Issue 3:The Police Officer Role

Issue 3:The Police Officer Role

A Chapter by Joshua James

For the South district police it's just a normal day. But for a normal housewife. The normal day will become a nightmare.

It was the first thing in the morning. The day has just begun the sky was a dark blue colour. The sun was just coming up and the people of Tailow are still mostly sleeping.

A coffee shop named wake up coffee was one of the first places to open before the sun even wakes up. The owner always opens her shop so her family can make coffee and wake the still sleeping city of Tailow. Wake up coffee had just been opened for just five minutes when the shop had it's first of the day customers.

Adam Owens had already finished his black coffee and was waiting for the other two to finish their. Adam did what he mostly enjoys in the morning after drinking his coffee. And that was to Sit on the chair nearest to the window and watch the day brighten and see the city wake up with his own two eyes. Adam sat watching the city while Steve and Akira where finishing up. Adam was kind enough to bring them along to his number one place in the morning and offer them if they like any coffee. Steve said no since he is not a big fan of coffee or tea. So Adam brought him a ham sandwich while Akira was happy with milky tea. Adam caught the two from the corner of his eye and smiled after seeing them finally getting along.

` So about yesterday `

Adam said looking away from the window to look at Steve and Akira at the same time. Steve and Akira looks back at the giant of a man.

` I don't want any more fights. Is that clear its time to act like police officers from the South district. Act like hero's not thugs who we arrest `

Adam looked at the two rookies keeping his glare until the two nods with a agreement to their captain. Adam smiles back at them and allows Steve and Akira to finish.

Once the three police officers finished there black coffee. Ham sandwich and a weak tea. Adam leads the two back outside in Tailow after a short lesson from the big captain. And it was to tip anyone who gladly serves any kind of drink or food with a smile on their face even in a bad day. Adam said it brings the city in a great positive mood.

Adam leads the two rookies to his owned big red jeep that could easily fit a full family. Adam opens the door to the truck and enters in the driver's seat. Akira joins in the passengers seat. While Steve sits at the back. Adam starts the engine puts sports talk radio on and drives to the road where the city of Tailow is now just beginning to fully wake up.

` So Akira `

Adam said after feeling tired by listening to the radio.

` What made you leave. Your country and come to Janman it's really a long way from home don't you think `

Adam asked Akira and kept his eyes forward never leaving his sight on road while driving.

` In my homeland. The crime level is nearly at zero mostly because of my family with the vary sword I now have. So once I found out about the troubles in Janman capitol Tailow where the crime is at a all time high. I asked my father if I can move over seas with my new sword and protect the lives that needs it most. So that's why I asked a transfer once I become a police officer.`

Akira told his captain.

` Kid your heart is at the right place. Your father must be vary proud `

Adam said with a cheerful smile.

Steve was sitting at the back listening to his captain talk to Akira. And was more than happy to listen to the two chatter. Akira was telling the captain about the history of his family sword how it protected his homeland for many generations. While Adam was talking about his free time and what he likes to do and that's to watch rugby and to see his favourite team the Blue Dragons win. Steve could tell Akira had no interest in sports but still listened to the big captain anyways. Steve smiled and listened to the two with Adam driving.

Two hours has passed. And the day for Steve Kevins and Akira Nakamura has begun as the South district police. The two where dressed in uniform of the South district police. And was called to the briefing room the same room Steve was in on his first day. Steve looked around to see many more wanted and missing person posters. Steve and Akira sat on the chairs while Thomas Holmes stands up in front of the room to face the two that looked back at him.

Thomas stood behind a wide table that had many kinds of equipment that the South district police use many times. All scattered around the table neatly. Thomas then picks up the first weapon that came to mind first. The Police baton. Thomas held it up high so Steve and Akira could see what he was holding.

` Steve Kevins `

Thomas called.

` What's this used for `

Thomas asked.

` It's a police baton. Made specifically for the police districts in Tailow. The officers use it mostly against a a super powered criminal that the officer's would stand no chance to survive against. It also have a button on the handle where it sends a powerful electrical effect. Great for water user criminal but also great to use on any kind of criminal.`

Steve told the second in command.

To prove Steve's words Thomas still holding the metal pole presses the small red button on the rubber handle. And as Steve said a powerful blue electric static surrounded the metal pole.

` Well done Steve `

Thomas said.

Thomas pressed the button again that kills the static on the baton so it's safe touch and puts it back on the table with the rest of the equipment. Secondly Thomas then picks up the metal handcuffs and holds it up so Steve and Akira could see.

` Akira Nakamura. What are these used for `

Thomas asked.

` To restrain the criminals without harm. It makes it a lot easier to put them on the ground when they fight the restrain. But those handcuffs also have the power to erase anyone's powers once it's locked on you. As long the criminals wear those handcuffs they can't use there powers.`

Akira told Thomas.

` Vary good Akira `

Thomas called placing the handcuffs back on the table.

` As you may know. Those two are not the only ones we have on our belts. `
Thomas told Steve and Akira.

` We also have flashlights. Stun guns. And my personal favourite.`

Thomas goes through the many equipment and picks up the most deadly of them all. Thomas holds up a empty black pistol handgun and holds up like if he was aiming the gun towards Steve and Akira. From his view Thomas saw Steve shiver if like the gun he was holding in his hand was a ghost itself.

` As you two may already know. This can kill. And that goes against everything we stand for. The Tailow police never kills no matter what the criminal has done. We stand to protect and serve justice. Only use this for a last resort and you have no other choice. Do I make myself clear `

Thomas told the two police officers.

Steve watched Thomas place the gun back on the wide table full of equipment. And was full relieved to hear the second in command say those last words. Steve tells himself that he will never want to hold a gun ever again.

On a higher floor. In the team captains office. Adam sat on the chair reading the letters on his desk. Many from the chief of police himself. Reading and signing and more reading. All this was giving Adam a headache and his eyes starts to hurt by doing to much reading. In the end Adam leans on the chair with a frustrated sigh and rubbed his eyes.

` I should hire a assistant. I should be out there making the world a better place. Not being stuck in here most of the time.`

it was finally mid day. And it was the busiest day for any shopping centre. Tailow was busy full of shoppers. The buses where finally running again after the x32 bus attack. And everything was back to normal.

For the housewife named Megan it was a perfect day to do her shopping. For a little bit of both food for the day and to buy some nice clothing for herself. Megan finished her search for a coat she always wanted. The coat was there hanging with many great branded clothing. The coat was long leather Brown with a black fur for a hood. It cost nearly sixty pound but Megan though she deserved to treat herself.

Once buying the coat next was the food shopping. Today she is going to cook chicken curry.

The shopping was finally over. And it was time for Megan to go home and try out the new coat. The bus wasn't really full when Megan caught the bus home and enjoyed the ride home peacefully.

The number x12 bus stops just outside of her house. The main reason why her and her husband picked the house in the first place. The street she lived in was quiet hardly any trouble since being part of Tailow.

The outside of the house was full of flowers. Megan walks bags full of today's shopping and looked at her green garden with pride filling her body. By far Megan owned the best front yard in all overbTailow by far and Megan does the gardening by herself planning on making her own social media channel just about gardening tricks and tips. Her front yard had all kind of different coloured flowers.

It was a struggle for Megan to open the door to her house because of all the shopping she has. But at the end Megan was able to open the door and enter her house.

The inside of her house was dark and quite. Megan enters the living room to see something vary strange to her. Her husband who she been married to for five years was sitting there with the television on that was stuck on a blue blank screen. But the husband was not looking at the tv but kept his head down with his shaking hands locked together. He was saying something but Megan could not hear with his soft whispering. Megan watched her husband with curiosity while placing her shopping in the kitchen and returned to her husband who continued to act strange. Something else also caught her mind where was there child. There one year old boy. Megan spots that the baby cot was empty.

` Honey `

Megan said.

Hearing the voice of his wife made the husband hands finally stop shaking. His whispers stops. And makes a loud grunting noise that made it sound that he was choking. A printed logo was spotted on the husbands right hand.
That was vary familiar with her she seen it a hundred times on the news even with her husband. It was the logo of the Crying Flames.

` Honey `

Megan asked again.

` It's the only way `

The husband finally said. It was in a silent whisper but Megan was still able to hear him. The husband stands up his face was covered in sweat his eyes where red where he been crying most of the day.

` The voice said. To join them I must destroy what I love the most `

` What are you talking about `

Megan asked now getting worried for her life by her own husband. Megan slowly moves a step back hoping her husband does not notice. But before Megan could take another step her husband pulls out a gun and aims it at his wife.

` This is for the world for our Fire Lord `.

Thomas Holmes has finally finished all he could to tell all about the equipment of the South district police it is now up to Steve and Akira to use them well. Before he could dismiss the two rookies a sound came from the outside of the meeting room a sounds of people rushing. With a hard look Thomas could see South district police officer's rushing about in the station. Before he could check everything out Maria storms in the meeting room.

` Maria what's going on `

Thomas asked.

` Sir. We have a call. It's a hostage situation and it's the South district that's been called. The captain is waiting for us `.

Maria told the second in command.

Thomas nods and signals Maria to go ahead. With Maria gone Thomas turns his attention to Steve and Akira.

` Steve Kevins and Akira Nakamura. It's time we move out. Remember everything you just learned.`

The parking lot was full of rushing South district police officers and moving police cars all moving fast so they can get to the scene as fast as possible before the hostage can get hurt or worse. Steve and Akira was one of the rushing officers trying to find the captain. Thomas was already gone and taking the lead taking with him Maria and Ivy. The two rookies find the captain standing alone besides the last remaining police car waiting for the two with the doors already opened for them. His deep voice was heard through the rushing crowd of South district police officers and ordered Steve and Akira to move faster. The two sprints as fast as they could and Adam was already in the driver's seat Steve followed seating in the passengers seat with Akira in the back. Adam quickly starts the engine of the police car and storms out of the parking lot leaving smoke behind where the tires rubbed against the stone floor followed by loud noise.

` Alright listen up `

The voice coming from the captain sounded so different from earlier today. It was deeper and a lot more serious. Adam's eyes did not leave the road while he spoke.

` Steve and Akira. I want you on crowd control okay. It's a hostage situation we are dealing with. So let me and the team deal with this one. I don't want a death today. From my team or the hostage `.

The streets was full of eye goers. People blocking the street so they can see what was going . Making it vary difficult for the South district police force to make there way and pass the ever so growing crowd.

A dark police car struggles to pass the crowd even with the loud sirens. In the end it stoped and exiting the car was the South district police captain Adam Owens. Also exiting the car was the two rookies Steve and Akira.
Adam spots the flashing lights of an ambulance and makes his way to it. He ordered the two rookies on crowd control as planned while the big captain pushed pass the crowd that seems to grow bigger by the minute.

Finding his way pass the crowd. Adam finally makes it to the ambulance. The back doors where open. A woman was sitting down wide eyes holding a blanket over her while a male doctor was checking up on her.

` What happened `

Adam asked the doctor.

` The gunman let the hostage go. But still remains inside the house armed `

The doctor told the South district police captain.

Adam looks at the woman holding the blanket and now knew that this woman was Megan and she is now safe from harm. All to do now is to capture the gunman.

` He couldn't do it. He could not pull the trigger. And he lets me go `

Megan said unable to look at anyone at the moment but instead looked at the ground holding the blanket as tight as she could.

` Megan everything is going to be okay you have my word. My team knows what they are doing at the times like these.`

Adam told Megan.

` Please you gotta save my child. He is still in there with him. My husband I think he is sick he is not himself. Please don't kill him.`

Megan suddenly jumps out of the back of the ambulance still able to hold the blanket and stands in front of the big captain who towers over her. Adam feels pity for the wife and mother and slowly puts his large hands on the both shoulders of Megan and tried his best to reassure her.

` You have my word madam. No harm will come to your husband. And I'll make sure your child is safe`.

Adam calls for Steve and Akira through the radio on his belt to call the rookies over. Steve and Akira came to the ambulance faster than the captain thought.

` Change of plans lads. I have enough men in crowd control. I need you two to watch over the hostage. While I join the others it could get messy. Protect her with your life. Do you understand `.

Before Steve or Akira could answer their captain. Megan's house that still had the gunman inside goes up in flames followed by a devastating explosion with the noise that could easily deaf someone. The impact took the entire house and what was once a beautiful garden that is now nothing but black where the grass and flowers burnt into a crisp.

Megan screams in horror after seeing her house in flames fearing the worse for her husband and child. The spectators who passed the crowd control flees in panic.

Megan falls to her knees crying her husband name. While Adam Steve and Akira watched the dark clouds coming from the fire gather to the blue bright sky turning it to dark making the day now night evening though it was still midday.

The fire grow high touching the black clouds and forming a shape of a ball. Before turning to a face. The flaming face looking down on people was something straight from a nightmare. It was a devilish face and it was laughing. The sound of it's laughter could even make a grown man weep in his pants.

` Is that the laughing face of a fallen Angel `

Steve asked unable to look away from the flaming laughing face. Akira stood behind him also looking up at the dark sky. Megan was on her both knees hand over her mouth to hid that she was shaking with fear at this laughing face. Adam was the only one to shake himself to look away from the dark sky and the devil laughing face. And calls on the radio from his belt to call his team.

Maria was the only one to show up and was pretty banged up. Her face was blackened by being to close to the fire. The blue on her police uniform was replaced by black stains.

` What the hell just happened `

Adam ordered.

` Once me, Thomas and Ivy came to the house surrounded by other police officers. The gunman seemed to be screaming in pain. Captain his body was glowing a bright red colour. His body was turned into a deadly bomb. We where able to get away. Some of our men did get hurt by the sudden explosion Ivy is looking after then now. And Thomas went back to the house to see if anyone else needs help `.

` Okay. I'll join him. Maria stay here and get yourself checked out `.
Adam nods to his team and quickly runs towards the fire to give Thomas the extra helping hand.

Maria sits on the floor and wiped the dirt away from her face while the doctor checked if she had any injuries that needs checking out. While Steve and Akira continues to look up at the dark sky and the laughing devil fire face.

From a safe distance from the fire. People continued to run as far as possible leaving the danger to the police. But a man was just standing there in the way of the fleeing crowd not to much bothered if someone bumps into him.

He wore a grey business suit with a black shirt and red tie. He was bald man and heavily scarred from head to toe. The man was thirty eight years of age but he looked a good ten years older than he should be. Even at birth his mother never named him and just gave him away. No family did not take him nor did any school. He just watched ignoring the running passing crowd and smoking a large cigar. He was looking at the dark clouds up the distance that had a laughing face of a devil that was made out of fire. The name he gave himself was Zero. The name came to him when he was six years old.

When he already killed ten people. Zero a perfect name for him. No family no friends. No life no meaning. Zero just stands and watches while he takes the smoke from his cigar.

© 2020 Joshua James

Author's Note

Joshua James
Raid Heroes latest Issue. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave a review. I would love to read what your thoughts are so far.

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Joshua James
Joshua James

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Hi my name is Joshua James. And I am a writer. I mostly do write comic scripts. And I dream for one day that my scripts can be a real comic. Hope you all enjoy my coming works more..