Gawain And Galadriel

Gawain And Galadriel

A Story by Colossus

The meeting of two hearts seeking only love and happiness. My best work I think

Once there was a knight who guarded a well.
All his life he had walked alone, bereft of love and companionship.
For although his heart was true and his mind keen he could not attract a woman.
All saw him as ugly, or poor, or too plain, or as a dullard..
Now at midlife, the lonely knight began to despair.
Yes, he had been with a few women in shallow beds of playful youth.
Yes, he had been in one relationship for a few summers before he understood that she could not understand nor return that love which he wished to impart.
And so he ended his one relationship because it was one of convenience and not love.
And so he spent his days in adventure and the Quest for True Love.
He questioned his Quest for Love, for while others had gained riches or fame or valor through war he had only suffered the indignity of rejection and solitude.
He had spent his youth traveling to and fro looking only for a lady fair, who's heart sang true as his own, and who's faithfulness was natural like his.
He did not understand why none saw him as he was, knightly and true.
His accomplishments were many, honorable warrior, hard worker, skilled in many vocations and a mind of genius, and heart of humility and love.
In war a Lion, in peace an Eagle, in lust a Satyr, in love a Knight.
And yet none would have him or even give him the chance.
Perhaps he was shy. 
Perhaps he was shy because all his life he was simply rejected before they even knew him.
He had wished so desperately to find one as a companion throughout the struggles and joys of life but it seemed not to be.
Now he guarded a stagnant well at a crossroads far from any town, his only duty to stand by and guard the well so weary travelers wishing a drink could slake their thirst.
Many times bandits would come and try to defeat the knight and thus take the well for their own and extort payment from others rather than giving freely this water of life.
But none could defeat the knight or stand against him, for such was the might and skill of his arm and the bravery of his heart.
And then one day a woman came to the well astride a mare of notable breeding. 
She was plain clothed and a veil covered her face and hid her hair.
As was his custom the Knight came forward, kneeling, bowing his head, and offered to draw the water for her.
"My Lady, may I draw the water for you?", his voice hollow as he spoke behind the visor of his helm.
"Yes, you may brave Knight, thank you." was all she said, her voice cool like a bubbling brook as it flowed over the rocks of a mountain stream.
The Knight's breath caught in his throat as he heard her voice, his heart fluttered if only a small amount, tears formed in his eyes, and he quickly tried to compose himself.
He knew her voice though he had never heard it before.
Without looking at her he did as she bade, lowering the bucket and drawing water to fill her large skins which she had removed from her horse's saddle.
Soon enough he was done and again knelt before the Lady.
She looked at his scratched, dented, and pierced armor. 
Once shining with dawn's light, and now tarnished with clouds of darkness and woe.
As was her own raiment.
There on his helm she could just make out a worn symbol. 
A Centaur firing an arrow of light against the darkness with a mighty bow.
"Sagittarius," she whispered to herself, trying to hide her growing excitement.
"My Lady?," the Knight questioned, for he did not hear what she had said.
"What is your name sir Knight?" she asked, her voice betraying a slight tremor.
At this question he remained silent for many moments, for it had been long since anyone had asked his name or since he had even spoken his own name himself or heard it cross the wind.
"Ga-Gawain, of the hinterlands, my Lady,"
Her breath now caught in her throat and her eyes grew moist but the Knight could not see it behind her veil.
"I am Galadriel, sir Gawain, of the fair wood," was all she said.
He did not know her name but knew the pang that hit his heart at it's speaking.
He tried to swallow, his throat now dry.
"May I serve you in any other way my Lady?"
"Yes, raise your visor noble Knight so that I may see your face."
Again her voice shook him and he hesitated for many moments as he fought to control his emotions.
Finally he stood and raised his visor so that she could see his face.
She too raised her veil and smiled at him, her eyes alight with mirth, as one who sees the breaking of the storm clouds fleeing the coming sun.
"Brave Knight it seems you wear a mask of stoicism and sadness even behind your armored visor?" she giggled playfully, though a single tear marred her smile as it fell alone into the dry road.
She walked toward him and as she did so he again knelt before her.
Tears now flowed freely down his cheeks for in that instant she had smiled he had seen into her heart and knew of the blossoming love there that was only for him.
"This armor you wear is not to protect your body, but to wall up your heart against all the solitude and rejection that you have come to find in this world. Is it not brave Knight?"
"It is my Lady," was all he could say.
She reached down and took his hand, pulling him up from his kneeling position.
She looked deep into his eyes then.
He blanched at her stare and tried to look away, his emotions making his face contort with all the sadness and despair he had felt all his days.
He had faced innumerable dangers and had stared unflinching into Death's face many times. 
But yet her fair glance stole his heart and shook his world.
Now he openly sobbed silently, and she too began to cry.
Their sobs were not only of the sadness they had both suffered, but now of new found happiness and the promise of what was to come. 
For their love was as the rising of the morning sun when it's brilliance and power banish and destroy all evil and thoughts of defeat.
She placed her gentle hand against his turned cheek, hot with tears and lined with the weariness of life, and made him again look into her eyes.
"I am, and always have been, for you," he whispered.
It was all he could say.
"And I for you, my love," she cried as her heart poured out to him.
She kissed him then.
And in that kiss their hearts collided and sang an ancient and rare song.
A song of devotion, of undying loyalty, of perseverance through all storms, of friendship and happiness, and of true and abiding love
The long fought for and sometimes disbelieved Fable had now come true. 
Now they would share the joy of each other as it was meant to be since the Creator, in His wisdom, had made each for the other.
He gathered her into his arms and they held one another, there beside the well at a crossroads far from any town. 
They held each other for a long time, and kissed and cried without shame or sadness. 
They cried in joy and love for each other, and for the days ahead when their love would grow as the tall blue flowers do in the early days of Spring.
Now they strode hand in hand down the long road, and talked about many things, and of the shared dreams they would forge with their love.
And often they would again hug each other, and kiss, and kneel upon the dirty road in each others arms, and openly cry and give thanks to the One who had granted them this solace. 
For their joy could not be contained nor their hearts assailed as long as their sun shined and the road opened before them.

The End

© 2013 Colossus

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Added on February 24, 2013
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