A Tale of Time

A Tale of Time

A Poem by Comatose

Rain's drizzle shrouds green fields,

And tiny flowers of white dance,

Glowing throughout the night.

A sin tainted child weeps,

Spilling her blaze upon the ground,

Longing for an end to all.

Chipped emeralds rest on silk,

Perpetually stained by the moon's embrace,

Yet he covets only the sun's warm kiss.

Forever watching,

Those sweet petals of purity fall.

I crave but to hold their longing gaze,

To never let you go.

Expelled breath signifies life,

Mingling together sweet tastes of smoke,

And so the first time lasts forever.

In the end you speak,

But a whispered sigh on the wind,

Life and love entwined between your lips.

Time loses all meaning,

Truth and subterfuge are suddenly one,

Shadows indiscernible amongst vines.

One by one, shattered promises,

Capsules consumed as scrutiny asphyxiates

Fleeting smiles and longing touches.

Rushing torrents crash,

Emboldened by my silence,

Staining our souls and cheeks.

A sprout unable to hatch,

Words lost behind melancholy,

Ever seeking freedom from this hell.

An outstretched hand to me,

But never have your fingers 

Seemed so untouchable.

Stained by remorse curling around me,

As tobacco defiles the smoker's lungs,

To return is to infect.

And yet this hand stays,

This beautiful, acquitting hand,

And I desperately grasp for paradise once more. 

Tree limbs tangling in coffee,

Sipping the liquid love,

And basking in the amenity.

Salty sentiments,

Combined with adamant passion,

Evermore sealing both fate and resolve.

The bewitching emeralds now vigorous,

Clear as limpid pools of time,

And overflowing with integrity.

Stripped bare, splayed within the sun,

Lie two hearts, beating as one,

Forever incapable of separation.

© 2016 Comatose

Author's Note

Another summary of the best days of my life :3

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And the best of mine, love

Posted 8 Years Ago

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Twin Falls, ID

I write poetry and stories, which is obviously why I'm on this site. I just want some good criticisim and other people's thoughts on my writing style, simple as that. more..

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