A British sense of fair play according to US immigrant Boris Kemal-Johnson!

A British sense of fair play according to US immigrant Boris Kemal-Johnson!



By Stanley Collymore    
Born in the USA and the holder    
of American citizenship;    
Boris essentially of    
white Turkish origin, is an immigrant    
to England, where characteristically    
he exclusively lives, but effectively    
quite hypocritically hates genuine
immigrants to Britain, that clearly    
alas for them in the sick mind of    
this boring and also supposedly    
human being, with his generally    
evidently, distinctly malevolent    
and solidly egregious baggage    
are effectively, unquestionably    
non-white quite ethnically and    
undeniably too in complexion.    
Yet all of the aforementioned    
essentially synchronised too,    
with Boris clearly sickeningly    
proselyting himself also as    
this archetypal, English man,    
very successfully, conned the    
gullible surfeit of toxic serfs    
across Britain that basically    
think like Boris, to really put    
him into No.10, as naturally    
the clown PM of the United    
Kingdom of very risibly GB!    
Not bad going for a serial adulterer,    
proven pathological liar, a skilled    
malfeasance in public office    
operator and a sociopathic womanizer,
whose undeniably, distinctly obviously
Turkish Ottoman grandfather was the
determinant instigator, who generally
successfully and most self-servingly    
in his principal role as Chief Advisor    
to the Ottoman Emperor clearly got    
that ruler to rather literally, formally    
and quite obviously openly declare    
war in sympathy with Germany, on    
Britain during World War 1. Oh the  
sweet irony of this that your Boris  
whose undeniably very privileged  
upbringing was as a direct result    
of the multiple millions evidently    
quite dubiously acquired, during    
his Ottoman Turkish tenure and    
patently rather adeptly hoarded    
by quite that same grandfather,    
would undoubtedly ridiculously    
truly become the PM of Britain    
where he's a ruddy, immigrant!    
Now that same Boris thinks it's    
only right, that Britain should    
obviously disperse tens of    
billions of Pounds Sterling annually in    
helping its USA ally, to rule the world!    
Quite natural, innit? A toxic collusion    
to essentially destroy countries that    
do not bow down to them and quite  
significantly also, if these countries
effectively have valuable resources    
that the USA and Britain, criminally    
want to get their acquisitive hands    
on; colonialism still ongoing in the    
21st Century, and rather profitably.    
And in return for Britain's naturally    
avid brownnosing sycophancy to    
this undeniably always naturally    
eager school playground type bully the
USA; the latter will clearly, distinctively
and rather appreciatively from across    
the immense expanse of the dividing    
Atlantic Ocean that simply separates    
the two of them, literally significantly  
and crucially most effectively even if
pompously so give very supportively    
in return huge favours, like awarding    
the UK a free trade deal. Oops sorry;    
they haven't and simply won't! What    
a truly toadying shame! Never mind    
all you fatuously, really sycophantic    
and despairing for all sentient Brits,
irrefutably noxious, deplorable, and    
vilely racist calamitous Borisesque
Brexiteers, stoic UK must carry on!    
(C) Stanley V. Collymore    
24 September 2023.    

Author's Remarks:    
What a loathsome shame that so many of you rather asininely vainglorious and actually just as equally repulsive in that equally undeniably and unquestionably so characteristically similarly distinctly delusional state of yours as the pretend Britons you proseltyse yourselves quite falsely as, when in actual fact you're so very simply discernibly the incestuously inbred descendants of those, who aptly sought refuge in Britain: quite obviously a country that you actually crucially had no cultural connections with previously, nor, obviously significantly, hadn't made any financial, or other vitally significant contribution, quite distinctively towards its development, either previously to or subsequently to Britain's emergence as a global empire.    
Yet the continuous rivalry between not only yourselves but the very persistent antagonism with your neighbours over the centuries led multitudes of you to abandon your own homelands and as such seek refuge in Britain, which you were usually given; with the last major such mass evacuation undoubtedly by yourselves being that of World War II! Yet as a people who persistently quite like to questionably rather ludicrously portray yourselves as being ongoingly and unjustly undone, when financially and in numerous other instances that narrative is easily and incontrovertibly readily and truthfully debunked and as such you're societally and privileged wise quite immeasurably better off by far than the indigenous Brits who you erroneously, and very dishonestly too, like to earnestly, postulate yourselves as, as you additionally contemptuously and arrogantly look down your noses with evilly, vile disdain at present day refugees and immigrants, exclusively non-white, quite desperately seeking justifiable refuge in Britain invariably and likewise incontestably as a direct consequence of Britain, the USA and NATO's warmongering against their distinctive countries and essentially attendant with that the systematic, malevolently egregious exploitation routinely of these peoples' countries.    
But they're clearly not white Caucasian as your privileged refugee sort are and therefore their fate doesn't matter! And while we're at it, you think, why not get rid also, of all non-whites in Britain; as none of them belong here! What really have their kind ever done for England, Britain or the UK? Seriously, if you have to ask that pals and evidently with your background history, you really need to be in secure mental institutions. Sadly however, Margaret Thatcher, together with her Tories, got rid of them!    


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As per my previous works.

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Added on September 25, 2023
Last Updated on September 25, 2023
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