10. Talking to Nathan

10. Talking to Nathan

A Chapter by CompellingComposer

Caroline has a chat with Nathan...


    I tried to stay calm and keep my cool, and on the outside it may have looked like I was fine, but on the inside I was terrified. He was my friend and my cousin’s boyfriend. She would be devastated if he died, so I knew I couldn’t let that happen. I barked orders to everyone. Scared and shocked at my sudden take as leader, no one disagreed but only did as they were told. I watched to make sure he was still alive. I saw his chest heave. I sighed in relief and prayed he’d be okay.

    “ Dear Lord,” I thought. “ Please don’t let Jayson die. Amen.”

    As soon as I opened my eyes from prayer, I remembered something. The bottle of disinfectant! Yes, maybe that could help him!

    “ Find the disinfectant, and quick!” I ordered, and soon everyone was on a hunt for the bottle. Rachel found it, her eyes rimmed red from tears, and handed it to me. I opened it and poured it over his body. It seeped into his wound with a hissing sound. That was all I knew for us to do. Now all we could do was wait…

             *            *            *

    That night I told Laura to watch Jayson and make sure he kept breathing. She was laying next to him, silently whimpering. I pitied her. As I watched the two, I didn’t see Nathan walking towards me. I heard him sit down beside me. Strange, I thought that maybe he was the loner type. He nervously ran his fingers through his hair.

    “ Hey,” he said, his voice trembling slightly.

    “ Hi. You’re Nathan right?” I said, turning around to look him in the eyes. I had never noticed him enough to see his beautiful eyes. They were stunning.

    “ Uh, yeah. Um… Caroline, right?”

    “ You can just call me Carrie.” I stuck out my hand to him. “ Nice to meet ya.”

    He took my hand. His hand shook as he did. He was nervous.

    “ You know, this whole time I haven’t seen you talk to anyone. You don’t get around anyone else, either. What’s up with that?”

    “ Oh,” he said. “ I’m not much of a people person. Well, actually, being around people makes me kinda nervous, sometimes.”

    “ I can see that,” I said, hinting that I heard his fear in his voice and watched him wipe sweat off his hands to his jeans. I smiled at him and he smiled back. There was something strange about this guy, and I knew it. Still, I couldn’t help but overlook his oddness to admire how beautiful he was. He was just so…

    “ You really think that I’m…” Nathan began to say, but quieted himself as soon as he realized what he was saying. Obviously, he knew I thought he was cute, but I wasn’t saying it aloud. How did he know that? I was positive I wasn’t speaking out loud.

    “ Really think you’re what? Handsome, cute, gorgeous?” I teased.

    “ Uh, I guess that’s what I was gonna say. You, um, really think that?”

    I grinned. “ Yes. Very.”

    He fiddled with his fingers and looked at the ground, trying to not let me see the red warmth that was creeping up from his neck to his forehead. “ Well, I think you’re beautiful, Carrie. I’m not the only one who thinks that, but maybe…” he begun, but stopped himself, again.

    “ That’s really, really sweet, Nathan, but what do you mean by, ‘ not the only one’ ?” I said. My mind instantly began buzzing with names of people, with faces, trying to decipher what he could mean and who is was talking about.

    His face instantly turned pale. He gripped his hair and tugged on it. He took off his glasses and rubbed his temples. He put his glasses back on and stood up.

    “ Ugh, you’re thinking too fast!” he exclaimed and stormed off, leaving me in a cloud of confusion.

© 2010 CompellingComposer

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OMG I love it when people bring in awesome powers for their characters! :D I love all the suspension you build, and you have a few side stories that aren't like normal zombie books. Most zombie authors just have the, er, zombies, running around and killing, while the main characters are hiding, but you have side stories to keep us occupied when there isn't a zombie attacking. :) NOW WRITE THE SECOND CHAPTER OR I EAT YOU.
Have a nice day! xD

Posted 9 Years Ago

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