King in name; King consort in reality to his adulterous, mistress Queen!

King in name; King consort in reality to his adulterous, mistress Queen!



By Stanley Collymore    
Hierarchically as well as hereditarily    
you were designated from birth    
Charles Windsor to be the    
arbitrary heir, of the British monarchy:    
a prince of the realm, actually around  
whom you and actually likewise, your    
own family, everything which there is    
of significantly great importance has    
to revolve unstoppably; but evidently  
obviously, with no identical empathy    
that's created for or else dispatched  
towards those essentially perceived  
effectively as the usual commoners,    
serfs, peasants or puerile plebeians    
crucially by yourselves and likewise      
any of your obviously privileged kin.    
So how then and rather realistically    
too in God’s Holy name: exactly the    
same Deity that you, your sort, and    
those that very gullibly believe you,  
continue to obviously significantly,    
and likewise distinctly tenaciously    
in such distinctively unconvincing    
circumstances simply still adhere    
to this clearly nonsensical idea of    
a monarchy, quite permanently in    
Britain and firmly unquestionably    
as well as morally and fittingly, in    
place through divine approbation.    
A monarch of Britain to be readily  
sycophantically worshiped and    
likewise fatuously idealized    
by you and similarly also your family  
members and friends and on whom    
it must always be proudly prevailed    
upon unceasingly that every British  
monarch is in situ by the divine will    
and corroboration of God Almighty.    
Well now you know if basically you    
didn't before! But if you're dubious      
of this, because quite indisputably    
you've evidently, an astute brain in    
your head, that you often and also    
rather sensibly employ to logically    
sort quite questionable things out,    
you won't then think I take it much    
less so, conscionably believe that    
any of this ridiculous chicanery is    
either undeniably so intellectually    
right or even scarcely steadfastly    
sound or vaguely generally moral.    
A basically intolerable situation    
made wholly implausible by    
your vilely contemptible,    
unapologetic behaviour Charles, itself  
similarly rather contemptuously so to  
those still enduringly, moral elements  
within British society. Behaviour quite    
pre-planned, and purposely contrived    
in your knowingly disgusting adultery  
totally aware from the outset of what  
you'd quite deliberately embarked on    
what the very obvious overriding dire  
consequences brazenly, consciously    
and simply egregiously orchestrated  
through your assiduous, cooperative  
participation Charles, but essentially    
malevolently engineered by your vile    
and odiously evil mistress, evidently    
so, with her own distinctive designs    
on being the true, successor Queen    
of Britain, literally after Liz Windsor.    
And having ruthlessly played the    
patient waiting game and with    
both Diana and Dale "Kanga"    
Tryon: Charles' wife and other serious  
mistress, both dead within months of  
each other and quite clearly in similar    
mysterious circumstances; the stage    
was now aptly and intransigently set,    
for the still Windsor in name only but    
basically unquestionably so in reality    
the indubitable advent of the Parker    
Bowles dynasty. A new queen as you    
obviously clearly wanted Charlie boy    
but evidently, not that bright enough    
to sensibly discern what that Queen    
that you so arrogantly and distinctly    
elevated to her now legally held role    
within the British monatchy actually    
very painstakingly essayed over the    
years, of your relationship together,    
to usurp your position as King after    
you'd acquired that role; manifestly    
then irrefutably become the actual    
power, distinctly behind the British    
throne, which very unquestionably,    
Camilla  most certainly in addition    
to her status as Queen undeniably    
is! And very crucially demotes you    
Charlie boy from the UK's reigning    
monarch and once its obsessively    
waiting kingly heir, to undoubtedly    
what he's now irrefutably become.    
The very billionaire and privileged  
husband of a fellow adulterous    
spouse who played him like    
a fine tuned piano and sequestered    
what from the start and throughout    
her long game endeavour what she  
always really longed for, her role as    
the Queen of Britain and that of her    
used adulteror as her King Consort.    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
29 May 2023.    

Author's Remarks:    
And the true majority British population, their overseas genocidal, convict inured kin and crucially at home again likewise their Coconut and House N****r clearly Useful Idiots, love deluding themselves that Britain is not simply quite distinctly the rather solid, 21st Century country it actually is, but is likewise too a staunch democracy!    
Dream on; and keep taking the tablets!    


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Added on May 30, 2023
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