7: Preperation

7: Preperation

A Chapter by CompellingComposer

Sorry it took so long and that it's so short. Been busy...

    We stood as the door, knowing that on the other could lie something that we may not be prepared for. I held the handle tightly, sweat making my grip loosen. As I began to slowly open the door, it creaking slightly, the sound of someone eating loudly filled our ears. We pressed our faces into the slight opening in the door, trying to see who, or what, was making the noise.

    “ Maybe,” Seth whispered, “ it’s another person. We could help them.”

    Seth, obviously, could not see through the crack as well as I could, because I could see that this was indeed was a… person, but not entirely. I could see the side of it’s face, full of scabs and smeared in blood. It’s dark yellow teeth bit down hard into it’s meal. A body. A human body. It was on of them, one of the creatures. It made loud, lip smacking, chewing noises. It’s sharp teeth sinking into the flesh of the corpse. The body’s eyes were open, full of fear. It’s mouth was slightly open, most likely screaming silently or else we would have heard the scream and awoken. I could feel my stomach churning as I closed the door. I turned to see if Seth was beside me, but he was kneeling over the trashcan, puking. The sight made me shiver and more physically ill. My eyes started to burn, but I refused to cry. I had to stay strong.

    “For the good of the pack,” I thought.

    I waited for Seth near the door, afraid to open it. He returned, face pale and eyes red.

    “ Okay,” he said. “ I’m ready.”

    I nodded my head, holding my breath in case the creature was still there. I sighed in relief to see him gone, but the revolting sight of the leftovers of it’s “meal.”

    Then, from nowhere, it attacked.

© 2010 CompellingComposer

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Jesus, wtf is with these creatures? Was the person alive when it became the meal?! O.O Must.....continue...reading...... *click click*

Posted 9 Years Ago

Very nice! Must read the reast to catch up!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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