Ken Livingstone - this great and deeply admired Hero of mine, and other normal folk like me!

Ken Livingstone - this great and deeply admired Hero of mine, and other normal folk like me!



By Stanley Collymore

Whether you fulsomely agreed
with, or oppositely scathingly
attacked him, Livingstone's
political views, that in any half decent
democracy, such as Britain obviously
is, you're especially and undoubtedly
actually very legally entitled to freely
and openly do so; and whatever any
respective politicians really avowed
political persuasions irrefutably are,
those essentially, literally pertaining  
to Ken Livingstone and significantly
aptly throughout his active political
years were clearly distinctively and
crucially unquestionably, a staunch
reminder of a political figure with a
really undeniably, obviously robust
and an unimpeachable moral fibre.

And quite evidently also, a man
with a similarly matching and
obviously too, an undeniably
significant, thoroughly unquestionably
appositely enthralling charisma, quite
naturally literally fitting for someone
like Ken, who undeniably essentially
was himself significantly, markedly
impressively and quite impeccably
erudite; so staunchly meritocratic;
and a naturally very approachable
person. Someone who assuringly
and altruistically very confidently
stuck to his fittingly well thought
out, very impeccably ingeniously
universally commendable ideals.  

Ken Livingstone then who, quite
epitomatically, professionally
became the clear, earnest
and fervent standard bearer irrefutably
of what undeniably, genuinely honest
and distinctively, honourable politics
should really be all about; obviously
set the benchmark, by which vitally
not only local but likewise national
politics would be aptly scrutinized
and objectively judged! All literally
and significantly determinedly the
characteristically, unquestionably
skilful endeavours discernibly of
one great man - Ken Livingstone!
That honourably never permitted
himself, either to be gratuitously,
or else self-servingly, influenced
by anyone or earnest avaricious
financial gain. Something, really
and appropriately for which Ken
Livingstone was, still is and will
always very resolutely, by every
sane and honest, conscionable
British person, be lastingly and
respectfully, fervently admired!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
20 September 2023.

Author's Remarks:
What really has Ken Livingstone's politics to do with his ill-health, you fatuously braindead ignoramuses with your ill-advised nonsenses, which you pass off as comments? Malevolently and egregiously scoring cheap, obtuse and discernibly irrelevant points in the aforementioned context of Ken's clear and current illness; and similarly also, someone approaching his 80s! Such grotesque idiots you evidently are who pathetically fail to see that such crass behaviour and actions don't make you bigger or better persons, but quite honestly, simply irreversibly does the exact opposite of what you asininely are hoping you'll be achieving!

And in case you distinctly intellectually challenged morons haven't cottoned on yet, or by your sick attitudes never will, we're all of us supposedly human beings who should earnestly aspire to generally, genuinely and conscionably, helping each other during our actual and respective individual life time, quite short as our general time frame here on Earth invariably is!

Personally, I don't agree with just about everything that hard-core Conservative voters and politicians are mentally and even avariciously financially signed up to, but as a thinking, Labour voter for most of my adult life, there were, and still are, aspects of Labour's political policy making, previously by the likes of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and now the current leader of the Labour Party and Tony Blair's subordinate Keir Starmer, which are irreversibly abhorrent to me.

However, my grandparents, parents, elders in my biologically extended family; my teachers at all levels of my formative education, as well as my priest, The Reverend Father Edward Gatherer, at the Anglican Church in St. Andrew, Barbados where I and all of the aforementioned regularly attended services - and who sadly passed away very recently, God rest and bless his soul - jointly as a requisite part of my crucial upbringing, as an enforcedly British born person but unquestionably and intelligently so a cultural Bajan - to the uninformed that's the terminology which we Barbadians affectionately apply to each other - gratefully, between themselves, familially and societally, brought me up, as they likewise did with others, to respect others and their differences. Something which I've resolutely done, in tribute to them and equally as a measure of my own personal and human development, throughout my life. Something that you hateful sort might perhaps care to take cognisance of and inject into your own feckless, spiteful and hateful lives. But that sadly is your problem; not mine!  

In conclusion I wish very much to extend to Ken Livingstone: a man I deeply admire, always have done, and thoroughly respect, my very best wishes. Assuring you committedly that my thoughts and fundamentally best wishes are solidly with you, your family members and close friends. God Bless You All!


Author's Note

As per all my previous works.

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Added on September 21, 2023
Last Updated on September 21, 2023
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