her aversion to work,
had ultimately, got her foot in
the door and as such had also
formally then become a quite
generally and essentially also
evidently par for this specific
course the clearly customary
unquestionably, also useable
as basically needed Stepford
Wife broodmare. Which, for
Kate would be in the realms
actually, of the Saxe-Coburg
Gothe-Mountbatten equally
too, the Windsor monarchy.

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
28 May 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Some obviously like and are quite in their state of mind very amenable to fawning over and even idiolizing their so-called royal family. Other folk don't  however intelligently behave this way. Therefore, in the marked absence of a democratically held referendum to determine once and for all whether or not Britain should retain its unelected and hereditary birth right monarchy or actually get rid of it, here's a reasonable and logical compromise.

Those taxpayer that want to retain the monarchy should be statutorily made to pay for it while those who don't want to shouldn't have to; all this essentially accompanied by a legal register where everyone 18 and over would state their preference on this matter. This would be to forestall the prime jackasses in Britain and who infest it with their vile presence from wanting a monarchy but not wishing to fork out financially for it and with rather severe legal penalties, financially as well as actually including imprisonment for those who break the law!

Since I personally don't understand at all how taking money, as is currently the status quo at present, from the poor who might well be considerably so anti monarchist, in order that these actually unwarranted, very distinctly privileged "toffs" can live an overly extravagant lifestyle, is totally unacceptable in this day and age!

And for what purpose actually? Even Diana openly admitted in a televised interview that projects are designed to make "royal spouses" appear busy, as without them, Diana emphatically went on, there would be nothing for them to do.

And while asininely pontificating about Kate Middleton and her positive effect: positive or otherwise on those who're actually living in Britain; have you ever thought of ascertaining what your vile effect and presence in Canada is having on its genocidally murdered and quite barbarically dispossessed Indigenous Canadians, Arna. I thought not! So why don't you and your odious lowlife sort ask them?


Author's Note

As per previous works.

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Added on May 30, 2023
Last Updated on May 30, 2023
Tags: Stuidity, hypocrisy.



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