Prologue:Steve Kevins The Rookie

Prologue:Steve Kevins The Rookie

A Chapter by Joshua James

The Prologue of a new weekly comic script series called Raid Hero's.

Summer has just begun. The sun was out not a cloud in sight. A perfect time for families to enjoy the sunshine and the large city of Tailow with it's perfect hotspots . Everyone was out ready to enjoy the hot summer.

But not everyone can enjoy the today's weather. For some they need to go to work. It was rush hour and the bus heading to Tailow city centre was packed. With no room to even stand. And if you where lucky to find a seat you where crushed by the person next to you who was getting pushed by the people standing in the slowly moving bus what become hot inside by the heat of the summer weather.

Children where crying with the parents trying there best they can to solve the problem. Some people where starting to get angry in the hot bus they had jobs to get to and where running late. It was difficult for one man to even think. He was sat by the window getting crushed by a overweight woman. He tried to read his phone with the notes he saved on it. For a upcoming meeting that had started fifteen ago. But the problem is this bus is going to take him to his location in about forty minutes. So he could not stress out enough. He tried putting headphones in to block the surrounding noise with his favourite music. But the overpowering noise from crying children and angry chatter. Overpowered his soft music.

In the end the man removes his headphones and puts it away with his phone in his chest pocket. And just looks out of the window ignoring the woman crushing him and began his day dreaming state. He watched buildings and people past from the window in the city of Tailow the capitol city of Janman a country that is the fourth biggest in the world.

Seeing the people walking and enjoying the hot sun. He become jealous that he was stuck in this overcrowded hot bus. And wished he had walked instead. A small glitter coming the sky caught the corner of his eyes and looked up. The glitter was getting bigger vary fast and fell interest in it. He wondered what it was when it got closer and closer to the bus and to him. It was too late for him when the fast approaching bullet what was filled with flaming fire smashed through the window he was sitting next to. And found its mark between his eyes. His back of his head exploded with a spray of blood with a mixture skull and brain. It took everyone on the bus to spot the gory scene. And it was seconds to notice what had just happened. Everyone screamed and began to panic.

With the sun out and high. It made the waiting not so bad. A young male age twentyseven was waiting at a bus stop waiting for the number x32 to arrive and take him to the city centre. He was leaning on the metal pole making sure the sun catches his skin and was reading his comic book about a ongoing overpowered superhero he enjoys reading. Steve Kevins was lean built with short messy black hair with his eyes being blue as bright as the sky. Steve was reading his comic and checking the time in his phone at the same time. The number x32 was supposed to arrive at half pass one. But it just got passed twenty to two making the bus ten minutes late. Not making the bus lateness bother him Steve puts away his phone and continues to read his comic.

`excuse me`

Came a female voice. Steve looks away from his comic to see a middle aged mother with her son who was holding onto her hand.

`did we miss the bus for the city centre `

`no worries you haven't. But the problem is. It was supposed to be here ten minutes ago`

Steve told the mother.

`feel free to wait if you want. But if I was you I'll just walk. You see i am only waiting here because i am in no rush at all `.

The mother says her thanks and did as Steve said and walked instead for waiting for the bus that could show any minute or not at all. The waiting did not bother Steve too much because if the bus becomes far to late for him. He has a trick up his sleeve that could take him to where he needs in seconds.

It's been another five minutes and still no bus. And Steve was about to finish the latest comic when that one sound was heard all over Tailow. The one sound that everyone fears. It was loud and it made the floor even rumble. The sound was like four sirens going off together. The loud noise always makes Steve jump a little. And that sound means there has been another attack and the killer is still on the loose.

Everyone around Steve have began to panic the nice weather well not stop the upcoming terror. Everywhere Steve looked people where running for safety for there homes. Loud screams where heard and turning to his left Steve spots the number x32 bus he was waiting for speeding down the hill towards him and many other people. The driver of the bus was running down people he passed. Some people had just gotten out of the way by jumping far away to safety from the speeding bus. But more where hit by the hard metal of the speeding bus. And it was not any original every day bus driver. Steve spotted it was another man driving the bus and killing so many people on the road. He was dressed like a bike gang member with the long beard and black bandana. And what's worse that Steve spotted from the killer it was the long tattoo on the killer's right arm. A red running wolf inflected in hot flames. It was the logo of the word dangerous terrorist group named The Crying Flames.

The Crying Flames are the ones reasonable why today's crime are in record high. Killing. Kidnapping. Assassination. Bombing. All the known crime to ever existed. The Crying Flames have done it. Countless times they made a state of emergency. And every member of the Crying Flames are able to control fire by will. By making there weapons turn to fire or they own fist if they wanted too. They can make things exploded like a car or a tall building by just touching it. Some can even summon fire from there bare hands. And this Crying Flame member was driving a bus that have full of dead people at the back with gun wounds all between there eyes. And he was having more fun by running more poor people down with his new bus.

The killer turns his bus in a skidding turn eying his next victim with hunger for more killing. The bus heads towards Steve who remains standing refusing to move he gets ready to click his fingers.

Steve was seconds away to clicking his fingers to show of his own secret. But the Crying Flame member came to a sudden stop his murders bus skids to a full stop just a few miles away from the confused Steve. Answering Steve's question on why the killer has stopped another sound was heard behind him. Steve turned to see flashing lights of red and blue coming from five police cars. The police cars was all painted black flashing there police lights with a large word police printed on the doors. The greatest help has arrived.

With the roads now completely blocked the killer can't go anywhere. It was only one police officer that got out of the police car. A young woman with long blond hair that went down to her back her eyes where green. And she was wearing the full uniform of the Tailow police department South district. With the black combat boots with the baggy blue cameo bottoms a thick blue coat with her name Ivy printed on her left chest and on the right was the official metal police badge of Tailow with the word S District with a black shirt tucked underneath. On her left arm was a white arm band with a red cross signing she was also a high level medic of the team. And on her belt was a stun gun. A flash light. A radio. A handgun pistol. And a set of metal handcuffs with a little special touch to them. Who ever the cuffs lock wrist too that person will lose all his powers as long that person are wearing that cuffs. There was also a large black stick a baton a deadly weapon with just one click of the button on the rubber handle. A electrical spark surrounds the metal pole of the baton turning it to a deadly electric weapon. The officer is named Ivy only twenty six years old and she is already to face the killer alone.

Ivy stood and waited for the killer to come out of his murders bus. Knowing he had no we're to go with the roads now blocked Ivy could stand here all day. By her suppress the killer left the bus sooner that she expected. Ivy could smell the reek of death when the killer opens the door of the bus and steps outside. Ivy could see all the victims the killer has killed all with headshot wounds both young and old some vary young. And the killer was just looking at her with a wide grin his dirty teeth were on fire showing her his fire powers. In one hand the killer held a vary large revolver type of gun the same weapon he killed all those people with before killing more on that bus.

Ivy spots another male a far younger man standing right there in the middle. He his definitely going to be caught in the cross fire once the fighting begins so she needs to be careful so he does not get hurt or worse.

`so lady are you going to arrest me or not`

The killer said with a wide smile and aimed his large gun at the young police officer.

`this is your final warning. Surrender now and come peacefully. And you won't get hurt`

Ivy made her warning knowing full well the killer is not going to take it and she quickly gets out her baton pressed the button so a strong electric aura surrounds her short weapon.

The killer loads his large gun and gets ready to fire. Ivy bends her knees and sprints towards the gun holding killer in a record breaking time. The killer fires three shots with his large gun with each bullets coming out with hot flames. Ivy easily dodging the bullets by either sidestepping away or hitting the flaming bullets away with her electric baton.

The killer's smile was slowly fading and was being replaced with fear when his shoots have been missing or getting hit away. And the young police officer was gaining on him quickly. Another two more shoots from his large gun and again he missed. And finally Ivy was up close and personal with the killer. With just a strike of her palm a strong shockwaves hits his chest. It was like being hit by defibrillators. His body went numb and before he knew it he was down on the ground by a professional takedown performed by Ivy. His hands where behind his back and where cuffed by the police handcuffs that erased all his powers while they where on him.

Ivy stood over the captured killer with her strong palm strike. That was strong enough to either restart a heart or stop it. She saved many lives with that technique and now the killer was unable move a single muscle. Ivy was indeed the teams highly skilled medic but she also knows her way around in the front lines.

Watching the action from the side lines. Steve was able to watch the whole scene without even blinking not missing a single second. He was vary impressed with the female police officer skills. But when the officer turns away from the bus to call on the radio. Steve catches a glimpse of a sly smile coming from the captured killer. In seconds the bus that had many lost lives inside caught flames covering the entire bus. Steve knew what the killer had planned if he was caught like he is and knows what was coming next.

Steve quickly clicks his thumb and finger. And his ace in the hole was shown. Golden sparks surrounded his body. His eyes turned golden and his body was covered with electric sparks. Then in seconds faster than a blink of an eye. Steve was able to dash forward getting a firm hold on both Ivy and the captured killer in both of his arms and dashed towards safety to where the police cars and the rest of the officers where waiting. Steve left behind golden sparks on the ground where he dashed around to save the female officer. All before the bus completely exploded taking the lost souls with it.

a huge bang was followed after the massive explosion from the bus. Some of the police officers where pushed back by the strong shockwave from the explosion. Steve lets go of Ivy and the killer both he just saved. Ivy looked around confused at what just happened a second ago. Seeing now she was by her teammates and away from the bus what is now in flames with nothing left of it.

`you need to watch your back `

Steve told the confused officer with a cheerful smile and a thumbs up.
Ivy looks around her surroundings to think at what just happened. Once finally everything came to her head she clicked on what just happened and was looking at her rescuer.

`who are you`

Ivy asked.

`the funny thing is. I am so happy it was you guys that I bumped into now`

Steve replied. The female officer rescuer goes through his bottom pocket and brings out a white letter that was folded neatly.

At first Ivy just looks at the letter. Then kindly takes the letter in Steve's hand to read it. She straight away notices the familiar print on the front before opening it to read it. It was the official badge of the Tailow police department South district the same she has on her coat. Ivy opens the letter and begins to read.

`wait. So you are`

Ivy said after she finished reading it

`the names Steve Kevins. And I am the new rookie for the Tailow police department South district `.

Ivy and the rest of the police officers where all kind enough to give Steve a lift to where he needs to in a police car once they found out he was now one of them with Ivy in the driver seat Steve next to her and the captured killer at the back seats.

At the centre of the city centre opposite of a large park. Was a vary large building. Once stepping out of the police car Steve was in awe after seeing the South district police station while Ivy opened the back doors of the police car to bring out the criminal and told Steve to follow her inside one of the biggest police stations in the world.

Steve and Ivy enters the main hall while the killer remains silent.

Everywhere Steve looked he saw more police officers dressed like Ivy minus the medic arm band. There was also a large desk with many phones ringing. Once finishing looking around Ivy lead Steve to two male police officers who where both standing next to the reception desk with one holding many papers. Ivy introduce Steve to the two officers saying the two will be his teammates his comrades. First it was Thomas Holmes a thirty eight year old officer. We was wearing the standard uniform like Ivy was he was clean shaven short black cropped hair. Thomas acts as the second in command of the team a great team leader. The second one to be introduced was a vary big man built like a bull the one who was holding all the papers. He was six foot ten and his body was vary impressive vary muscular. He had middle length Brown hair with a hint of grey. A full thick beard. Steve was told that this man was unbreakable no bullets could break his skin. And can even crush a car if it was speeding towards him. If it was a speeding car or a strong tank either way he will win against it. He could also crush a human skull with one hand like a toothpick. He was forty one year's of age his name was Adam Owens. And Adam was the captain of the South district police department Steve's new captain.

`welcome to the team lad `

Adam said showing his deep voice and offering his large hand for a shake that Steve gladly accepted.

The firm hold on Adam was vary powerful. With just that one hand shake Steve could now tell that Ivy was not lying about the big captain.

`so Steve. Is there any reason why you wanted to join the Tailow police department South district `

Thomas had asked

`the truth is. I hate seeing people living in complete fear. Because of the rising crime in this country by terrorist. I want to see people live in peace. And if I have to join the force to do it I will. I will arrest every evil to exist and bring the right justice to this world`

Steve replied

`good answer lad. Starting to like you already `

Adam said.

After the induction. Ivy next toured Steve around the police station. First Ivy dropped by to show Steve where to find the prison cells what was at the lowest floor and that's where Ivy finally puts away the killer she caught earlier on today. Steve gets to look around and looks at everyone who was in the cells all wearing a orange jumpsuit. Some where not wearing handcuffs they where the regular crimes. Robbery and grand theft auto most had tattoos covering there skin. But most the ones in the cells where wearing the handcuffs that erased there powers while they have it on. These are the most dangerous ones. Mostly murderers but some Steve saw did a lot worse and Steve did not want to ask what they did when Ivy and Steve moves on with the police station tour.

Next Ivy showed Steve a vary large breakroom what looked more like a great cafe. With plenty of chairs and tables to sit this was the obvious place where you can eat with your partner's. The breakroom was located just a floor higher than the main hall.

Next up Ivy took Steve up the next floor on the elevator. This floor he was told where he can find his new captain. This floor had full of offices and Captain Adam is at the far corner that's where Adams office is.

And lastly Steve was taking too the locker rooms. On the right was the males and the left was the female's. Ivy told Steve his locker is ready for him so he enters the locker room while Ivy waits outside.

Steve was told his locker was number twenty nine. And when he found it.It also has his name printed on front. With the key Ivy has giving him Steve opens his new locker. To find his uniform waiting for him inside. Steve quickly gets changed now wearing the same standard uniform Ivy and the rest of the South district police officers are wearing. He even had his own flashlight. Stun gun the handgun pistol in what Steve hopes he will never use. The metal baton what can have a electric aura around the metal bar Steve saw Ivy use this. And handcuffs all the same to erase the powers from any one he put these on too not like the gun he has he hopes he use more of the handcuffs more than anything. All these on one belt.

Once he knew he was ready for his first day Steve leaves the male locker room. To find Ivy standing next to another female officer. Ivy introduce her to Steve. She was twenty nine years of age. She had shoulder length Brown hair and her name was Maria Oliver.

At long last the tour was finally over and it was time for Steve to start business. Ivy brought Steve to a small room what had a long table and some chairs. Steve spotted everyone he was introduced too. Ivy sat down next to Maria Oliver so Steve choice to sit at the far table. The walls around him was filled with missing people posters. Wanted criminal posters. And known next locations that the Crying Flames are planning on attacking. Adam and Thomas where standing up front so the officers in the room can see them. The big caption was holding the same pile of papers from before. Assignments with today's updates are about to begin.

`alright listen up`

Adam called towering over Thomas who looked so small compare to the captain.

Both Ivy and Maria hushed and fixed there eyes up front towards Adam and Thomas. Steve did not think differently and did the same. Steve could sense that the three officer's in this room and complete respect for there caption.

`as you may know. We have a new recruit starting today. His name is Steve Kevins. He finished top of his class in the academy. And I hope that you will all watch his back. Like I know he will do for you `


Thomas called after Adam was finished

`what do you know. Of the terrorist group known as the Crying Flames `

`the Crying Flames. Are a dangerous terrorist group with half of there members are on the world's most wanted. They did every crime known to man. Every member of the terrorist group are known to use fire kind of power. What they can use by will. They use this powers on their weapons or can fire them out of there hands. They can also use that power to create a deadly explosion what they do to destroy many buildings what can kill many people in the progress. They also course many state emergency. And from this day no one knows who is the leader `

Steve replied. Thomas looked at the new recruit pleased at what he just heard.

Taking a deep breath before he can continue. Steve thinks back to that horror of a day and began to speak again.

`after today. I had one more close encounter with the terrorist group.It was ten years ago. I was only teenager then. A figure wearing a thick black hood. Breaks into my house holding a small flaming blade. I did not know what the figure wanted but the intruder cut down everyone I once loved. The flaming knife was used to cut all my family's throat. I could not tell if the figure was a man or a woman. But that figure watched the blood of my dead family filled the floor and touched the intruders feet. I saw the tattoo of the Crying Flames on the hand of the hooded figure. Before the figure used it's power to burn my house down. The figure looked at me what I know it was a smile before running away. It was my grandfather my father's father that rescued me from the burning house `.

Steve finally finished going over what he knows about the terrorist group. The whole reason why he went and joined the police was to get the hooded figure and bring to justice by his own hands.

Before Adam could continue with the assignments. A call from the radio from his belt stopped him in his tracks. And quickly answered it.

`okay team. Don't worry about today's assignments. We must leave now and save the day. The Crying Flames have attacked again `.

Everyone left there chairs including Steve who felt a little bit nervous heading towards his first mission. Adam was the first to leave the room then Thomas with the rest behind him.

Steve followed his new team to a parking lot. All round him he just saw those same black police cars every one on the team picked there car with Ivy and Maria sharing the same. While Thomas was on his own. And Steve was lucky enough to be in the same car with his captain. Adam was at the driving seat while Steve was in the passenger seat.

`okay lad. This is your first mission. So it's normal to feel nervous trust me I been there long ago same with the rest of the team. Don't be scared okay we will all watch your back. So what you think kid let's save the day and become hero's.`

© 2020 Joshua James

Author's Note

Joshua James
The Prologue is the start of my new weekly comic script series called Raid Hero's that's going to be a weekly comic script series. Hope you enjoyed. Please leave a review. I would love to read your thoughts.

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Added on October 31, 2020
Last Updated on October 31, 2020
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Joshua James
Joshua James

Cardiff , Wales , United Kingdom

Hi my name is Joshua James. And I am a writer. I mostly do write comic scripts. And I dream for one day that my scripts can be a real comic. Hope you all enjoy my coming works more..