I only wish

I only wish

A Poem by Comatose

Yay for inspiration ^^


The petals of a welded flower,
Do not look sweet for fair.
The feathers of a perished swan,
Do not linger upon the air.
The years and the seasons,
Pass by faster each day.
And the minutes on the clock,
Swiftly tic from June to May.
I’m unable to count the times I sat alone,
My cotton shirt drenched with tears.
The fading of once cherished friends,
And my dreams laden with fears.
But whenever my eyes rest upon you,
My heart skips a beat.
My nerves convulse upon themselves,
My soul feels so complete.
I smile more with each passing day,
For no other reason than to see
Those skillful sanguine curves,
Smiling right back at me.
Even now, as I sit here within the dark,
Striving to find words unknown
The intoxicating touch of your fingers,
Lingers warmly upon my own.
I only wish I could find the words,
The phrases, the syllables,  the nouns.
I only wish I could truly express my love,
I wish my fingers could write it down.
But it seems no matter my struggle,
I always ebb away from the elucidation I seek.
Always thinking of the right things to say,
Yet never knowing the right words to speak.
So these trivial little rhyme schemes,
I’m afraid will just have to do.
To try and describe my happiness,
And convey my eternal love for you.

© 2016 Comatose

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:3 I love you

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Twin Falls, ID

I write poetry and stories, which is obviously why I'm on this site. I just want some good criticisim and other people's thoughts on my writing style, simple as that. more..

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