2: Searching for our Hunger

2: Searching for our Hunger

A Chapter by CompellingComposer

Chapter two.... :)

  I held Caroline throughout the night. I laid down with her, wrapping her in my arms. She was so cold, almost as if she was frozen. I could have sworn I even saw her breath once. The sights she had seen were unbelievable, and I didn’t blame her for freaking out. She told the tales she had seen in her sleep, unconsciously whispering to me the tales she had seen. Dismembered limbs, blood, so much blood, the gore and infections. The groans of pain the people made when they were hurt, and her knowing of nothing she could do. Her nightmares became less and less frequent as the night slowly, ever so slowly, turned to day. It wasn’t till the sun’s rays started to carefully peek into the school that I fell asleep.

    I dreamed of being back. Back in the midst of battle. The cafeteria depicting a scene more horrid than the food served there. In my hand, I had lunch trays. They were sturdy, and would have to work for a weapon. One of the monsters lunged towards me, running more quickly than the others. This one was more clever and swift than the others. I left my fellow comrades to face the others as I prepared myself for the impending attack. It flashed it’s horrendous, pointed teeth at me, ready to sink them into my skin. I smashed it’s head with the tray, knocking it to the ground. I hovered my foot over it’s head, prepared to smash the creature with all my might, when I noticed something… different. The monster seemed to change form. Gradually, I realized this to be no beast, but……… Laura. I had killed Laura!

    I awoke, shaking in utter silence. My body bolted upward, forgetting the girl wrapped in my arms. She was jerked up, also, awaking her in the most rude manner. She turned to face me, angry, but then became confused. Wondering why in the world I was holding her instead of her cousin. She said not a word, but stood up. She turned to look at the others in the room, all asleep. The sun wasn’t bright enough to illuminate the entire room, but morning was upon us.

    “ Come on,” Carrie told me. “ We need to go.”

    “ Go where? Where is there to go?” I asked, standing up.

    “ Food. Everyone is gonna be hungry when they wake up. We are the first ones to be awake, so we may as well take the honor of scavenging for food.” she said, sternly. “ Now, come on. We’re wasting time.” She faced towards the classroom door and began walking.

    “ But where in the world do you think you are going to get food?”

    She turned, frozen in mid-stride and said, not sounding like the gentle, kind girl I had always known her to be,

    “ Just shut up and follow me.”

© 2010 CompellingComposer

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Author's Note

chapter 3 soon!

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Omg this is fantastic!!! Its so unique in its own way- I love it! ^_^ As I was reading this, my brother came in and said "watcha doin'" and I said "Shut up I'm reading!" xD lol

Posted 9 Years Ago

This is so suspenseful!
I tell myself that I'm going to stop reading for a brief while, but then I just click on the next chapter! Good job!

Posted 9 Years Ago

It's building.. the tension, the story.. my attention.. keep up the good work!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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