11. Secrets Revealed and Unheard

11. Secrets Revealed and Unheard

A Chapter by CompellingComposer


    I slipped slowly into consciousness, my head pounding, my body throbbing.

    “ Is he breathing?”

    I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I tried my move my hand to feel the wound, but I couldn’t move it. I couldn’t move my whole body.

    “ Yeah, I think so.”

    My hearing was choppy, I couldn’t see. What was going on?

    “ Do you think he can hear us?”

    Who were the voices that were talking about me?

    “ No, I don’t think so. He’d probably let us know if he could.”

    I tried to open my mouth, I tried to move, I tried to let the voices know that I was alive, that I could here them. I wanted to know what was going on, where was I, what had happened?

    “ Harriet, what if he never wakes up?”

    Harriet, Harriet! I tried to say her name, I tried to let her know that I was fine.

    “ Laura,” Harriet began to say.

    Laura, I’m fine! You don’t know it, but I’m fine! What happened? But I knew thinking this was of no use, she couldn’t hear me.

    “ Well,” Harriet started, again, “ I guess we’d just have to kill him.”

    And, once again, I fell into the darkness.


    I followed behind Nathan, calming my thoughts. What did he mean when he said I was “ thinking too fast”? I demanded to have an answer. The first time Nathan talks to anyone here, and he storms off due to my thinking? It made no logical sense.

    “ Nathan, hold up! What do you mean? Slow down!”

    Nathan turned around, and I expected to see a furious glare in his eyes. I braced myself for yelling and fighting, but, instead, was given a sorrowful look.

    “ I’m sorry,” he choked, forcing the words out of his mouth. “ I’d tell you if I could. I just don’t know how well I can trust you.”

    “ You can tell me! Promise, on my life,” I said.

    “ You’d never believe me,” said he.

    “ Nathan,” I began. “ So much unbelievable stuff has happened lately, what makes you think that what you’ll say will be so unbelievable that…”

    “ Caroline,” he interrupted. “ I can read minds.”

    My breathing grew heavy. I tried to keep my mind blank. I don’t know why, but something about how he said it, the seriousness in his voice, made me believe him.

    “ I’ve been this way my whole life. It’s weird, I was born like this. Able to intrude into the thoughts of others. I can’t control it. I hear the thoughts like voices in my head.”

    I wrapped my arms around him.

    “ I hate it. I wish I could kill myself, I wish I could be rid of these voices!”

    I closed my eyes and held him tighter.

    “ Nathan, I am so sorry,” I whispered.

© 2010 CompellingComposer

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Well Megan, your story continues to captivate me.. I enjoy the strength of the characters, they way you have built personality into them.. each with their own point of view, adding so many rich details to the story.. Keep 'em coming.. Good solid work!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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My name is Megan and I have been writing poems since 4th grade and stories since 6th. I'm very, very young, as I've noticed from the ages of my fellow writers on this site. Yes, I am only 13, but writ.. more..