Issue 1: First Day On The Job

Issue 1: First Day On The Job

A Chapter by Joshua James

Steve Kevins joins the South district police. On his first day as a police officer

What was once a busy road with cars or working vans just a minute ago. Was now clear without a single vehicle in sight when the warning sirens where loud once again to warn the people of Tailow there has been yet another attack.

The flashing colours of red and blue covered the streets. When the police cars of the South district stormed the streets to get where they need to be.
Many people of Tailow blocked the road many with large cameras forcing the speeding police cars to slow down and come to a full stop.

Adam was the first to exit the car and face the many news reporters and the nervous crowed that blocked the road. Steve was next to follow getting blinded by the flashing cameras. Thomas Maria and Ivy where spotted behind the car in his blinded view with many other South district police.

Steve looks past the crowds to see a large building a office building. Inside is where the Crying Flames are hiding. Adam sends two police officers to control the crowd then gathers the rest of his team before entering and coming with a plan.

`okay this is what we have. Our mission we go in there and save the husband of the owner of this building. He is believed to be located at the top floor where he is being held hostage by the Crying Flames. If they don't get what they want they will kill him and blow this vary building. So we must do this fast but smart `

On each side of his large strong jaw where these two metal circles. With just a single press of the metal circles Adams lower face was now protected when the two small metal circles became a large strong metal face guard. It was also the sign for the team to load up and get ready.

The team gets there pistols out and ready and followed there caption towards the building. The only person who did not move was Steve. He hesitated to get his fire arm struggling to get a firm hold on the handle and hold it in both of his hands. He promised that he would never take a life like the Crying Flames and would never hold a gun. But everyone in his team where heading inside the building. So without thinking Steve gets the fire arm out but with closed eyes and chased after his team. Hoping his captain does not notice he was already falling behind.

The building was completely empty. Once the South district police where inside. The large reception room was empty and quiet besides the sounds of moving boots from the armed police checking the place. Not even any signs of the Crying Flames. Adam hand signals the team to split but stay close.
Adam checks the desk finding nothing interesting but a kicked over office chair.

A untouched office phone and a smashed screen of a flat screen computer. Ivy and Maria where together on the left side checking the elevator doors that where empty with the doors wide open and not closing. Thomas was at the rear watching the teams back and keeping a sharp eye on any danger. And Steve was in the right. With gun in hand. His arm was shaking his hands was sweaty multiple times he nearly dropped his fire arm. While checking in the door when he opened it he takes a long deep breath relieved to see it was nothing but a cleaning cupboard. Steve just wishes he can throw his gun away forever.

Gun aimed. Steve moves slowly across the wall making sure he kept out of sight. From the corner of a wall. Steve makes a small peak to see what's at the other end and to see if it was any Crying Flames around. There wasn't any but something or someone did catch is eye. Up from the vary top of the long stairs. Steve saw legs from a lifeless body lying on the ground from a corner of the steps. Steve calls for his captain and runs to the stairs and quickly got to the very top to the next floor.

As feared the body was from a dead person. Steve lowers himself down to his knees and turns the body to his back to have a clear look of the face from the dead person. The body was from a middle age person wearing what was a black suit but now has a huge hole in the chest where he was gun down from a vary close ranged.

`is that the husband `

Thomas asked standing behind the kneeling Steve. Adam appeared with Ivy and Maria from the top of the stairs and knees down next to Steve to examine the body. With a frustrated sigh it was confirmed it was the husband there where sent to rescue without saying a word.

`yes it's him. `

Adam said with a soft voice standing back up
`it seems. They don't want to wait any longer `

Thomas said

`alright then `

Adam said still with a hint of sadness in his voice with a start of anger.
Steve could tell by looking at his big captian. That Adam wants nothing but bring justice to the criminals who are hiding inside this vary same building.

`these b******s are now playing dirty. And not playing by the rules. What we need to do now. Is move fast look on every floor and capture the Crying Flames who are in this building before. They decide to blow the building up. We will split up in teams. Any problems radio one of us. I will make sure I will come if it's the last thing I do `.

`Maria. Steve `

Adam continues

` You two are going to be teams. Head to the next floor up. Watch each other backs out there. If you split radio me okay `.

`you can trust us captain. I will make sure nothing will happen to any of us. My Time bomb magic will make sure of it `

Maria told her large captain. Maria opens her palms and summons two large glowing white aura balls in each hand. Each of those glowing orbs was as deadly as a grenade if not more powerful. She can throw them like any normal grenade then they works there magic what ever it touches. It can explode like a powerful grenade or use her magic for a smoke bomb or even a flash bomb. She calls her powers Time bomb magic and it makes her a powerful police officer.

Steve gets up from his knees. And gets ready to move out with his partner. Till suddenly a flash light appears high in the roof followed by a big explosion that shook the entire building. The South district police team all lost their footing. Coming from the smoke from the explosion. A crying flame member flew towards the police officers. His clothes was on fire and was his bat all being controlled by his fire magic. The team looks up but was too late when the Crying Flame member lands on both of his feet like a cat.


Adam shouted with a warning. But it was to late. The flaming bat was swung by the terrorist and found its mark to the jaw of Steve Kevins. Everything was ringing like small bells then everything went black. The last thing Steve heard was the laughter coming from the terrorist when Steve got knocked out cold and hits the floor.

` Kid you alright `

Steve was sitting outside of his house. Sitting on the steps not bothering to hide his black eye and his cut lip.

`Steve listen to me. You gotta stop all this fighting because you got angry `

Steve's grandfather stood behind the troubled teenager for a good minute before sitting down next to his grandson and looked up towards the moving clouds from the sky. No one said a word. Steve just sat down looking at the floor. While the grandfather looked up to the bright skies.

`he looked at me funny`

Steve finally said.

Steve's grandfather finally looks away from the moving clouds takes a deep breath and puts his old hand on the head of his rough looking grandson.

`Steve. Listen to me. You have to control that anger of yours. It's been over a year now`

`yes I know. But I know he also been saying things about that day.`

`no one has been saying anything wrong about you or that horror day. It's just in your head. You can't just hit everyone because they look at the same direction as you. Steve you are eighteen years old you must now become a man who can control his emotions.`

`I can't help it. Every time they look at me. I see the killer who killed my family every time in my eyes `

The grandfather looks away from his troubled grandson just for a moment just to look at the clouds once more. From inside of his shirt he held something vary dear to him. He removed that pendant from his neck and held it in his hand. Before passing his pendant to his grandson. The battered teenager saw what it was and held it in his own hand to have a better look. The pendant was a vary long dark rope and attached to the rope was a metal peace of a single Angel wing.

`what's this`

Steve asked

`something i held to since I was your age giving to me from my father. I never put it of since till today. It was with me through my army days and my most darkest days. And now I am giving it to you `

`but why are you giving it to me. If it's that special to you `

`Kid you need it more than me. This pendant will guide you through your roughest darkest days. And will always lead you to the right path away from anger and hate. You just need to see it`.

And from that day on Steve puts on the pendant and to never remove it from his neck.

`Steve. Steve you okay `

The voice from the team medic Ivy was the first thing Steve heard when he started to wake up. First her voice was like coming from under water then it came more clear to him. Then his vision became clear . And the first thing he saw was Ivy kneeling down next to him checking if he was okay and lucky he was. He slowly sat straight and a shooting pain came to his forehead. Steve flinched in pain and quickly puts his hand to his forehead. Seconds later Steve remembered where he was and what had happened.

`where's the rest of the team `

Steve asked wanting nothing but to get rid of his painful headache.

` They are dealing with the guy that jumped you `

Ivy replied. Steve looks across from the floor where he was sitting. And from the lower floor down from the stairs the rest of the team. Adam, Thomas and Maria had the flaming bat wielding Crying Flame member cornered making sure he does not escape from the glass double doors. With the team holding firm in front of the doors only Thomas had his gun up armed and ready aiming towards the terrorist.

` That's not good. That's what the terrorist wants `


Steve calls after he found his footing and claiming his full balance.

`Lad so you are okay. I was a bit worried `

Adam replied while his eyes where fixed on the terrorist.

`he is stalling you. So the rest of the crying flames can gather enough power to blow this building up with us with it`

` Dame it. Though it was to easy when he just jumped out of nowhere `

` Captain. You need to arrest the others before that happens. I'll deal with this one `

Steve called

` Lad you sure. You did have a bit of a knock in`

Steve held tightly to his black shirt where from underneath was in pendant the same one his grandfather gave him. Steve looks at his big captain and nods with a yes followed by a side smile.

`okay team we are moving out. We need to do this quick and clean from the book you hear `

With Adams order the team splits. Running back up the stairs and past Steve who remains where he was. Adam first stops next to Steve giving him a thumbs up and a strong tap on the rookies shoulder before leaving with Ivy. And leaving Steve on his own with the terrorist.

The terrorist turns away from the glass double doors spinning his flaming bat and looking up at the remaining police officer since the goal was not really to escape the office building.

`you know your friends won't make it in time you know. You will all fail `

The terrorist said finally resting his flaming bat over his shoulder with a cheeky wide smile.

` You should never underestimate the South district police `

Steve replied and was glad to put his fire arm away back to its holster on his belt. He was happy that he was not using a gun today and instead clicks his fingers with his middle finger and thumb.

His powers was activated after the click of his fingers. Golden sparks surrounded the body of Steve and his eyes turned into a bright golden colour.

` As a member of the terrorist group called the Crying Flames and keeping hostage and doing a murder. You are now arrested `

` Come down here and make me. You golden light bulb pig `

The terrorist responded and playing with his flaming bat by swinging it around.

In a matter in seconds before the terrorist could even blink. Steve was able to dash towards the Crying Flame member to a personal space leaving golden sparks behind him. The terrorist was in complete shock by the speed from the police officer and he acted without thinking and swings his flaming baseball bat hoping to knock the officer head off his shoulders. But his bat finds nothing but more golden sparks at where the officer was just standing a second ago. Moments later Steve suddenly appears from the back of the terrorist. Before the terrorist knew it Steve gets hold of the terrorist by locking his arm around the terrorist neck and spins him around so the terrorist can see Steve face to face. The rookie officer clinches his fist shut and around the fist of the officer a golden aura surrounded his fist with golden sparks. And with that fist Steve delivers a powerful punch to the terrorist clean in the jaw. A powerful shockwave from the golden aura fist sends the terrorist hard to the floor.

Steve quickly turns the terrorist on his stomach puts his arms behind his back and quickly puts the handcuffs on the terrorist. Steve steps back and waits for the cuffs to do there magic.

The flames on the terrorist clothes goes away like they where never there. And so the flames on the bat once the handcuffs did there magic.

` Sorry buddy but justice always wins in the and`

Steve said showing a side grin of his own.

Everyone who worked with the news or was holding a camera gathered and surrounded Steve as soon he steps out from the office building with the terrorist in chains trying his best to get to the nearest police car.

So many questions wanted to be answered by the news reporters. But Steve was lost for words many flashing cameras when a picture was taken it nearly blinded him. Steve finds his way past the crowds and puts the dangerous criminal behind the police car doors. Easily ignoring the questions. There was one that caught Steve's mind.

` Was you able to capture the rest of them inside the building `

Steve felt stupid his team where still inside and he nearly forgotten them. He went to the first police officer he could find who was dealing with the crowd control and asked if he could watch the prisoner while he goes back inside.
Steve ran past the crowds and there flashing lights that nearly blinded him. Steve then finally was just a few steps away before entering the building.

` Don't worry lad. We got this`

Steve was relieved when he heard the deep voice of his captain. Adam with the rest of the team. Ivy, Maria, and Thomas all walked out from the building all completely fine all holding a terrorist or two in their own handcuffs.

Once all the terrorist where locked behind police cars doors all still wearing handcuffs to make sure there powers where erased. News reporters with cameras surrounded the teams captain to learn more at what happened from the inside. Sadly Adam needed to say how we failed to save the husband but caught all the terrorist in the act and makes sure they find justice.

Once Adam was done what seemed like a vary long interview. He puts his giant hand in the shoulders of Steve Kevins. Then the rookie turns to face his captain who towered over him.

` You did really great today lad `

Adam said with smile.

` Thank you so much. Captain `

Steve replied.

` Make sure you take this feeling with you okay. Because from today you are a hero. And this is how Hero's feel `.

With that Adam leaves with another tap on Steve's shoulders and joins the rest of his team. And for the first time for a flashing camera Steve smiled feeling like a kid once again.

© 2020 Joshua James

Author's Note

Joshua James
This is Issue 1 of my weekly series called Raid Heroes. I truly hope you enjoyed it. Feel free to leave a review. Would love to see your thoughts.

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Added on November 7, 2020
Last Updated on November 7, 2020
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Joshua James
Joshua James

Cardiff , Wales , United Kingdom

Hi my name is Joshua James. And I am a writer. I mostly do write comic scripts. And I dream for one day that my scripts can be a real comic. Hope you all enjoy my coming works more..