I am Stronger.

I am Stronger.

A Story by Comatose

In a flash it was here, and in another it was gone. Face it. There was never a feeling. Just a whim. Nothing was ever reciprocated, nothing ever wished for. Flailing to hold onto the one thing left, yet toying at the dark with a finger and a glimpse. Shoot it down, smite it into the dust so it may once again flow freely through the air. But... as it dissapates, I can feel the particles of something, something dark, settle into my lungs. I feel them begging to be taken to my heart, but I mustn't give into their sweet whipsers. The spores threaten to eat me from the inside out, crawl their way to my brain and slowly take over my thoughts. Poison me with their disease, draw me back into the realm of filth from whence I came such a short time ago. My mind is tainted, yet, it seems to be the only thing left with any sense. Every other fiber of my being longs for the sickly sweet liquid of sin, it craves the diseased and comforting black that hides all my thoughts and actions from the light. The evil, degrading light that displays all my flaws for the world to judge. But in this light I must stay, burned to exhaustion and trying not to scream from the pain. I can do this. I must. The only one left is here, my angel, my only. He is at home in the light, it has never harmed him, and I will do anything to stay by his side. Yet I can still hear the sweet opaque, beckoning to me in promises without a voice. The filth caressed me once again with it's sweet, comforting claws. But this time, I did not fall prey. I stayed in this god-forsaken light, for fear of losing the one thing I still have. Perhaps that is truly undueness, but I feel that reasons no longer matter. What matters is that I'm still here. Standing tall and withering away all at once, but here none the less. It doesn't matter anymore. I am beside my other, my nobody, my everything. I am here, and I shall remain for as long as he permits. Even now, I know the filth will never really leave. It will always be following right behind the two of us, endlessly nipping at the heels of my feet, and terrifying me with the hold it still has on me to this day. But I've won this time, and I know that I will win again. So you know... I think I'm ok with that.

© 2012 Comatose

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Added on May 23, 2012
Last Updated on May 23, 2012



Twin Falls, ID

I write poetry and stories, which is obviously why I'm on this site. I just want some good criticisim and other people's thoughts on my writing style, simple as that. more..

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