8: My Realization

8: My Realization

A Chapter by CompellingComposer

     The creature lurched at my face, digging it’s nails in my head. It growled a bone-chilling snarl. It felt it’s teeth rest upon my skull, and, suddenly, felt it fly off of me. Seth threw the creature against the wall and I heard a snap. The monster’s arm was still in Seth’s hand. He threw it at the beast and took off running towards me.

    “ Are you okay, dude? That thing tried to eat you!” he blurted. I didn’t respond, but just stared at the creature. It looked familiar. It was then that it struck me, all the creatures were, or had been, regular people. Students, teachers, and faculty at the school. I could now clearly remember the monsters I had killed, and how their faces looked so… familiar. They could’ve been one of my friends, or my teacher. I stared at the strange beast with a missing arm, trying to recall who it was.

    “ Amy,” I stuttered.

    “ What do you mean?” Seth asked.

    “ That, that thing that attacked me, that was Amy. You remember Amy, right? Amy Garcia?”

    “ Oh, yeah. I remember. She’s really short, skinny as a toothpick, strait A student. Yeah, but how could that thing be her?”

    I walked over to the unconscious body and snatched the necklace of her neck. I rubbed at it to get the dry blood off and uncovered a locket with the name “Amy” printed on it. Inside there was a tiny picture of a boy. He was small like Amy and had the same brown hair as she did and green eyes. It was Bryan Garcia. He died of cancer. He was also Amy’s brother.

    “ Take a look at this and see for yourself.” I said, tossing the locket at Seth. He looked at the front and opened it.

    “ Ya know, it’s a shame. He was really young, Jayson. Only in the sixth grade. He wasn’t a bad kid. I’m glad I got the opportunity to know him through Chance.” Chance was Seth’s little brother. He was in the same grade that Bryan was.

    “ I know,” I said, my voice trembling. Seth handed the necklace back to me, and I put it in Amy’s palm. I looked over at Seth and we both seemed to automatically know that we needed to get back at the task at hand. We set back on our mission.

© 2010 CompellingComposer

Author's Note

Sorry it took a while and that it's kinda short. I'm trying to figure out what to write next!

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Excellent! Though I feel like you could have described Amy's current looks a little more.... regardless, its still exciting and heart-pounding! ^_^

Posted 9 Years Ago

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