Knight Errant

Knight Errant

A Poem by Colossus

The lonely Quest for her...

What is it?
So painful a thing, this life-long search for the one companion, a soul-mate to love and cherish.
A yearning, a hunger that goes unfed, a thirst unquenchable.
What does it mean when all you ever want is that true love and yet it seems fate and chance conspire against your every wish?
The agony of solitude reverberates like thunderclaps striding the mountains of despair, a weeping of the spirit so long without ebbing.
How to fathom the spires of time and distance that were lost or must be crossed to find the key that would allow entry into the halls of where you are?
For her I would take any chance, face any foe, overcome any obstacle, break any rule, cross any defile, mount any mission, and soar to any height or depth.
For what is a flame, no matter how strong, if it only burns alone, it's light surrounded by darkness.
What feat must I achieve, or danger must I encounter, to only fall at her feet, a knight's promise unspoken?
But, no, I have looked and not found, I have sought and yet not seen, for love flees from me as smoke curls away into the wind.
If then this is my sentence, to always know only the pangs of loneliness, then shall I stand here forever, in the bottomless pit, a man unrecognized and unwanted, yet shall I stand and wait, for her...

© 2011 Colossus

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A very beautiful poem... Very deep. I hope you find her some day.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Added on September 26, 2011
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