New Beginning

New Beginning

A Story by StephT

About starting over

She shed her old life like a wet bathing suit. With much struggle and swearing.

It was easy enough to slip from her ex's grasp. He'd kept a tight hold of her from the moment she had fallen in love. He reined her in and held her back. Being free of him was an easy choice. The act as simple as sliding the straps from her shoulders.

Harder though was getting free of her friends. They who had sheltered her for so long. Those who strangled and told sweet, venomous, lies. She thought she was safe, but they kept her bound up in a web. They used her, convinced her of her worthlessness. So she pushed them down and away and suddenly she was exposed to the world.

The worst was her family. Like shoving the suit over your hips, it holds tight. It moves slowly, with false starts, tripping you over and over. Her family thought they were doing the Right Thing, that they acted out of love. But they tangled up her legs and brought her down. Heavy with memories of long ago fights, they still clung to her. Once comfortable, the warm embrace of family was now cold.

To start a new life, she had stripped herself of the old. She emerged wet with tears, vulnerable, and pissed.

© 2016 StephT

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Found this SO belatedly...

I *love* that last line!

Posted 3 Years Ago

Now this is like abbreviated prose but in its own way, a masterpiece of expressed humanity

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Just a girl. =) Just looking for a clean spot to keep my writing. Taking part in the 52 stories/52 weeks challenge and I want it all in one spot. Stories aren't necessarily my forte though more..

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