Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone

A Poem by Colton Warr

An experimental piece about what I've been going through. My whole life I've moved city to city. It undoubtely takes a toll...


Rolling Stone   

There once was a man, 

Young and untamed by nature 

A man destined to be damned 

One in search of a savior

There once was a man, 

Charming and handsome by the grace of God

Time slipped from him, he could feel each grain of sand

Wandering in wonder, they cry “he is lost!” 

There once was a man,

Looking, nay, longing for something real

But even the purest could not understand 

And so from them, he would always peel

There once was a man,

As hardened as the stone that lay upon the earth

She reaches out and says “take my hand”

But he rolls on, “she would never have my weathered worth”

The wicked winds whirled him through life

A man in a state of constant strife 

With every piece he leaves behind, to the heart, a knife

For, broken relationships he has a rife 

And what stormy nights weigh upon his shoulders?

Is it the fear of being seen as a pebble and not a boulder? 

Is it the fires of passion between her and him beginning to smolder?

Is it the notion that all he is getting is older? 

Don’t get too close, 

They try, almost 

Don’t ask him what he knows

Don’t ask to hold his heart,

Don’t touch what has froze 

His most vulnerable state has always been the prose 

His greatest temptation has always been balancing out the lows

But I digress, 

I’m a mess 

Inside my chest 

And in my mind

There is no sense 

How many humans must I leave behind,

Before I scare away the rest? 

From Love I should take a break, 

From anything close I should be banned

I want too much from these humans, 

I want love to be grand, 

But I’m only getting older, can’t you see the silver strands?

Lost at sea, looking for land 

Although the ground shifts, 

Upon my own two feet I will stand,

But, my Rose, I am only just a man

If I ever reach out and take your hand,

Just promise you’ll never let go

And if you do, oh no

.....and so the Stone rolls. 

God save him, 

Or maybe she can try, 

For he is a Rolling Stone

Too good at goodbyes... 

© 2018 Colton Warr

Author's Note

Colton Warr
Poetry is constantly reshaping. We find "our poetry" as we find "ourselves." Let me know what you guys think! More words soon...

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Sounds like a man whose eyes are too old...who feels too much...who leaves nothing of himself because he gave it all away...he is but a stone....that being said...the only thing other is maybe making a break when you change person...from he to I instead of leaving the stanza away a better transition.p.s. ive know this man, i was this girl...we must put our feet to the ground and be still to grow roots.....

Posted 4 Years Ago

Colton Warr

4 Years Ago

I am very happy that you were able to relate to these words, Queenie! And your interpretation is spo.. read more
sounds like he is so caught up in rejection that maybe he don`t want to take a chance

Posted 4 Years Ago

Colton Warr

4 Years Ago

That very well could be the case, my friend. I appreciate you resonating with this one a bit. Thanks.. read more

4 Years Ago

you are welcome
Rolling stones can be women too. They must want to be saved.
"God save him,
Or maybe she can try,
For he is a Rolling Stone
Too good at goodbyes..."
I liked the complete poem, the above lines were my favorite. Thank you Colton for sharing the amazing poetry.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Colton Warr

4 Years Ago

They absolutely can be women, my friend. That’s one of the things this poem kind of toys with. Doe.. read more
Coyote Poetry

4 Years Ago

I always enjoy your work and you are welcome my friend.
Hard hitting, raw and tender, sweet even and slightly innocent in some ways. When you see your vulnerabilities as a human being and moving from pillar to post so often and then in relationships. Never wanting to fully trust someone in case they hurt you or just use you as a few examples. Who can blame you? When you are so used to moving. Felt your woes and pains, and upsets. As well as just wanting to feel so-called normal whatever that is in life. I guess just to be settled and safe and secure in a nice environment and to have that special person in your life as well. To make the emotions feel stable and more secure.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Colton Warr

4 Years Ago

I’m glad you resonated with this. It has been something I have become numb to, almost. And I didn�.. read more

4 Years Ago

Listen Colton, anytime. Drop me a line. If you need a chat. Or want to express yourself over somethi.. read more

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Colton Warr
Colton Warr

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