9: The Diseased Bite

9: The Diseased Bite

A Chapter by CompellingComposer

    We returned two hours later, exhausted. We had gathered a few buckets, three mops, a large bottle of discarded disinfectant, five brooms, ten rags, and one, heavy push broom. We were tired due to the fact we had run into another… creature. This one had put up a worse fight than Amy had. I didn’t recognize the boy that had tried to rip off our limbs. Seth said that he thought that these monsters were zombies. Dead, yet alive. Infected, hideous creatures that had only on desire. The taste of human flesh. I’m not sure if I agree with Seth, but then again he could be right. I thought of it as being like they had an illness. A disease.

    A disease of the dead.

    This time, instead of William, Nathan opened the door for us. He had not spoken but two word to us the entire time we had been imprisoned in Mrs. Hart’s room. Those words were,

    “ Nathan King.”

    He had only talked to us to tell us his name. It bugged me that he wouldn’t talk more. I wanted to sit down and talk to him. I wondered if his mind was buzzing with intelligent ideas and plans. He would be a very valuable resource.

    Seth and I dropped our gathering into the room. In the bucket was some food. We had dropped by the cafeteria on the way back to the classroom. Seth was embraced with a hug Matilda. I was embraced with the floor. I was out cold.

            *            *            *


    They had returned, thank goodness. Safe, or at least we had thought so. The moment Seth walked in, Matilda ran to him and gave him a hug. He couldn’t see it, but my best friend’s eyes weren’t as joyful as they would normally be whenever she hugged him. She was thinking about breaking up with him. She didn’t want to do it now, with the situation they were in.

    “ Maybe, if this ever ends, I will tell him. I just don’t want him to get hurt right now. There is too much going on,” I remembered her telling me.

    “ Why, Matilda? You guys have been together since sixth grade!”

    “ Yes, I know. It’s just that I don’t feel a spark anymore, you know? The feeling you have when you fall in love, only wanting that person, but then you get them. You’re satisfied at first, or maybe I should say extremely happy. As time goes by, though, the flame just seems to die. I just don’t love him like I used to. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

    “ Well,” I responded, “ yes and no. I understand what you’re trying to say, but I don’t know the feeling. I’ve only had one love in my life, but you remember what happened to him. It was my fault. If I had just…”

    My thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a thump. I looked over to see Jayson, face first on the floor. Blood was oozing from a slight wound on the back of his neck.

    “ Oh my gosh!” I screamed. “ Jayson! He’s been bitten!”

© 2010 CompellingComposer

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I have no words to describe the essential necessity for people to read this spectacular piece. You are setting up a VERY good conflict for the characters, especially Laura..... >:D this is awesome!


Posted 9 Years Ago

This is really shaping up to a great piece, well developed and told with conviction. I am enjoying this story, and the shortened chapters help the reader enjoy without sensory overload... Keep up the good work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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